Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Days of Angel: Day 1 & 2

I've finished the Buffy 30 day challenge, but luckily I found a Angel challenge XD There's just noway I could do one without doing the other :P I'm going to combine the first two days though cause I've pretty much covered the questions before in my Top 40 Fave Characters of All Time! I'm also going to copy and paste what I've already said cause I dont think I can say it any better than I already have :)

Day 1 - Favorite female character

Cordelia Chase 

Cordy is definitely another character that had to grow on me. I somewhat didnt like her in the beginning and grew to merely tolerate her during the Xander phase but when she went through the Wesley phase, I got a whole lot of laughs. I grew to appreciate her somewhere along the way. She was such a Bitch.  :P She always said exactly what was on her mind, to hell with being nice lol! It wasnt until she was on Angel that I really began to love her character. She showed more depth and more emotions and she wasnt just portrayed as a materialistic bitch, although she always kept those qualities. She never exactly changed who she was, she merely grew up. I was a tad bit upset over the direction her character went the last two seasons of Angel, because Cordy really was the heart of Angel Investigations in my opinion. Plus, she was another human that could hold her own and kick a little ass when she had to ;-)


Day 2 - Favorite male character

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce


Oh man, where do I even begin. I'm pretty sure that if I've never watched "Angel" that Wesley wouldnt have registered anywhere on this list. When he first showed up as Buffy's Watcher after the Council fired Giles, I found him so damn annoying with how so uptight and by the book he was! He was almost a damn joke. I really didnt even pay attention to his name and just referred to him as the Other Watcher for a while. The only thing I ever really got a kick out of was him and Cordy always flirting, which I found kinda sweet LOL - and by the end of his run on Buffy I was feeling somewhat sympathetic towards his character, so I was sorta bummed when he didnt show up in the next season. So you can imagine my surprise when Wesley showed up on Angel cause I really thought I'd seen the last of him! It's on Angel where I truly begin to appreciate his character. The first season he was on there, he was somewhat sort of the same old Wesley - incompetent as always, but still charming  - But by the the second season he started taking an interesting turn, standing up to Angel when Angel walked out on everybody - taking leadership of Angel Investigations. But I was never prepared for the much darker person (not dark in a bad way ) he became in the rest of the seasons. Going from this joke of a person to one of the most loyal and brave characters on the show made me develop a very deep love for his character, especially after all the shit he went through. And then the way he was treated after certain events truly ticked me off. Everything he ever did, he thought he was doing it for the greater good. Then to be treated like shit by everybody....UGH just ticks me off thinking about it! I came to truly respect him and what he stood for on that show and I deeply respected the loyalty he showed to his Friends even after the way they had treated him. It's truly amazing how much he changed from the time he first showed up on Buffy to that last episode of Angel. 


  1. My fav line from Wesley, after he stabbed Gunn - "I missed the major organs, he'll probably live." :-) That was just perfect Wesley, and summed up his evolution on the show...

    I agree with both your choices, although Fred would have been a very VERY close second. I came to like her a lot... 

  2. That was an awesome line :-)

    I grew to love Fred also! It was actually kinda hard to leave her off the top 40 list - she would have made it if I had extended the list to 50. I also loved the interaction she had with Spike..she was the only character he was never snarky with in the Buffyverse ...which was sweet on his part LOL