Wednesday, July 13, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 18

Day 18 - Best “Team Angel” line-up:

Eeep! I'm assuming by line up, this means people who appeared in the credits for a particular season? That's how I'm going to interpret this question anyway ....and you know, I would really love to say season 5 with Spike, but it didnt have Cordelia =/ Hmmm...I guess the season three/four line up would have to be my faves cause you have Fred and Lorne there as established characters, along with Connor - and yea I actually liked Connor even though he worked my nerves ever so often lol - Honestly though, season five would have been perfection if Cordelia hadnt died, so the episode "You're Welcome" has the most perfect line up if you ask me, because it even shows a video of Doyle :-)


  1. This was an odd question, no?

    The "You're Welcome" line-up would be my choice as well, even though I am pretty sure others would say you could not choose one episode's crew. Oh well, that is my answer. :-)

  2. Oh well, this is my blog so I say a one episode crew counts, gosh darn it! lol!!

    There's been several odd questions lol