Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 8-5

Welcome to part 9 of my Top 40 faves! Only one more blog to go!! I'm actually a little sad..I think it took longer to make the collages than it did to actually blog about each character! Anywho, lets get to these next four....

Favorite Tv Characters:

8. Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke (The Dukes of Hazzard)
When I first compiled this list, my first thought was "There's noway I'm leaving out my Dukes and they MUST be in the top ten!" I feel almost awful for not putting them higher, because The Dukes of Hazzard is my heart. I used to live and breath that show when TNN (now Spike) used to play the reruns. At one point I was in three fan clubs...YES THREE: John Schnieder's (Bo), Tom Wopat's (Luke), and a fan club dedicated to the show itself. I'm kinda allowing Bo, Luke, and Daisy to represent the entire show (well not entirely, you'll see), because I love every single character on there.  Bo is of course my fave Duke boy. Love his driving skills :-P Luke is best at coming up with the plans to foil Boss Hogg's schemes. And then there's Daisy, who is the epitome of a down home country girl XD She knows how to cook, drive, and shoot a gun! Of course they are also very close to my heart because I actually got to met John Schneider and Tom Wopat (along with Sonny Shroyer aka Enos). I just love the down home feel of the show and all three characters are just simple country folk that knows the greatest thing in life is ones family.

7. Archie Bunker (All In The Family)
Archie is the last sitcom character to appear on this list. I dont care what anybody says, Archie is THE GREATEST sitcom character of All Time! I also really love "All In The Family." I love that it paved the way for other shows to discuss topics that were taboo for television back in the 70's. If it wasnt for Archie, there would have never been characters like Al Bundy or Roseanne (who came very close to making the list btw). I love to describe Archie as a "lovable bigot." Archie is a product of a certain era and his backward beliefs show that. Though the thing about Archie, even though he had some misguided views, he had a big heart. He might not always say they right things, but more often than not, he would always do the right things. Archie reminds me of a lot of people I grew up around (especially the older generation), but I live in the South. For some reason I find it amusing that Archie sounds like a southern old timer, yet he's a New Yorker. LOL Anyway, I loved Archie best when he was having heated discussions with his Liberal, pollock son-in-law Meathead! What's really damn amusing, or maybe sad rather, some of the same arguments they had about politics (in the 70s!) still can apply to stuff going around in the world today (40 years later!). Just goes to show that more things change, the more they stay the same. 

6. Boss Hogg and Rosco P. Coltrane (The Dukes of Hazzard)
I know I said earlier that I was going to have Bo, Luke, and Daisy represent all characters, but Boss Hogg and Rosco are just too dang awesome own their own, that there is noway I would leave them off my list. If you ask me, they are the greatest television duo of all time. They played so well off each other and make me laugh harder than any other characters out there. Boss Hogg is always trying to cook up schemes to make money and put them Duke boys behind bars (not to mention he's always eating like a hog, which is funny in itself lol!) and poor Rosco is always screwing it up somehow (no thanks to Bo and Luke of course) and often ending up in the Hazzard county pond or up in a tree! lol! But at the end of the day, they also had a heart. Even though they schemed and Boss was corrupt when it came to making that all mighty dollar, he never would allow any actual harm to come to the Dukes. They are both just really fun to watch and more down home country characters that I love =)

5. Callisto (Xena: Warrior Princess/ Hercules)
The baddest bitch around! I consider Callisto to be Xena's greatest adversary. She has always been one of my favorites, from the time she was first introduced, I thought "Wow, Xena has some serious competition!" She was just so bad ass. She had the same fighting skills as Xena, which made from some awesome fighting scenes. My fave is probably the fight scene on the ladders, which is in the episode where we are first introduced to her. What was so great is the intensity of her anger. She did not hold back on her hate for Xena. But there is another side of her, which is what made her so interesting. Xena made her who she was when she slaughtered her family and that always kinda made me feel sympathetic towards her. Callisto was just a little girl when she witnessed Xena kill her entire village. She grew up with one thing on her mind: Revenge. She wanted to make Xena pay in the worst ways possible. Though, even at Callisto's most bad ass, I feel like she had that little girl somewhere deep down inside of her. Glimmers of that came out every now and then. I know he character takes a whole new direction in later seasons, and I'm a little murky on remembering how everything goes down, I only remember she ends up good...but the bad ass bitch that we are first introduced to is how I will always choose to remember Callisto, because SHE was just too fucking awesome! 

One more blog to go and I recently just come to the decision to change the order of them almost completely!!


  1. How the hell did I miss this last night? Damned job and royal wedding nonsense...

    OK, first of all - I just KNEW the Dukes would make it on here LOL It was not a matter of 'if' but 'when' and 'where.' I suspected they'd be top ten...

    The sight of Callisto warms my ever-loving heart. She is right up there with Sister Nicci for 'Fav-Hot-Female-Villain' but for different reasons. You'll understand once you see Legend of the Seeker. I wonder what happened to the actress who played her - she did really well, IMO...

    I know that as I write this the top four are already posted... I am going to wait for a bit, though, let the anticipation build. Why do I think Xena will be on that list... hmmmmm... ;-)

  2. LOL It's all good...I think I posted earlier than usual last night, but I knew you would get around to viewing eventually :-P

    I just couldnt leave them off...I love them too much. I was going to include Daisy on here own, but decided not to though. They all go together so well, it would not have made any sense to separate her on the list.

    Callisto came sooooooo close to the top 4! She's just another character that has left a lasting impression on me all these years. I have no idea what happened to Hudson Leick. I adored her...the last time I saw her was in an episode of 7th Heaven ...not long after Xena went off the air probably. I for one thinks she deserves a Tv comeback!

    LOL...You wouldnt be wrong about that XD Or would you?? XD know me too well LOL