Friday, April 1, 2011

My Bizarre Dream

So it's official: I think I may have overdosed on all things Buffyverse related! A few nights ago I had a bizarre dream that featured Spike!! LOL!! The dream had absolutely nothing to do with vampires or Buffy in general and heck, the dream wasnt even about Spike, he was just there. I find it strange because I have never dreamed about a character before. Maybe I did a long time ago and just cant remember, but I dont dream very often anyway. But anyways, to my bizarre dream, which wasnt very long....

Me and Spike was in this strange house along with some other people I didnt recognize. Nothing really was going on, we were all just sitting there basically and it was night time. All of a sudden I feel a force pulling me to go outside in my dream, and when I do, I look up into the sky and I see these images being played way up above. Now I blame that part of the dream on the book I was reading: The Hunger Games.. If you've read the books you'll know what I'm talking about..but anyway, the images I was seeing in the sky were of people walking and I swear to God...they looked like Biblical people walking towards Christ. They had the look of people you see in the Biblical stories. It was like they were walking towards a Rapture or something...they were in tears and just heading towards something...I dont know what, but I was just standing outside looking up and all of a sudden I just turned around and ran back in the house and Spike asked me what was wrong. I told him  look outside, that they're coming! Then he went outside.....

Then I dont know wth hell happened next because all of a sudden my dream went to a different scene and I was still in a house, but it was like I was trapped. I was with other people and I'm not sure who they were, but I remember looking outside the window and a car stops and I see Spike in the back of the car and I'm just looking at him, wanting him to come get me out of the house...

And then I just dont remember what else happened. Not sure if it ended there or what, but it was one of the weirdest dreams Ever. If I'm going to be dreaming about Spike, I with it would atleast make sense...or atleast look something like this pic heh:


  1. Um... sounded a bit prophetic, if you ask me. No, I am not kidding - if you have been inside my dreams for the last four+ years you'd know just how serious I am. And it seems almost familiar, believe it or not. Different interpretations, but the same theme.

    I would act surprised, but I have known dozens of people whom have had dreams along this vein... and more than once. And they were not watching Buffy... nor reading a book by Guiley (BTW - that is a good book in your 'Currently Reading" widget).

    As for characters in dreams, it has only happened a few times in my life. The first was when I five... and it was Godzilla. I was driving the Mach 5 (Speed Racer's car) and I pushed the button on the steering wheel to close the glass-top air-tight right before I drove under the great monster... and Godzilla peed on the car. Seriously, it was bizarre.

    Not sure if Godzilla really counts as a character in dream, though... LOL

  2. Oh Lord, I hope it wasnt some kind of religious intervention: God's way of telling me Spike is going to send me to Hell if I keep watching or something! But you're right, it did have a prophetic feel to it. I have never in my life had any dream like that before though. I dream on rare occasions and it's usually about people I know and I have never once had a nightmare. My cousin told me that was just bizarre in itself.

    I just started reading that book yesterday :)I had the dream the night before, so it had nothing to do with that book. It has been an interesting read so far, even though I'm not far into it.

    LMAO!!!! Omg you dont know how much you just cracked me...I have visual images of Godzilla peeing like a dog on a car LMAO!!!

    It's so weird what the subconscious has us dream about. Oh wow, LOL..And now I'm just sounding totally obsessed (which I am) but I just remembered the conversation that Illyria had with Wesley about Nightmares.

  3. I don't know if it is 'God' necessarily, could just be you tapping into something in the ether. The veil between the Physical World and the Ethereal World seems to be getting thinner, which explains people seeing things like you did in your dream. Even if not prophetic, it certainly has an otherworldly feel to it.

    Then again, maybe you just had gas. :D

    I tell you, Nicole, that damned Godzilla dream has stayed with me for almost four decades. I remember it like I dreamed it last night... wild. And kind of funny to remember, truth be told... :)

  4. Oh, and let me let you in on a little secret. For Buffy, they just threw different things together, which had little connection with reality (their representation of Wicca was a sad joke). Angel, on the other hand... they did their homework. Well. Much of what they portrayed as fiction... not so much, they just took the supernatural / Hollywood track on it. So your obsession is actually in some firm roots... :)

  5. LOL! Gas is a great possibility...or heartburn...I ate pizza that night :-P

    Hmmm, I've never really thought about the veil between the two. Which is kind of odd, given that the majority of Fiction books I read is about Otherworldly things.

