Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 2 Country Showdown!

I've been a fan of Scotty since the very beginning and Lauren won me over somewhere along the all season long I have been voting for those two harder than any other to make the finale and tonight it paid off! For the first time ever Idol had a battle of two country stars in the making!

They each performed three songs tonight. First round being their choice (choosing from a song they've performed before on stage). Second round song was chosen by the contestants personal idol and the third round is the song that will be their first single if he/she wins.

Scotty McCreery
First Round: "Gone" by Montgomery Gentry. Even though I love the song, I'm surprised that Scotty chose it  as his fave, especially since he's performed some really great songs. He did a good job the first time he performed it, but I think he did even better tonight! It was a good, fun way to start the show :-)

Second Round: George Strait chose "Check Yes or No" for him to sing. I thought it was a great song choice for Scotty! Especially since I've always loved the's actually the first song I ever remember hearing by George when I was little and it's the reason I'm a George Strait fan :-) Scotty did a great job with it!

Third Round: "I Love You This Big" will be Scotty's first single if he wins. I could totally hear it on country radio, but I dont think it's the greatest song's kind of weak lyrically. It's pretty decent if compared to other "winning songs" from the past. Scotty sounded great and the judges loved him. Randy thought the range of the song was great for him and said his vocals were brilliant. Jennifer said he did an amazing job.

Lauren Alaina
First Song: "Flat On The Floor" by Carrie Underwood. Another surprising decision for her to choose that one out of all the others she's performed this season. But the attitude of the song matched the attitude of Scotty's first performance so I think it was a great decision. She sounded great, but her voice did sound a little weak in parts due to a blown vocal chord. 

Second Round: Carrie Underwood chose "Maybe It Was Memphis" by Pam Tillis.I thought Carrie picked an awesome song for her! It's a song that I love, but havent heard in a long time. Lauren's voice sounded so much better during her second performance and I loved her cowboy boots!

Third Round: "Like My Mother Does" will be the name of Lauren's first single if she wins. Lyrically, Lauren's "winning" song was so much better than Scotty's. It's another song that is great for country radio, but it has a contemporary feel to it sorta like Taylor Swift's music. She did a great job and sounded beautiful! Randy thought it was an amazing song and gave her a standing ovation. Jennifer said it was a close race, but Lauren might have won it with that song. Steven said that Lauren has been his Idol from the first time seeing her =) 

They both did a great job tonight! I think the first round went to Scotty and the second Round went to Lauren..which is how the judges felt. The 3rd round was really close, but the judges gave that round to Lauren...and I have to agree! I love them both...but I'm rooting for Lauren to win since a girl hasnt won in years, but if Scotty does win I'll still be happy. Especially since he's such a traditional sounding country singer :-)

David Cook closed the show by performing "Dont You Forget About Me." It's always nice to see David back on the Idol stage :-)


  1. I really enjoyed this season, and loved all your updates and time you put into this as you have done each season. Lauren in my opnion won tonight and I will be happy with either one walking away crowned the new american idol. true I wanted Casey to own this season, but I dont think everyone understood his growling as much as I did. Love ya Nicole, and thank you for keeping us informed thru it all.Huggles, Bobbi

  2. Aww Bobbi!! <3 Thank you so much for saying that. I really love that you enjoy my idol blogs as much as you do :-) I've always enjoyed getting to talk to you and other people about our different opinions on all things idol. I also liked Casey and felt he went home too soon. I hope he is able to have a successful career and I still would love to hear a collaboration between him and Haley in the future..those two sounded so great together!

    And thank you for always reading! :-)

  3. Love ya Nicole. I really do look forward to all ur blogs. The best one thus far was the scary movies of all time. I knew it was rigged, cause My Norman didnt come in 1st place, but he is a gracious 2nd placer. he forgives you. ;-P

  4. Haha! I finally did watch Psycho! Great move!...and those blogs were my personal faves also :) Love ya too!

  5. I wish Scotty would have chose a different 1st song also.

    I also loved Lauren's last song! I wonder if she will still be able to record it even though she didnt win....

    That's also a reason I was voting for Lauren...she's more idol-like..even though she's country, she can appeal to a broader audience like Taylor Swift.

    But I am happy with the results regardless!

    Thanks for reading all season :)