Monday, May 30, 2011

30 Day Buffy Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did

Well, once Oz left town...I would have loved seeing Willow and Xander together. Especially since I didnt care too much for Anya at the time. But Willow went gay and I adored her with Tara, so I cant complain too much. Also, I ended up loving Xander and Anya as a couple. There's not many other characters that I would ship, that havent already been in a relationship with one another. Since I'm a Buffy/Angel fan..maybe Spike & Faith? But then again, not really =/


  1. This question seems better suited for the Angel program - there were several couples there who never became involved. Like Angel and Gwen... that would have been interesting...

    Still... it would have been nice if Andrew and Jonathan could have hooked up... ;-)

  2. Omg I totally agree with you there! I would have loved seeing Angel and Gwen! I thought she was an interesting character..and since there was absolutely no history with her and Buffy, I could have accepted them...I think. Instead, she gets it on with Gunn...Ugh. Did I ever tell you that I have a border line hate for his character? I tried so hard to like him and almost every time I start to like him..Bam! He opened his mouth and pissed me off. But yes, Gwen...especially since I was feeling the wolf girl.

    LMAO...Aww hell...You know, I like both of them, especially Andrew...and I always wondered about them...especially their time spent in Mexico...

  3. No, you never did mention that, but I find myself agreeing with you. Even though I never really liked him, I DID feel bad for him when it came to Fred. You can't blame a guy for wanting to hold on to what made him special, and he didn't KNOW Fred would pay the price... he just signed a piece of paper, after all. 

    I loved Gwen, BTW, and was disappointed they did not do more with her character.

    Ah yes, Mexico... you just never know with those two boys LOL

  4. I agree..I never really blamed him for her death and I did feel bad for him about that, but then again - I really disliked the part of his personality that felt like he had to be something other than "muscle" - which is what led to him signing the damn paper. So what if he didnt have the scientific brains of Fred or the knowledge of ancient text of Wesley? This makes me go back to Buffy..Xander was in the same boat and never acted like him!