Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol 10:Top 3 -Results Show!

A whole lot of stuff happened in the first 30 minutes that I felt were unnecessary fillers. I was totally bored watching it, so I'm not even going to bother blogging any of that. I'm also not going to mention the two guest performances lol -

Over 95 million votes came in last night, which is the most idol has ever had for a pre-finale show in any season. There was a Ford Music video...the contestants were singing "Smile" by Uncle Kracker. Love the song, the video was okay...the beach provided pretty scenery.

The major theme of the night was each contestants homecomings ....First we saw Haley's video. She's from Wheeling, Illinois. Her homecoming was rained on, but everybody still showed up. I thought her video was cute. She was lighthearted and joking throughout.

Next was Scotty's homecoming....He's from Garner, North Carolina. Scotty kept getting teary eyed during his trip back home. His video had one of the funniest moments though: While Scotty was on stage singing Josh Turner's "Your Man" - Josh walked out on stage and surprised him..Scotty turned around and saw him and his reaction was just PRICELESS! He was shocked! It was an awesome moment.

The most emotional homecoming video was Lauren's. She's from Rossville, Georgia. As everybody knows, the South was hit hard by tornadoes last month, and parts of Lauren's hometown were destroyed. She went back and saw the devastation for the first time and it was a really moving and emotional moment. Nothing usually chokes me up when it comes to Idol, but I actually got really teary eyed while watching her reaction.

Okay now to the results.....

Since there were only three people, Ryan saved the results until after last commercial break.  The first one that was announced as being in the finale was SCOTTY! So it came down to Lauren & Haley....and all I could think was please let it be Lauren...and IT WAS! :-D

So we have to say good-bye to Haley... by the look on her face, I dont think she was expecting to leave...but anyway...she gave one hell of a final performance! She rocked out to Elton John's "Benny and the Jets." =) I rooted for Haley throughout the competition and she was always one of my top three faves, so  I find it fitting that she's eliminated as a top 3 finalist.

Now for the first time ever my two faves will battle it out on stage! Two country singers FTW! =)

Sidenote: This goes to show that you can never ever underestimate the power of country music voters. I never felt the need to vote for one over the other throughout the competition, so I voted for both of them cause they're both great! People often say that only one can make the finale cause the country votes will be split thus making way for another person (ie Haley) to get that spot....well...this year that was proven Wrong! =)


  1. I really liked that little segment at the beach while Uncle Kracker's "Smile" was playing ( ) 

    I think it'd be neat if Lauren Alaina covered this song, I can totally picture her voice singing it! Ugh, she should've totally won this season.

    Also, Uncle Kracker really needs to go ahead and just release his next album already! 

  2. I agree, that was a great video segment! I love that song ...such a feel good song =)

    I like both Scotty and Lauren, but was kinda rooting for Lauren to win. She is the won I voted for that night - but I also love Scotty :)

    Uncle Kracker is awesome!

    Thanks for dropping by and reading! =)