Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 28-25

I do believe I'm now on part four of my ten part blog. When I originally made the list, I put one of the following character at number 40, but then changed my mind...keep reading to find out which one made an epic leap from number 40 to the top 20 :-P (Okay so it may not be THAT epic of a leap lol)

Favorite Tv Characters:

28. Autolycus, King of Thieves (Hercules/Xena)
Autolycus is another character from the HercXenaVerse that I've always loved. Maybe it's because I've always liked Bruce Campbell :-) I found Autolycus to be very suave...maybe it was the way he said "Autolycus...*brushes upper lip* King of Thieves" lol! But I loved it :-P He was friends with both Herc and Xena, but I enjoyed his relationship with Xena more. I always sensed a little sexual tension there lol! Another thing I loved about his character...he was so sneaky and had all this little gadgets that helped him steal and get out of trouble...I'm pretty sure Autolycus may have invented pick locking lol! But even though he was a thief, he had a kind heart, which he proved time and again by helping Xena and Hercules. Oh and I also fancied his footwork :-P 

27. Stewie Griffin/Brian Griffin/Glen Quagmire (Family Guy)
Stewie is my fave, but whenever I started making the collage, I decided I couldnt leave Brian out! I then through Quagmire in at the last minute because he's freaking funny too! Anyway, I've always wondered why Stewie is British...I think thats why I love him so dang much (British accents are awesome). But nah, I love his diabolical little mind. He used to be always scheming to take over the world or kill that wretched woman (his mom) lol! I also adore his football head. I also love his sidekick Brian ...well not really sidekick..but they're always together :-P Brian is an atheist, Liberal, dog that drinks martini's (how could you not love that!). Brian is about the only Griffin in the entire family that has any damn sense most of the time. Then there's the horndog Quagmire ...giggity giggity goo....Allllright! lol!

26. Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel)
What to say about Angel? His character history is so damn complex I dunno where to start. Angel is a vampire with a soul...who I first fell in love with on "Buffy." Not actually in love with him, but in love with his and Buffy's relationship. I do believe that I've shed a tear on every pivotal episode involving the two of them (so sad lol). Remove Angel's soul..then you have Angelus...which is him all Big Bad Vampire. I kinda found Angelus a tad more interesting than Angel. Unlike Spike, Angelus was really Dead inside. And I say that figuratively of course. He showed absolutely no emotion, cept for a thirst for killing. I always enjoyed whenever Angelus popped up. Anyway, but Angel I cant help but to love...I'm just sort of at a loss for words. There's so much to say and just not a good way to say it without spoiling all sorts of plot lines LOL. Just know, Angel was the original Broody, sexy Vampire :-P

25. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
Speaking of sexy vampires.. Damon Salvatore is the epitome of Sexy Vampire. If I was doing a sexiest tv character list, he would end up number one, but it's funny that while first making up the list of my 40 faves, he originally came in last. Then I watched an episode of Vampire Diaries, realized just how totally awesome his character is (he's more than looks) and moved him up a few spots. A lot of fans like to compare Damon to Spike. I can sorta get why they would, but I dont really see them being anything alike...aside from them both being the resident "bad boys" and having snark. Though I think Cockiness better describes Damon. Damon really is a bad vampire. He's killed basically every minor character that I've liked and attempted to kill one major character that I like, so yeah, he definitely knows how to do Bad. Unlike Buffyverse vampires, VD vampires have somewhat self control over what they do, so Damon will basically just kill somebody cause he can, especially if he's pissed lol. But yeah he may be Bad, but I see a glimmer of goodness in him or atleast a part of him that wants to be good and does try to be good for Elena (the main female character). But ultimately Damon is best when he's doing Damon. Going behind people's backs, taking matters in his own hands, being all Rogue Vampire...he's good a being very sneaky. Sneaky, snarky, sexy, and cocky...yea I guess he is a tad bit like Spike after all ;-) 

This concludes part 4! I just noticed that this blog has been completely dominated by men. Funny how two are vampires and thee are cartoons though....with only one of the cartoons actually a man since one cartoon is a baby and the other is a dog! lol! Dont ask why I find that funny...=)


  1. Angel showing up at #26 eh? I am a bit surprised by this - wondering where Spike is going to come in LOL. I am getting ideas for shows to watch on DVD, though - many of your characters are on programs I am never seen, which is good; always looking for new entertainment.

    Oh, and as a side note - Bruce Campbell is God. Not 'a' god - THE God.

    Just teasing... a little ;-)

  2. Believe me, it was a hard decision to put him so low..and honestly, he was originally at #25...he got bumped down for Damon LOL - But also, he ended up lower than expected due to the fact that I have a soft spot for a few others up the list due to them being childhood faves. I kinda wish that I hadnt included sitcom characters...and as I was looking at my list earlier...I felt like I could have sacrificed a few people and moved Angel (along with a couple others) up the list. Argh!! lol! I guess this list is becoming somewhat Unofficial :-P

    As for'll just have to hang with me a tad bit longer ;) lol

    Haha Bruce is all sorts of Awesome =) Maybe he should have played Zeus instead of Autolycus lmao....Nah :-P