Tuesday, May 17, 2011

30 Day Buffy Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Favorite Romance

Buffy and Angel all the way! Their love for one another was both beautiful and heartbreaking to watch unfold over the first three seasons. In my mind, they belong together. They took the idea of star-crossed lovers and turned it up several notches. The ending of season two was just totally and completely tragic. Maybe I'm being dramatic..I dont care! A Slayer in love with a Vampire? Giles said it best: It's poetic. No actually Spike said it best: "You'll be in love till it kills you both." I know a lot of fans are all for Spike and Buffy, but I always see that relationship as being very one sided and cant accept them. I can tolerate seeing them together, but that's as bout as far as I can go. Definitely Buffy and Angel.


  1. Oh, this is easy for me - Willow and Tara.  And not because of the lesbian stuff, either LOL. The emotional dynamic between the two was heart-wrenching at times, but beautiful at the same time. When it ended - the way it ended - really choked me up, and I am not one to get that way over TV shows. I loved them together... 

  2. Tara was just a really lovable character. So sweet, I dont see how anybody could not like her. I did enjoy her and Willow's relationship, but honestly- I kinda favor Willow and Oz more. Maybe it's because those were the last memories I had of Buffy before it was removed from my tv channel and I could no longer watch it =( But yes, that was one of the saddest scenes to watch. And it was just totally out of nowhere.