About Me

My interests are always changing. I'm the type of person that loves learning about different things, especially when it comes to different beliefs and religions. Lately I've found myself addicted to anything that has to do with the end of the world. Different takes on how the world is going to end just fascinates me. Especially the Mayan Prophecy and 2012.
I've also always loved myths and folklore. I love Greek mythology. I also love Irish folklore...from Leprechauns to the Banshee...I've always thought they had the coolest mythological creatures.

My number one fascination would have to be anything that has to do with forensics and criminal profiling. I love reading about serial killers. Getting inside their heads, learning what makes them do the things they do, has always been something that fascinates me. I also find it amazing that we are now able to solve crimes just by finding little strands of fiber at crime scenes. The world of forensics is just absolutely unbelievable. If I had better skills in math and science, it would be something I'd love to get into. Until then I guess I'll stick to reading my True Crime books!

I'm also a big computer/internet junkie. Pretty much have been since the day I got my first computer. The past few years I've taken up an interest in wanting to learn more about html. I think a career in graphic designs might would be interesting if not challenging. I like creating profiles and web pages. I also love editing pictures. I think its a fun way to be creative.

Besides all that, I like the normal things like reading, listening to music and watching tv. Every now and then I get into gaming mode and play the Wii or Play Station 3. I'm totally addicted to the God of War games!!!