    I guess it's because I've never had any real "supernatural" experiences before, though I am kinda convinced that I saw a ghost(Spirit?) for a few seconds.

    It wasnt much of an experience. I was on the couch and I swear I saw a form of somebody walking towards the door, then it disappeared. I didnt think much of it. It wasnt until a few weeks later that my cousin (who is in her 40s) came over and while she was sitting there talking, she just casually said "Ya'll have a ghost" and pointed to the exact spot where I had seen it! I had never mentioned it to her either btw, so that was damn freaky, but I never did see it again.

  6. Oh man, when it comes to TV shows and movies, I dont put much stock into anything like that. I just enjoy it for the entertainment value.. but I will let you in on a little secret ....Watching both shows and seeing them use those old books to look up information about Demons is what made me interested in buying that book I'm reading now. I wanted to get the feel of what our culture has to say about demons throughout the centuries.

  7. An april fools joke? nah i'm jokin, I know you wouldn't do that:p.

    I read the first line of Stone's comment and I have to agree, even though for me, I would say they were walking towards God. Though, if I had a dream where I was walking towards Christ, i'd be in deep trouble! LoL A part of me would laugh, I think i'd be all 'oh my vlod,' and Jesus would say, "God,"

    Then God would part the clouds and say, "Yes?" with a smile, "You rang?"

    Jesus puts his head on his forehead stressfully, then says, "No, Dad, Andrew got your name wrong and I was correcting him." then he looks at me, "Jeesh! And all you sinners think that Heaven is going to be easier than life?" he ends as he escorts me off screen LoLz :p.

    But on a serious note, this could still be prophetic even in my faith.

    In Judaism, it teaches nothing of a rapture, but it does say that one day all Jews shall join in Israel. So, a Jewish perspective of your dream could be an implication of people in tears, so happy as they walk towards the prophesy of the the 3rd messiah rebuilding the temple. Oooh! This thought makes me so excited LoL!

    At one time, people thought that Heaven was above the clouds and Hell was within the earth, but under the soil at the core of the earth. Have to admit, their imagination was rather tempting to join in on when I was kid. Anyway, my next blog is going to be my theory that I told you about in a tweet! which is my theory on where heaven is. :D

  8. Honestly I just said Christ, but God works just as well with what I was seeing in my dream. It just felt Biblical.

    LOL!! That's just funny. After you finish the book you're writing now, you should write a comedy!!

    I dont believe or disbelieve in the Rapture. I think there's always a possibility that it will someday happen, but I'm not going to base my entire life on waiting for that day to come. A lot of Christians do. I know that the Christian belief is that it can happen anytime ....but frankly, people have been saying that for hundreds of years and well...if it happens then I will reevaluate my entire life! But if it just doesnt. I do love reading about the possibility of it happening though. For example, The Left Behind books are really awesome. Even if your not religious, you can read stuff from a "Fictional" point of view and just enjoy the story...which the books are fiction of course, but they are based on a real Christian belief, but I always separate my beliefs from whatever it is that I'm reading or watching. I can enjoy a good religious book just as much as any other book as long as the story is good.

    Just finished reading your blog and I really enjoyed your theory! =) But you are right, I grew up hearing the exact same thing and I believed that as a kid LOL

  9. my godfather got me a left behind book when I got confirmed in the church, but i've never read it. even then I doubted that faith so I didn't really get into it.

    i always wonder how the world shall end with Judaism too. The happy ending with Christianity is the rapture followed by the anti-christ etc etc etc. but in Judaism, it just talks of the third messiah coming and bringing world peace. It mentions nothing about if God shall eventually decide to take us all home or not, all Judaism says really is that there is no hell, therefore even if we do not believe in him, we go to heaven anyway.

    I'd comment more but i've had a drink tonight or seven. :p...okay not that much LoLz :p.