Wednesday, May 4, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 5 Performs!

Everybody should know by  now that Casey was eliminated last week. He wasnt my favorite, but I thought others deserved to go before him. Anyway, the theme of tonight's show was "Songs From Now and Then." Each contestant got to perform twice - the first song, being a current song and the second being a classic. I thought it was a mixed bag of good and not so good....

James Durbin
Current Song: "Closer to the Edge" by 30 Seconds to Mars. I think I've heard the song only once before, and I was left unimpressed by James and his performance of the song. The high note he hit sounded like a woman being murdered. The judges really  loved him though and Randy said that he was "in it to win it."

Classic Song: "Without You" by Harry Nilsson. I think his second choice was far better than his 1st. It was actually a very beautiful performance and his voice sounded really good, aside from a couple of notes that were off,  but I really  liked it. He was crying by the end of his performance, but that really phase me. The judges loved his performance and Randy stated that it was emotionally perfect. Steven said that it was pitchy, but beautiful and Jennifer called him amazing.

Jacob Lusk
Current Song: "No Air" by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown. What in the Hell?! From the dancing to the incredibly girly sounding high notes - this performance was God Awful.  Eeek! Randy didnt like the song choice and thought it was corny. The other judges critiques were stupid to say the lest, cause I felt like the were just talking out their asses to avoid telling him that he freaking sucked.

Classic Song: "Love Hurts" by Nazareth. Why oh why?! It wasnt as bad as his first performance, but he still managed to nearly ruin a classic rock song. Steven said that he's a sucker for passion and loved it. Jennifer thought he brought it home and Randy felt that he redeemed himself from his first performance.

Lauren Alaina
Current Song: "Flat on the Floor" by Carrie Underwood. I actually dont know this song, but I'll have to give it a listen. Lauren was really freakin good! I think she can jam out to a song just as good as Carrie can, though her voice isnt as good. Anyway, the judges loved her performance.

Classic Song: "Unchained Melody" by The Righteous Brothers. That's one of the most beautiful songs ever. I thought Lauren's dress was so pretty and she looked beautiful in it - Her performance of the song was also beautiful. (Wow, I'm sounding like Steven Tyler right now with all these "beautifuls" lol!) Defintelty not the best version of the song, but I thought she put an interesting twist on it vocally. The judges really love her.

Scotty McCreery
Current Song: "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry. I love them! (I've seen them live-twice!) - While I dont think Scotty's version was as good as MG's original, I still thought it was pretty good. Could have been better, but I enjoyed it. The judges loved him. Steve said that he "danced with the devil" tonight lol! Randy felt like he was at a concert and loved that he rocked the stage.

Classic Song: "Always On My Mind" by Elvis (Brenda Lee originally..also Willie Nelson, just FYI).  Even though I liked his first performance, I thought this one was much better! It suited his vocals and style a lot more. Jennifer thought that he showed everybody what kind of well rounded artist he is tonight by singing two different sounding songs. The other judges loved him too.

Haley Reinhart
Current Song: "You and I" by Lady Gaga. Something about the song itself, especially the beginning" made me think of Elton John.. Anyway,  It was a good performance, though I wasnt crazy about the song choice though. Even though Steven liked it, Jennifer and Randy didnt.

Classic Song: "The House of the Rising Sun. I really loved the sound of Haley's voice on this song. The jugdes gave her a standing ovation, which I felt was over the top, and said that it was the best performance of the night. I thought it was good performance, but I wouldnt say it was the best.

I think Lauren and Scotty were the best of the night, both giving two solid performances. As for the results: At this point, I just want Jacob gone! 

Your Thoughts?


  1. hey ya! I absolutely do not hear the same thing as the judges when Jacob is up... I can't be getting the same sound feed, because in my opinion he SUCKS.

    Scotty is getting old. I mean i have tons of country cds and can hear that exact voice whenever i want. Plus it's getting really annoying how big his head is getting.

    James was good tonight but didn't blow me away.

    Lauren was really good too. I liked her first song better but she did a good job with Unchained Melody.

    Hayley's first song... was ok. BUT she blew me out of the water with her version of one of my all time faves. I LOVED IT!

    My predictions for bottom, Jacob n James. But I really don't wanna see James there at all!

  2. I'm right there with on Jacob. I dont know why the judges like him and I dont know why people are voting for him (aside from family/friends/community of course).

    LOL He has a big head, but I dont think his head is getting big :-P

    I'm actually rooting for Lauren to win the show. There needs to be a female winner ...I'm sick of the guys winning every year and then flopping with album sales!

    I just love Haley's voice...It'll be interesting to see what kind of music she puts out after the show.