Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Day Buffy Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: Cutest Moment

It's hard to pinpoint just one moment, but almost anything involving Willow and Oz <3 I just thought it was so cute how he kept asking himself  "Who is that girl?" every time he saw her, especially when she was wearing the Eskimo costume. And the time Willow had to tranquilize him in wolf form and then patted him on his tail and apologized for having to shoot him was too damn cute! There's a lot of funny/cute/sweet moments between them and I cant remember them all and I surely cant remember every cute moment that ever took place in the series with just one viewing, so this answer will have to do for now lol


  1. I do know how you feel about Willow and Oz lol...

    I think for me it was when Xander told Anya to dress up as something scary for the Halloween party and she showed up in an adorable bunny costume. That was the moment I knew they were going to have some serious fun with her character... and I thought it was quite cute. :-)

  2. Omgosh, how could I forget that one! Anya was adorable (and funny!) in that big ole bunny costume!

    Ps: another funny/cute moment involving Anya: must be bunnies! (or maybe midgets) :-D