Wednesday, July 6, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 16

Day 16 - Something that made you think “WTF?!”:

The season three finale definitely had me going "Wtf?!" Cordelia being called to a Higher Plane? Yea, that was the most bizarre storyline ever. Well up til the next season when the whole Jasmine situation goes down, then stuff got really weird. But yea, the whole idea of Cordelia being some a "higher being" - the most self centered, bitchy girl to ever set foot in Sunnydale  - is worth a thousand "Wtf's", no matter how much she evolved over the course of both shows :-P


  1. Mine had to be the Cordy / Connor night of f*ing. We did not know it was not the real Cordelia at the time, so her doing that with him was... W-T-F.

    Although I remember saying WTF out loud after the nest-egg blasted Angel, then his little puppet hand first came out of the cardboard wreckage - but that was an awesome WTF. ;-)

  2. I did think "WTF" at the Cordy/Connor moment...but I still found that more believable than becoming a higher being lol!!!

    "Little puppet hand fist" - you have me giggling like crazy!!!