Friday, May 13, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 4 Performs!

The contestants each performed two songs tonight. The first theme was "Inspirational Songs" and the second theme was songs from the "Leiber and Stoller" song book. Lady Gaga helped mentor the 2nd songs that they chose. Overall, it was a pretty good show with just a couple off performances....Btw, Jacob Lusk was eliminated last week......Woot!

James Durbin
First Song: "Dont Stop Believin" by Journey. Great song choice, but I kinda wanted to tell him to shut up talking to the audience and just perform the dang song! lol! Anyways, I only thought it was an OKAY performance and didnt feel it was very strong. He sounded totally off on some of the notes, but the judges liked him and praised him endlessly. Jennifer said: "Great song, great job, great performance." Randy couldnt stop going on about how great of a band Journey is LOL (Remember, he was a member of Journey!)

Second Song: "Love Potion No. 9" by The Clovers.  Well I'll give it to Gaga, she's not a bad mentor - Hell! make her a judge! lol! (Not really, though no doubt she would be better than some). I think James did much better the second round. He wasnt off and his performance was just much better overall. I also really emjoyed the song, which I felt was an odd choice at first lol - Still could have done without the alley cat scream towards the end. The judges loved him (again).

Haley Reinhart
First Song: "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson. Great song choice I thought, even though the judges gave her a hard time - But I thought she did an okay job. She was kinda off and the song was way out of her zone, but I dont think she didnt any worse than James's first performance, so I couldnt understand why the judges were so hard on her, yet praised James. During the last verse of the song, she really nailed it. Steven liked her and thought she nailed it and told her that Jennifer & Randy were both wrong.

Second Song: "I (Who Have Nothing)" by Ben E. King.  She was so much better vocally the second time around! She really gave it her all and it was a really great performance! The judges even praised her and Jennifer said it was one of the best performances of the year. I wouldnt go that far..but it really was good!

Scotty McCreery
First Song: "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)" by Alan Jackson.Wow, I cant believe he chose such an amazing song. I still remember watching the moment when Alan first performed the song on the award show that year..and yes, I cried. Scotty's voice didnt really fit the song, but I think what made the performance so off was the backup vocals - He should have just performed without anybody else and it would have turned out much better. Love the song, love Scotty, but not his best performance at all, but I do agree with Randy saying that it was the perfect song to sing for our country right now. It was also just nice to hear that song performed on the idol stage.

Second Song: "Young Blood" by The Coasters. I actually got a kick out of Lady Gaga and Scotty's was really funny..Anyway..I dont know the song, but vocally, I think he sounded much better. The first performance was more powerful, giving the song he chose, but he had fun with the second song and it was a really good performance - though not the greatest choice of song. The judges liked him. Randy called him a seasoned professional.

Lauren Alaina
First Song: "Anyway" by Martina McBride. Oooh another great country song!  Lauren took on one of the best female country voices out there and she totally held her own with her version of the song! Damn, I really didnt realize just how great Lauren's vocals were til tonight! First round performances def. goes to Lauren in my opinion! Steven said that her voice was "pure and perfect." Randy declared that there was nothing at all wrong with the performance!

Second Song: "Trouble" by Elvis. Lauren brought some sass to the stage during her second song! She was moving around a good bit and still manged to pull of some great vocals! It was a fun performance, but vocally, just as good as her first performance. The judges had all nice things to say, especially Jennifer, who really enjoyed her.

The judges clearly loved James the best tonight. His 2nd performance was really good, but I didnt really care for the 1st one. The only one that gave two really awesome performance tonight, in my opinion, was Lauren. Somebody has to go - I have a feeling it will be one of the country contestants or Haley. I love all three of them, so I want to see James go.


  1. I am so sick of this. It's like Deja vu all over again. I'm talking about Lambert situation. The judges clearly want Adam to win back then. Even when Simon said something harsh to Adam, the next day during the result show he apologized! Same thing going on with James. I want him out but I dont see that coming. The judges need to stop being harsh to Haley. They have been bullying her since day 1. Though i'm not exactly a die hard fan or whatever, the judges kept saying that Haley dont who she is over and over again. I agree for the first few weeks but I've seen her growing and I know what kind of artist she will be(and like it) and the yet judges still couldnt figure that out. Smh.

    Glad you want James to go too...but I dont see that happening. He's in the top two with Lauren. Maybe. They wanna make it male vs. female again this year. I think.

  2. I voted several times last night for Lauren and Scotty, though I mostly voted for Lauren. I dont want to see James win, but thats what everybody is predicting =/ I really would love to see Lauren win the show, and even though I really love Scotty, I wouldnt mind seeing a Lauren/Haley finish either. I just dont really like James, something about him rubs me the wrong way.

    I'll be watching Vampire Diaries again tonight instead of the's to hoping my votes helped Lauren stay! I did cast a couple for Haley also lol