Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 8

Day 8 - Least favorite couple.

Oh hell, I wasnt a fan of hardly any of the relationships on Angel - aside from Wesley and Fred. I guess I'll go with Fred and Gunn. Then again, Wesley and Lilah ....or Connor and "Cordelia" ..does that count as a relationship? They boinked once, but idk lol =/ I didnt like the idea of Angel and Cordy either, though they never officially got together. I only liked Wes and Fred..and the only other one that came close was Doyle and Cordelia and they didnt officially get together either. Buffy was the show that had me invested in couples, not Angel.


  1. Gunn and Fred. Hands down. Although you're right, it really wasn't much of a show for couples. At least not happy couples, anyhow... 

  2. Oh and I forgot to mention Cordelia and Groo - which was kinda cheesy lol But yeah, Gunn and Fred due to the fact that it upset Wesley and drove him straight to Lilah :-P