Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 26-30

Day 26 - Something that you wish had never happened:

The entire season four storyline that involved "Cordelia" and Jasmine - but that is pretty much a given :P I wish Doyle hadnt died so soon...I wish that the show didnt get cancelled in season 5 so the show could have went another season with Spike and Illyria. Most of all, I wish Angel hadnt turned back time and erased Buffy's memory! :-(

Day 27 - Something that you wish had happened:

I wish Buffy would have showed up in season five, with the memory of the day she shared with Angel! I'm still hoping that this could happen in the comics.

Day 28 - Sexiest scene:

Well, and if you know me this shall be totally obvious, but again it relates to THAT episode. It started in the kitchen...on the table to be exact - but ended up in the bedroom XD And I found this to be hella sexy:

found here

Day 29 - Ickiest scene:

LOL Okay this might sound totally freaking random, but there was one thing that totally creeped me out. In season one, there was this doctor that could detach his body parts and control them. Omg, I'm not sure if you would consider that icky, but I found it down right disturbing!

Day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy:

found here

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