Saturday, April 23, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 24-21

I'm feeling way too lazy to blog right now, but I've decided to go ahead and post up part 5 of my list. These next four are about as diverse as you can get :-)

Favorite Tv Characters:

24. Hercules (Hercules:  The Legendary Journeys)
Hercules is a childhood favorite. Several movies have been made with different actors portraying him, but Kevin Sorbo will always and forever be the son of Zeus in my humble opinion. Hercules was one of the first shows I would watch religiously. It's one of the main reasons I like mythology so much :-) I think what made Hercules so awesome was his humility about being half god. Wherever he went, people would always go on and on about how he was HERCULES, but he always said it's just a name. Hercules didnt believe in killing humans, and often fought without any weapons. Though he used them sometimes. But it was fun watching him kick ass with his bare hands. Plus, the fighting scenes on both Xena and Hercules are so Fantastic anyway, that you cant help but to love them. Another thing I liked about him...there was always a running gag on the show about certain things from our era being invented in their time era (Ex. Surfing) and Hercules was always a cynic about them, saying how that would never be popular, but If he only knew :-P LOL! Also I think Hercules often gave some awesome speeches about what it means to be a hero and how fighting and war isnt the answer.

23. King of The Hill Characters
Some people claim "The Simpsons" as their favorite animated series, while others argue "Family Guy" or "South Park." Personally, my heart always belonged to "King of the Hill." I love every freaking character on there..even the minor characters: Cotton, John Redcorn, Nancy, Kahn and hell, I even loved the his dog Ladybird! lol! Of course my fave is Hank, but Dale comes in a close second. I think the reason I love them all so much is because I find them all so real - even though they are obviously not - but it's like I can see a person I really know in each of them. What was best about Hank was his naivety, his love of country music, and his he passion for propane. Which to me is the funniest thing ever...Hank loathed charcoal grilling, which I personally think is the greatest thing ever! lol! Then there was Dale, with his obsession with government conspiracies. I still cant freaking believe that show got cancelled! Makes me mad, I'll tell you what! ;)

22. Billy Chenowith (Six Feet Under)
Billy is truly one of the most complex, disturbed and just extremely fucked up characters I have ever watched on tv. Yet there was always something very likable and captivating about him. Although, the captivating part wasnt necessarily in a good way all the time...there were times when watching Billy would have me on edge cause I truly didnt know if he would absolutely freakin snap in that particular moment. Billy was Bi-Polar and he was okay as long as he was on his medicine but he never liked to stay on his meds..which made for some very interesting scenes. But another thing that made him so interesting, he was a very brilliant and artistic person. He just wasnt some crazy loony guy, he was extremely intelligent and it was in these moments of him showing this sane side of him that you couldnt help but to like him, no matter how fucked up he was. He also had a disturbing fixation with his sister, which made for some truely fascinating television. And he was only a minor character on the show...

21. Debra Morgan (Dexter)
Debra is Dexter's sister and is probably one of the best female characters on television right now. She's a detective with the same police department that Dexter works for. Debra has come a long way since the first season but I dont want to spoil too many plot lines. All you need to know is she is a tough ass character, personality wise, very impulsive and swears worse than I do lol! Although really the toughness is mostly an act - I think deep down Debra is really emotionally vulnerable, she just doesnt like to show it. She's also very smart and really good at her job (when Dexter's not interfering). She's also has a deep love for her brother and stands up for him...which I think will make for some damn fine television once she learns the truth. 

And this concludes part five. I wrote this in a very lazy, yet rushed manor, so hopefully I didnt sound too stupid. :-) No Buffyverse characters this go around, but atleast this one had a dose of estrogen lol!


  1. I have to agree 100% about Hercules... THAT was an awesome series, and Sorbo was the perfect actor for the role...

    King of the Hill is also full of awesome, although I did not watch it as often as I would have liked. Myself personally... well, maybe it is just my inner child talking (by that, I mean my completely immature side), but I will always be partial to Beavis and Butthead. Yes... I admitted it out-loud LOL

  2. I never really got a chance to watch much of Beavis and Butthead. I didnt have that channel growing up, but I remember watching their movie....which was awesome! Mike Judge did both shows of course, and Hank Hill is based off the character Tom Anderson from Beavis and Butthead :-)

  3. I remember that about the B&B / KotH connection... except Hank was much more likable :)