Sunday, June 19, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 15

Day 15 - A scene that made you cry:

I've said it before, but when Angel turns back time and says good-bye to Buffy =(  Why couldnt she have remembered?!?! WHY?! *sighs*

(Not my .gif...found it here)


  1. Well, you know I don't 'cry' about TV shows, but I did get choked up with the scene of Fred and Wes on her bed, while Illyria was killing her to manifest. That made me VERY sad...

  2. That was very heartbreaking to watch :-( I also got really chocked up watching Wes in Ilyria/Fred's arms, but the Bangel fan in me got overly teared up watching this episode lol - Btw, I've been taking a break from the challenges...I'll continue, I just dont know when LOL

  3. I noticed the break - I figured I'd have more to get caught up on when I got back LOL

    I actually thought about the Wes-Illyria scene, but when she transformed back into her true self and destroyed Vayle... that was one of the coolest, most emotional bad-guy deaths I have ever seen. So I took a little solace from that... 

  4. I've been watching the dvds at night, so I've decided to just take a break til I'm finished with re-watching Buffy lol - Btw, I never realized just how awesome season four was! Especially since I'd missed a lot of episodes and when I did catch it, I was too focused on hating Riley (which I've slightly softened to this go around..he still annoys me though) but I think season four is actually better than season 3 now :-O

    And that had to be the single greatest moment of the finale!