Monday, May 9, 2011

30 Day Buffy Challenge: Day 1

Since there's nothing better to blog about, I've decided to do another 30 day challenge I found on Tumblr. 30 Days of Buffy - WOOT! LOL

1: Favorite Season

Dang, this is a hard one.

Season 3- because all my favorite characters are there, plus they're still in high school, which is where I enjoy seeing them the most. It was also pre-Dawn, pre-Riley(ugh), and still had Oz, who I adore. After he left, the show was lacking the woof :-(  Not to mention, season three had Faith, which added an interesting dynamic to the show. I went back and forth on hating her and liking her that season LOL - It also had one of my fave episodes that involved Spike. Actually, season three has a lot of my fave episodes and as I stated before, all my fave characters are there, two of which are introduced that season: Wesley and Anya.

I'm fairly certain I can live with this answer =) lol


  1. I probably would have said S3 a few days ago, but I have been catching up with S2 on Chiller, and I had forgotten just how strong that season was. So  I am a bit torn LOL

    BTW - I also loved S7, but that was largely because of Spike, Faith, and the Potential named Vi. That is a side issue, though... :-)

  2. I actually really love season two also...that would be my next choice. Loved the Angelus/Spike/Dru storyline!

    Oh good grief..I cant recall Vi at all =( There's so many potentials, and I can only remember two of them by name and I can remember the Asian Potential, cause she was just too funny. Especially with Giles saying something about icecream and she's like "I'm lactose intolerant" in Chinese LMAO!

  3. Vi was the skinny, insecure red-head whom ends up becoming a serious ass-kicker. She was played by Felicia Day, one of my fav actresses - she also played the female lead in "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along," and also has a web-series called 'The Guild."

  4.  Yup, I will def. have to watch it again - I googled and recognized her, but I just cant recall her scenes.