Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 Day Buffy Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Favorite Song Used In An Episode

Goodness...this is another question that's impossible to answer since I've only watched the series once. I really cant name any of the music, aside from the musical episode. The country  music lover in me recalls Xander lying in bed listening to a Pasty Cline song after he got rejected by Buffy during the first season LOL 

The Bronze featured  a lot of different music, but nothing stands out...hmmm...

Giles also did a little acustic version of Free Bird...hah..not sure if that counts, but thats my fave song of all, and that scene was Awesome (I think anyway!).

Okay, I think I'll say "Rest In Peace" from "Once More, With Feeling" - For obvious reasons :-P LOL

(I also really enjoyed Anya and Xander's "I'll Never Tell" that episode lol)


  1. This is also a tough one, because of the 'Once More.. With Feeling' ep, which was awesome. I loved the quasi-duet between Giles and Tara, as well as "Where Do We Go From Here."

    That noted, there were a lot of cool live tunes, too - Michelle Branch's song stands out in that regard. However, I have to go with the song which ended S2, Sarah Sarah McLachlan's "Full Of Grace." Something about that song...

    In case you've forgotten it...

  2. Giles has such an awesome voice..omg..I could actually listen to him sing all night. I cant think of the name of the song, but I guess its the one that crossed over with Tara's...where he says he cant stay..damn. It was Awesome. I also really liked the cross over with Buffy/Spike singing ...I love the part where Spike said something like "I hope that bitch dies...I better help her out" LOL

    I find it very hard to remember background songs..unless I watch it a few times, then I'll start to recall them.