Monday, May 9, 2011

30 Day Buffy Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Favorite Episode

Well now this is a question that I dont feel I can answer just yet =/ 

I've only watched the full series once and I missed a few episodes here and there.
Plus, there's so many great ones that I love, it's hard to choose a favorite. 
Until I'm certain enough to choose just one as a fave, I'll make a list of episodes I really enjoyed from each season:
 Season 1:
"Teacher's Pet"
"Out of Mind, Out of Sight"

Season 2:
"Becoming 1 & 2"
(they all sorta just break my heart watching!)

Season 3:
"Lovers Walk"
"The Wish"

Season 4:
"Living Conditions" 
"Beer Bad"
"Something Blue"

Season 5
"The Replacement"
"The Body"

Season 6
"Once More, With Feeling"
"Normal Again"
"Two to Go"

Season 7
"Same Time, Same Place"
"Lies My Parents Told"

Okay, yea I know thats a lot I chose! lol! But those are the ones that I can really remember enjoying...they stood out to me. I'm sure that once I re-watch it from episode one to finish, that I'll be able to make a more definitive answer lol! I'm sure I probably left off an episode that I just forgot about =/ 


  1. Fav ep? How in the hell could anyone choose ONE episode?

    Hmmmmm... I think I'd have to go with the two-parter, "Surprise / Innocence." Not only for the heart-wrenching moments, but hey - rocket-launcher! :-)

  2.  Ha! For some reason my mind went somewhere else when you said rocket launcher...I'm thinking, Yup, Angel's rocket
    launched all right! But then I remembered the mall scene :D lol

  3. OMG *facepalm* That was sooooo NOT what I meant LOL

    Besides... all night long? Really? He had not had sex in nearly a hundred years, and he was with a super-muscular virgin. I'd be surprised if he lasted longer than a Geico commercial...

  4. Lmao! There's something very funny and kinda disturbing about the term "super muscular virgin" *snickers*

  5. Hehehe... you know, I think you're right. :-)