Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 3

Day 3 - Least favorite character

I was going to say Gunn, but after thinking about it some more - I'm going with Jasmine: In both guises. She just ruined everything. She posed as Cordelia - bonked Angel's son - ruined what little bit of relationship Angel and Connor had at the time - then basically drove Connor off the deep end. On top of everything else, she was basically the reason for Cordy's death and almost got Fred killed (which is ironic looking back on it now). Then there's the fact that I flat out didnt  like her bizarre mind controlling, human eating self. She was just seriously creepy - even the way she talked. Just ugh.


  1. OK, I absolutely HATED Jasmine, so much so I had a tough time with the actress' character in Serenity (even though she was a good guy there).

    However... my least favorite character, because she was on there longer and she just worked - my - damned - nerves... Harmony. She was just so damned stupid, I mean unbelievably stupid. I couldn't stand it LOL

  2. I almost said something similar in my blog - Except I was going to say that it didnt help that I couldnt stand her character in Hercules lol!

    Omgawd! I love Harmony!! Well not love, but I find her to be funny and entertaining...she's just so stupid :P