Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 36-33

Welcome to part 2 of my favorite television characters of all time (as of now anyway!). The first installment wasnt very diverse, since they were mostly Buffy related. But the next four shall be :-)

Favorite Tv Characters:

36. Lucy and Ricky Ricardo (I Love Lucy)
I actually kinda struggled with putting these two so low on the list since they are two of the greatest, most iconic characters in television history. Ultimately I decided that this isnt about the Greatest, but My Favorites thus they come in at number 36. I also just had to include both of them together. I find it nearly impossible to love one more than the other. They both make me laugh so hard. Lucy is always scheming like crazy and getting into trouble, Ricky is always getting her out of some jam ...I adore the pranks they try to pull on one another also. They are the greatest tv couple in television history in my opinion :-) (though ask me to do a list of my all time fave tv couples, they might not be first haha!).

35. The Cast of Seinfeld
When I originally made up my list, I just included Kramer and George. I also had them much higher up the list. Again for the same reasons I mentioned above about Lucy....They are just some of the greatest characters in the history of television....then I decided, they may be Great, but there's several more characters I love above them. While Kramer is my very favorite, with George coming next, I ended up including Jerry and Elaine as well. They are all just so funny in their own way. They are characters you shouldnt like, but you just cant help but to love. They are all just so damn....self absorbed....and I think that makes each character play so well off of one another for comedy sake.

34. Claire Fisher (Six Feet Under)
Claire's introduction is one of the most memorable character introductions ever, for so many reasons. I dont want to spoil the show, but when you first met Claire, she's getting stoned with her friends, then she learns about a family tragedy and has to deal with this tragedy while fucked up. All I could think was, wow, her character is REAL. While I dont believe in getting high, I can certainly appreciate how true to life her character is. Also Claire is just more true to life than most teenagers on television anyway. She went through a slew of bad relationships...I've never knew it was possible to date so many fucked up people in one lifetime! She constantly contemplated the meaning of life, was often depressed (but not in a "Omg its the end of the world, kill me now" sort of way) and she went through a very selfish phase, but she was a character that you could always love and she had a deeply caring side about her, especially when it came to her family. I found her to be the heart of the show.

33. Cordelia Chase (Buffy The Vampire Slayer/ Angel)
Cordy is definitely another character that had to grow on me. I somewhat didnt like her in the beginning and grew to merely tolerate her during the Xander phase but when she went through the Wesley phase, I got a whole lot of laughs. I grew to appreciate her somewhere along the way. She was such a Bitch.  :P She always said exactly what was on her mind, to hell with being nice lol! It wasnt until she was on Angel that I really began to love her character. She showed more depth and more emotions and she wasnt just portrayed as a materialistic bitch, although she always kept those qualities. She never exactly changed who she was, she merely grew up. I was a tad bit upset over the direction her character went the last two seasons of Angel, because Cordy really was the heart of Angel Investigations in my opinion. Plus, she was another human that could hold her own and kick a little ass when she had to ;-)

This concludes part two! As I said, a bit more diverse.  I must say I struggled with the placement of each of the characters on the list. Especially Cordy and Claire....Ahhhh decisions!


  1. Oddly enough, two of the most popular sitcoms of all time are listed on here... and I never really liked either one of them. Weird, I know...

    Never saw 6FU, so cannot comment on that... and we have already discussed ad nauseum my feelings about Ms. Chase. I like where the list is going... :-)

  2. *Tilts head and just looks at the screen funny* Not like "I Love Lucy" - How is that even possible?! lol! I can sorta understand Seinfeld.....Honestly though, you're not alone...My boyfriend doesnt care for either show.

    I honestly dont know how anybody could not like Six Feet Under if they watch it (unless you're a extreme religious nut or a homophobe) ...incredible show...:-)