Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol 10: The Finale!

So much happened tonight on Idol that I almost dont know where to start....there's a lot to write about! Over 122 million votes came in last night.....but I shall get to the results at the end of the blog :-P

The Top 13 kicked off the show with a group performance of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."  It was great to see them on stage again, they all looked awesome wearing white, but the performance itself was not so good. But that's about usual for large group performances on idol :-P

James Durbin and Judas Priest then performed on stage together. James was fully dressed in Judas Priest attire..I'm not a big fan of Judas Priest, but I thought it was a pretty entertaining performance. I liked Judas Priest more so than James though!

Jacob Lusk got to perform on stage with Gladys Knight and Kirk Franklin. I have no idea who Kirk is, but I enjoyed hearing Gladys. I could have totally done without Jacob...I forgot how much I didnt like him. The song seemed to be dedicated to all the tornado victims in the South, so that was kool.

One of the koolest and most entertaining performances came from Casey James and Jack Black! They performed Queen's "Fight Bottomed Girls" and I loved it!! I love Jack Black and find him so funny so it was really kool to see him on stage with Casey. I thought they did an awesome job at keeping the show fun and entertaining..and of course Casey sounded good.

The Top Girls performed a medley of Beyonce songs. I thought their group performance sounded much better than the one that opened the show. I loved hearing Karen and Thia tonight...they sounded awesome! All the girls were wearing red and I especially loved Haley's dress. Beyonce came out and joined them at the end and performed her song "Crazy In Love" with the top girls providing background vocals. Beyonce also performed her new single later on in the show.

Haley and Tony Bennett performed together on stage after Idol showed a very funny Steven Tyler video. (They also showed videos of Randy and Jennifer, but who cares about them?) Haley sounded awesome with Tony, but the performance really wasnt my cup of tea. I can respect Tony for the legend he is and it's great to see somebody his age still performing on stage after all these years.

TLC then came out and performed. I didnt even know they were still around, but it was pretty damn kool to hear "Waterfalls." - Yes I loved that song in the 90s! Most of the girls from the top 13 came out and joined them on stage.

One of my fave performances of the night came from Scotty and Tim McGraw!! They performed "Live Like You Were Dying" and sounded awesome together!!! Scotty was great and goodness did Tim look totally hot! <3

Hang in there the results are coming soon.....

Just not yet!!!

Marc Anthony also performed on stage...he is totally not my cup of tea either. Jennifer joined him on stage by doing a sexy, thats about all there is to say about that. Bono performed  later in the night with The had something to do with Spiderman on Broadway...uh yea..whatever...

Idol showed a hilarious video of all the guys talking about the most shocking elimination. James and Casey were arguing over whose elimination was the most shocking...then Pia came walked in on their conversation wearing a sash that said "Most Shocking Elimination" LOL - I honestly think Casey's was the most shocking personally.

The Top Guys then performed a medley of songs. Stefano managed to hurt my ears...he's another one that I forgot about how much I didnt like. It was great hearing Paul again! I think I enjoyed seeing him most out of the guys. James started singing "Whats New Pussy Cat" - which I found funny as hell. Soctty performed "Green Green Grass of Home." Jacob performed something and sucked doing it. Casey started rocking out "Its Not Unusual" before Tom Jones joined them on stage! The entire time I thought about Carlton Banks dancing to that song lol!

The Ford music was nice. Lauren and Scotty was singing, but the video showed highlights from all the other Ford Music videos this season and all the contestants were featured in it. Lady Gaga then performed her new song "The Edge of Glory." I have no idea what she was wearing on her head, but the song was actually pretty decent.

Lauren had her moment with a country singer when she performed "Before He Cheats" with Carrie Underwood! They did a great job together. Carrie will always remain the best idol vocalist according to Me!

Before the results were announced, Steven Tyler hit the stage for the first time this season to perform Aerosmith's song "Dream On." He freaking rocked it.. Seeing Steven perform was the highlight of the night. Rock God.

And now to the results...

The American Idol Seaon 10 Winner is:


I know I voted for Lauren last night, but I am happy with the results regardless! I have been rooting and voting for Scotty from the very beginning and for a traditional sounding country singer to be voted the American Idol winner makes me so happy! Out of the years that I've been watching, this years finale has been my favorite!

I would like to say thank you to everybody that has been reading my blog this season! Hope you have all enjoyed the results as much as me! =)


  1. Actually I never thought that Scotty would make it in this competition. So congrats to him.

    I can't believe that Ashton and Karen is so good tonight. Both girls blew me away during audition/hollywood week and disappoint me after. Sigh.

    I'm sure Lauren will be fine and have a great music career if she sings something like Swift does.

    Once again, thanks Nicole for taking your time blogging idol every week. :)

  2. I didnt even recognize Ashton last night...I had to go back through my blogs to figure out who she was =/ Karen was really good last night!

    I think Lauren will be fine too...I cant wait to hear from her in the future.

    And thanks again for always reading! =) It's been a fun season!

  3.  omg. me too. her hair is different and she sounded so good. i even tweet asking who is that girl? is she a guest singer? lol. after thinking really hard then i figured it out. lol

    You're welcome. It has been fun commenting this blog too.