Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 19-22

All these questions are basically the same - so I'm lumping them together in one blog - I also feel like since I've only watched the series once all the way through, I cant really give great answers because I know I've already forgot some great stuff.

Day 19 - Favorite Cordy moment:

I really need to re-watch cause I'm feeling stumped on pin pointing a favorite, but I will say a scene that I found so freaking funny. It's during season one when Cordy gets pregnant by the demon guy and she's drinking blood that Angel has in his fridge was one of the most disgusting scenes in my opinion but so freakin funny cause Angel said something about not realizing just how gross that was lol! Yes, so it's not the greatest moment but it's the one that on my mind as of now. --Oooh, another great moment is when she tracked down that guy that almost killed her because he was sending her false visions and causing them to really hurt her...he said something about did she feel superior cause she was wearing pants and she said no "Actually, I'm feeling superior because I have an arrow pointed at your jugular." Now that was a pretty bad ass moment for Cordy lol

Day 20 - Favorite Wesley moment:

There's so many great ones, but I just wanna leave one of my fave quotes by him, after everybody treated him like shit, he went much darker and Gunn asked him what was wrong with him and he replied "I had my throat cut and all my friends abandoned me" - Just the way he said it made me feel really ....satisfied! Oh and I loved when he first showed up and was calling himself a "Rogue demon hunter" haha

Day 21 - Favorite Gunn moment:

Eh, I got nothing really.. He did end up doing the right thing when he old friends were killing the good demons for fun. Even though he didnt want to say anything to begin with, he came through and the ending of that particular episode was pretty good (where he stood up to that one guy).

Day 22 - Favorite Fred moment:

I am drawing a blank, and I loved her character so! I keep wanting to say the scene where she punched that demon's head off, but that was actually Ilyria lol - My fave scenes of her was when she went off on long rambles - it was funny and cute, but as of now, I cant pin point any particular scene - I need a memory jogger lol


  1. Cordy: Oddly enough, it was the very first episode, when she is (supposedly) being wined and dined by a rich guy. She looks around, notices no mirrors and lots of curtains, and says, "Hey - you're a vampire!" Although her first episode with Skip - when we still thought he was good - provided a lot of awesome moments as well...

    Wesley: When he is being tortured by Faith, and calls her a "piece of sh--" - that let me know they were not going to let Wes be a pansy-boy forever. Loved that...

    Gunn: Angel comes in, tells the gang to gear up because they are going after Wolfram and Hart. Cordy and Wes are grilling Angel about the plan, and at the end Charles says, "You had me at, 'Everybody gear up.'"
    Fred: When Angel was explaining to her on Pylia that Cordy was alright, that they turned her into a princess. Fred was like, "They... Really? - Oh. When I got here they... they didn't do that. Well. That's nice for her." Also, the one where she shoots Jasmine to get her blood in Angel, so that Angel will see Jasmine for what she really is. Right before she shoots...FRED: I'm so sorry. JASMINE: It's OK. I forgive you. FRED: No, I'm talking to Angel. I hope he can forgive me.
    The look on Fred's face... wow. Great moment also, IMO...

  2. Lmao yea that was great, I loved when she told him that Angel was going to kick his ass.

    I thought that episode with Faith was really good ...I hated to see Wesley being tortured, but when he picked up the knife, I actually thought he was really going to kill her and that's when I knew that something in his character had changed, even though he dropped it when he saw her crying in Angel's arms. That was such a great moment.

    LOL I remember Gunn saying something along those lines, but dont remember the episode.

    I love the way Fred talked ;D Fred had a lot of great scenes, but I have a hard time recalling them. That episode about Jasmine was really good - I liked her down in the hole with that demon lol