Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 23-25

Since I should have finished these weeks ago, I'm just going to start posting a few days worth of questions at a time :P

Day 23 - Wackiest-looking demon:

Until I'm able to re-watch it over and I'm going to have to say Doyle's demon form: Bracken Demon. He looked pretty wacky to me lol

Day 24 - A character who didn’t get enough screentime: 

This is a toss up between Doyle and Illyria! I was bummed that Doyle died so soon - especially since I was rooting for him and Cordy to get together =/ Then there's Illria, who is just bad ass - they should have done the Fred/Wes/Illyria storyline sooner ...or rather Angel should have never been cancelled so soon! 

Day 25 - Rec a fanfic or fanvid (or both):

I dont read fanfic so I cant recommend anything & I dont know of any videos except the Angel/Buffy one =/


  1. OK, I am breaking the rules here, but I have to mention one from Buffy - that damned chaos demon. It was so ridiculous, so over the top, it has to be put out there. :-) The spider-thing that Fred's mom squished with a bus was pretty absurd as well...

    As for the second... Gwynn. But you knew that already... 

    No answer for the third one... *shrug*

  2. Heh, you may be breaking the rules, but you know what? You are totally right! I wanted to say the Chaos demon so bad, then Clem, but they were both on Buffy. I cant really remember what the spider- thing looked like, but I remember that episode :)

    Gwen would have been my third choice!

    Eh, oh well lol