Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 32-29

Hiya and welcome to the third installment of my top 40 favorite characters! =) These next four were revised on my list several times ( I kept swapping them around lol) but I think I'm finally satisfied on where I put them :-P

Favorite Tv Characters: 
32. Joxer (Xena: Warrior Princess)
Joxer has always been one of my favorite characters from the HercXena Verse! (Not sure if thats the correct term, but oh well lol!) :-P He was always so funny and charming! He made me laugh more than any other character. I loved his loyalty to both Xena and Gabrielle and I think it's partly his love for Gabrielle and her being such a little twit towards him is the one reason I'm often irritated with her! lol! Anyway, Joxer suffers from delusions of being a mighty warrior, when really he couldnt beat up a fly, but that makes me love his character even more. Joxer has a brave heart (as Xena noted) and I think that's one reason that makes his character so lovable. And then there was his song: Joxer the Mighty! Hehehe...the "Gabby as his sidekick, fighting with her little stick" just made me LMAO every time. I love that dang tune!

31. Eric Cartman (South Park)
I havent been watching South Park long, but I just had to include Cartman. He's really the main reason I watch the show. He's just so freaking funny! He's so foul mouthed and such a prejudice little bastard! He calls Redheads Gingers lmao...he reminds me of a mini Archie Bunker :-P (Minus the language!) Not to mention, he has some of the funniest lines ..."I'm not fat! I'm big boned!" And he's always dissing on poor Kyle for being a Jew. I swear, an animated character shouldnt be THAT funny and such a dang meanie LOL!

30. Willow Rosenberg (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) 
I absolutely adore the Willow in the first few seasons of Buffy! She was kinda the oddball outcast and wasnt very popular. I could sympathize with that. The great thing about Willow was how she always kept an upbeat attitude and I just loved the way she talked lol. And I loved her friendship with Buffy and Xander. Willow may have been placed higher in the list, except I did not like how her character devolped in season 6...the constant use of magic, erasing Tara's memories, and damn near getting Dawn killed...that just was not kool! But I gotta admit, I did love her kicking some Warren ass (via magic) when she went all Dark Willow. Wow, I hated that guy and yup, my jaw freaking dropped with what she did to him. Willow was kinda the most bad ass character on the entire show once she was pissed.

29. Rupert Giles (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Out of all the characters, I think I had the most respect for Giles. Yes, he was often very uptight but he went from just being a stiff Watcher to a friend and father figure to not only Buffy, but to all the Scoobies. I loved the Buffy/Giles dynamic. Their relationship was one of my faves. He did what needed to be done when Buffy couldnt. I was totally upset when he went back to England and was pushed to just a guest star on the show =/ Another thing that I loved about Giles is when he put Willow in her place after bringing Buffy back. When he called her an arrogant amature regarding her use of magic, I was like Holy shit Giles, Right On! During the entire course of the show, there was only one time I was truly pissed at his character. I actually had a surge of intense hate for for him on the stunt he pulled regarding Spike. Other than that, his love for Buffy, his unique British wit, and his love of Free Bird totally makes him awesome in my book :-)

And this concludes part three! I made some tough decisions on putting Giles and Willow outside the top 20. I actually have an incredible urge to bump them up a few spots...Giles anyway... but the blog is already written! So I guess that means I'm not entirely satisfied lol! Oh well.


  1. Loved Giles (one of my fav eps, which no one else seems to list, is from S-1, "I, Robot... You, Jane" which featured Giles at his coolest, IMO), and hated Joxer (sorry, but he was way too annoying for my taste LOL).

    Willow, on the other hand... my goodness. In S6 she became one of the most compelling, and disturbing, characters of the entire Buffyverse. And right before she... um, 'stripped/ Warren, when she echoed her long-dusted vampire alter-ego ("Bored now")... that was one of the best moments in television history.

    Then again, maybe I am being overly dramatic LOL

  2. Wha??? How can you not like Joxer! I find that more shocking than not liking Lucy! lol! :-P His annoying character persona is what made him so lovable to me though :-)

    I know the episodes you're talking about, but I just cant recall the details of it. I'll have to go back and watch it. Actually, if I can ever find season 4 and 5 on dvd, I plan on re-watching the entire series from beginning to end. Especially since I did miss a few key episodes.

    Dont get me wrong....I loved Dark was how she was acting prior to the transformation. But you're totally right about being disturbing: Wow, recall when she lets out that cry in the jail?! Eeek. That was scary. But oh yea, the moment where "stripped" Warren is worthy of a Scream Award, seriously. Oh and for the record, I LOVED Vampire Willow!

  3. Just saw your blog... Congrats! Thought you might like this:


  4. Kool - I've done a 30 tv challenge before though :)