Friday, May 13, 2011

30 Day Buffy Challenge: Day 4 & 5

Well I totally forgot to post the day 4 challenge on Wednesday night and then last night Blogger was down, so I didnt get to post it then either! Nor Day 5...and I should be up to Day 6 by now! I'm going to go ahead and post two days worth of challenges in THIS post and then post Day 6 after =) I need to get back on track!

Day 4: Favorite Female Character

 Harmony! lol! No, seriously, this is a silly question and of course the answer is:


I've already answered why in a previous blog that you click here to read =)


Day 5: Least Favorite Female Character

Umm yeah, Willow should have left that little witch a damn rat! I actually kinda liked her at first, but after the events that took place in season 6 and then the stunt she pulled in season 7...Ugh. What a damn rodent.

I also didnt care for Jenny Calendar too much either, but thats a whole other issue.


  1. WHAT?!?!?! I loved Jenny, from the get-go. I was very sad when she was killed.

    I think my fav character was probably Willow, but I'd have to think about it because of Anya. The latter was the one I could relate to more than any other, but I really enjoyed Willow's development over the entire seven years.

    As for least fav, Amy does not even make it on my radar because I liked her early on. I think mine would be a toss-up between Dawn and Kennedy. Both were brats who really worked my nerves, and since I liked Tara so much? Kennedy with Willow just irked the crap out of me.

    Nah, Dawn was the worst. Gods, I hated that little shit... LOL

  2.  I didnt *hate* her character (Jenny) but I wasnt too thrilled over the fact that she went there under false pretenses, watching Angel....and I also didnt like Giles and her together...I dunno why really..I just didnt LOL

    You know where I stand on both Willow and Anya =)

    Amy can go eat cheese for all I care! I wanted so bad to like her and was always hoping that she'd come back, but boy did I regret that after how she ended up treating Willow! Oh, and believe me, if it wasnt for Amy, Kennedy would have ranked number one. I didnt get that relationship....if you can really call it all! But she wasnt around long enough for me to truly despise her character.

    And Dawn..well I think there's a question that will cover her in the near future ;-)

  3. Oh wait - I forgot about Rona, the mouthy potential in S7. SHE was the worst, even though she was a 'good guy' character... always talking back to Buffy. I actually found myself growling angrily at the TV when her lips were moving LOL

  4.  Oh yeah I remember her...I didnt like her either! Weirdly though, the only potential I really cared about ..or I thought was interesting rather...was on Angel!