Monday, April 18, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 40-37

Purely for my own amusement, I've decided to make a list of my all time favorite television characters. By favorite, I mean who I personally love. I'm not saying they're the greatest ever written, but they bring me enjoyment! 

I've decided to limit the number to 40. I've excluded Days of our Lives characters (soap opera) because I think my brain would explode if I had to rank them, plus they would probably make up half the list lol! I've also decided to limit the number of sitcom character to only my most faves...and I ended up grouping some as you will see later on. It's just so hard to compare sitcom and drama series characters, plus I want to focus more on tv series than sitcoms since I did a sitcom blog on Myspace. 

To go along with this blog, I've edited together collages of each character(s). Just listing stuff is never appealing to me, I like to have visuals to go along with whatever I'm talking about :-) So since I've spent so much time on the editing (which may or may not have turned out crappy!), I've decided to make this list into a 10 part blog and make it more of a countdown. I had an extremely tough time ranking the characters...I've revised the list 5 times already..and I'm still debating between the top 4 spots! Of course my top 40 faves could always change and rank differently a week from now so I better get started!

Favorite Tv Characters:

40. Anya Jenkins (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Honestly, I didnt care for Anya at first. When she first appeared as a demon, I didnt really think much about her, but then when she became a series regular, I felt like she was a knockoff of Cordelia and I didnt get her drooling all over Xander. But somewhere along the way, I come to really love her straight to the point, forget about tact, personality. After being a demon for centuries, she just didnt understand human emotions and I found her struggle to understand humans and how they work kinda endearing. Then there was her totally inappropriate sex comments (I just loved how they made Giles squirm lol!) and then there was her love of money and the bunny phobia, which was too damn funny :-)

39. Drusilla (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Dru is a total loon and I love it! Even though she was an evil character, I liked her from the beginning..she may be a vampire, but she's absolutely freaking nutters. She has this really weird personality: she talks about death and destruction in this really sweet little mellowed out voice, it's like listening to a child talk. I also really loved her and Spike's chemistry. And in some ways, I found Dru to be the most disturbing vampire on the entire show. Like, she can be seriously creepy with her bizarre speeches.

38. Xander Harris (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Personally, I found Xander the most relatable character on Buffy. During the entire series run, he was the only one that was just totally normal...never possessed any super human strength, he didnt do magic, and he wasnt a demon. Instead, he was the Best Friend. He was always there for his friends and in some ways, I think he was the most brave out of all the characters. He didnt have any supernatural powers and still was always by Buffy's side kicking ass when he needed to be.

37. Iolous (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
Iolous might seem like an odd choice to include, but I always loved his character on Hercules. I think I even shed a tear when he "died" back in the day. Yea, I know I did actually. And the "Second Iolous" just wasnt the same, so I was glad when the original came back. And come to think of it, I really dont even remember how the hell it all went down cause I havent watched that season in YEARS. But anyways! To me, Iolous was the epitome of the word "Sidekick." Forget about Batman and Robin, I had Hercules and Iolous!! =) I loved his character because he was always injecting humor into the show, and was always enthusiastically ready to fight! He didnt have the half-god like strength of Hercules, but he always held his own. And when he wasnt fighting, he was falling in love with whatever pretty girl was on that week ;-) Poor Iolous was always getting himself into trouble though, which I found pretty funny!

This concludes part one of my top 40 fave Tv characters! I didnt even realize that I had 3 Buffy characters in a row til I started blogging. You would think I was doing a Buffy countdown on first look lol! If you have trouble reading the quotes on the collages, I think you can click on them and make them bigger :-)


  1. OMG a TEN PARTER? LOL I love it...

    I definitely would have to put Anya in my top 40 - I found her to be the Buffy-character I could relate to the most. Her confusion about human folly was insightful, and her dogmatic love of capitalism (which is funny, since in the flashback sequences she supported communism *demon days*) was just awesome. Her fear of bunnies was just delicious icing. :)

    Dru is another whom will undoubtedly make my list - she had one of the greatest lines ever, when she was on Angel - "sheeee's DEAD" (I'll bet you remember it). As Spike often said, she was crazy as a sack of hammers, but I loved her as one of the darkest characters in the Buffy-verse.

    OK, going to stop for now. Otherwise I'll just end writing a blog in your notes :D

  2. Hehe not too much is it? lol

    Whoa! I never would have guessed that you could relate to Anya the most! You're right about her being know, I dont think I truly understood her character until the episode after Joyce passes away. When they are all in the dorm, Anya gets really upset and goes into this speech - I cant recall exactly how she said it, but it was then that I saw her character in a whole new light :-)

    LOL!! I'm not sure if this in the particular episode you are referring to, though I think it is - When Darla is in the greenhouse and somebody asks can Darla hear them? LMAO! Yea that was freakin hilarious - Her out of all people make them sound stupid haha

  3. I just KNEW you would remember it LOL Yep, that was the scene - the look on the faces of Holland, Lilah, and Lindsey was priceless.

    Now you understand better why I was so bummed that Joss chose to kill off her character in the finale. I *got* her, as time went on - she often saw humanity much the same way I do - with contempt, yet with an odd, almost child-like wonder. The evolution of Anya in Season 7 really sealed the deal for me, to be honest.

    Although I have to admit, the stoic coolness of Oz held a certain appeal for a time as well :) And Spike was close, too, although I felt more of a connection to him once he moved to Los Angeles.

    Don't you love how we discuss these characters like they are real people? ;-)

  4. I gotta agree, I did not like how they killed her character off. It just seemed so ...wrong :-( It just seemed cruel have her die in such a violent way.

    Oh my I loved Oz as well....I actually have to admit that I loved Willow/Oz more than Willow/Tara - even though I did love them together also.. I just couldnt help but to find Oz so oddly he had the whole werewolf thing going on...gotta dig a guy that turns furry every full moon HAHA (omg i just totally thought about that one episode of Angel ...poor little puppet man! heh )

    Not real? I have no idea what you mean!! lol