Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Queen's Justice [Game of Thrones]

The Queen's Justice 

Fire and Ice finally meet for the first time and it was such an awesome scene. Dany and Jon are two of my favorite characters and I've known from the start that they would have to meet one day since this is a song of Ice and Fire after all. I thought the scene was incredible. I was very much worried that Dany would throw him in the cells for refusing to bend the knee and pledge loyalty and I was equally worried that Jon would actually do it just to get her help. They are both rulers in their own right and I ultimately loved how it played out with neither of them  really trusting each other, but Dany still being reasonable and not just taking him prisoner. Part of me is frustrated with Dany for not believing him, but honestly, who would?? I think it's incredibly fair that Dany would be skeptical of someone saying the dead are coming without solid proof. I can't wait to see how they will ultimately learn to trust each other and work together. I also loved seeing Jon's reaction to the dragons...he's a dragon himself and I felt that scene was incredible in itself since he doesn't yet know, but I have a feeling he will be riding one before the war is over.

Another really good scene was between Varys and Melisandre, but man was it ominous. Varys told her not to return to Westeros for her own safety, she replied she would have to one last time because she's meant to die in Westeros, same as Varys. Like whoaa, that entire exchange was unsettling. Varys dying has never crossed my mind before, for some reason I've always felt he'd be one of those who would make it to the end. I can't imagine what she's seen in the flames regarding Varys future! I feel her fate is intertwined with Arya's. I remembered the scene where she told her they would meet something will have to bring them back together.

Speaking of unsettling scenes, Bran and Sansa's emotional reunion was cut short by Bran's creepy ass behavior and talk about being the Three Eyed Raven. I just never expected him to return and act like an entirely different person and if I were Sansa, I would be questioning his sanity. Also, it was unnerving for him to bring up Sansa's wedding to Ramsey. I know he has to say something that would make her know he's telling the truth and hasn't lost his mind, but that was just a messed up thing to bring up to her in that moment. It almost made me forgive her for being so quick to point out he's the rightful Lord of Winterfell. I was frankly a little pissed she already tried to ruin Jon's claim to Winterfell. That scene showed just  how little she still thinks of Jon and still sees him as a bastard and not a true born Stark. Not cool Sansa -  and with Bran acting creepy and unsettling, I'm not sure how anyone will believe him when he finally reveals Jon is actually a Targaryen.

Jorah is cured from the grayscale!! Sam didn't get expelled from the Citidel! But I still don't know what the hell greyscale has to do with the fight against White Walkers. I just hope Jorah makes his way to Dragonstone and finds Dany, because she's going to need all the help she can get ...

The episode is titled The Queen's Justice and as much as I truly hate Cersei, I couldn't help but to root for her as she got revenge on Ellaria. The call backs to Obyern fighting The Mountain were really good and I can't help thinking how Ellaria's bloodlust for revenge went against everything Obyern stood for. In season four he says himself that they don't hurt little girls in Dorne and he stood by Tyrion and didn't judge him for the sins of his family. Ellaria's quest for revenge ultimately lead to the downfall and death of all the Martell's and I really hated her for dishonoring him by killing Myrcella, who was a true innocent in the world. There's poetic justice in killing Tyene the same way Myrcella died and making Ellaria watch the same way Jaime had to watch Myrcella. 

The Queen's Justice ended with another shocking turn of events when we got to see two locations we have never seen before - Casterly Rock and High Garden. Tyrion's plan for the Unsullied to take Casterly Rock seemed to go off as planned and I loved the monologue that was playing over the battle scene ...I loved the entire sequence and was really feeling good about something finally going right, especially after Euron destroyed her Greyjoy fleet. I should have known that it was going far too easy. My heart sunk when I saw Euron's fleet destroying the ships and then Oh My God, the entire Lannister army just completely wiped out High Garden. I did NOT see that coming in a million years. Jaime mentioning Rob Stark's strategy was a great callback. And holy shit! I did not even fathom Lady Olenna dying and I'm a little heart broken over her death. She's been one of the best characters ever since she was introduced. She's crushed every scene she's ever had and I figured if she was going to die, it would have been last season. The scene between her and Jaime was so damn good and I'm glad she went out on a high note, getting in the last word and revealing she's the one that had Joffrey killed. For a minute I thought Jaime was going to strangle the life out of her before the poison could do its job. I have to say that I'm actually shocked that this information was revealed. I didn't think Jaime or Cersei would ever find out the true killer and it was complete satisfaction how she dropped the bombshell, knowing her death will be painless while Joffrey's was agonizing. 

When the season first started, I didn't think there was anyway Cersei could stand a chance against Dany with her dragons and her allies. Now I'm not so sure anymore...Euron destroyed Yara's fleet and holds her prisoner, the Lannister army totally wiped out House Tyrell and the Unsullied are stranded on Casterly Rock. All that's left are the Dothraki and her Dragons. So much has happened in just three episodes and the real war to the North hasn't even begun!


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