Saturday, April 23, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 20-17

Oooh I'm kinda excited that I've made it to the top 20 already! The first half of this blog kinda flew by! Welcome to part six XD I made a last minute revision to these next four LOL

20. Tim Taylor (Home Improvement)
I'm kicking off the top 20 with another childhood favorite. Home Improvement has and probably always will be my favorite sitcom. Of course, back when I was a tween watching it, I was all about Randy Taylor aka Jonathan Taylor Thomas LOL - But now that I'm older, I'm able to truly appreciate the Tool-Man himself, Tim Taylor. Oh the irony in being the star of a tool show and then blowing up everything you touch LOL! I love all those little classic moments where he blew something up, but I think my fave was the house he blew up from just clapping lmao..Poor Tim! Atleast he knew how to build cars though ;-) And he was an expert at grunting :-P Too bad he always screwed up the great advice Wilson would give him...and make absolutely no sense at all when repeating it. Though I think my favorite thing about him was that he was just a great family man. He could be a little insensitive at times, but we'll just blame that on the male chromosome (he would lol!).

19. The Golden Girls
Four of the greatest women to ever grace the tv screen...there's nothing that's not to like about each and every single one of them. (Did that make sense? - bad phrasing lol!) Each of them have their own unique and lovable personalties. If I had to choose a favorite, I would go with Sophia. She had the greatest humor on the show in my opinion. Always telling each and every girl what she thought of them, especially Blanche (Blanche, you're a slut) lol! I loved her wisecracks. Blanche is probably my next fave..mostly cause she's the Southern Belle of the show. I loved her of men :-P Then there's Rose and her total cluelessness. I always loved her Saint Olaf stories heh. Last but not least you have Dorthy, who had more sarcasm in her than I have ever seen in my life. But despite all their differences, they truly all loved one another like a real family. It's simply one of the greatest sitcoms ever with one of the greatest cast of characters ever :-)

18. Nate Fisher (Six Feet Under)
Nate was the main character of Six Feet Under. Even though he wanted nothing to do with the family business (funeral home), certain circumstances forced him into it. Which the irony kinda is that, even though he left home young to avoid being a funeral director, he actually was the best one suited for the job. He knew just what to say to people. Nate was kinda fucked up in his own ways...not as bad as some...but he had a lot of shit to deal with. He's another character that's hard to say a lot about without giving away some major plots. What I liked most about him though was his sense of Life. Growing up, being surrounded by death, he seemed to get the importance of living more than any of the other members of his family. He didnt live his life in a morbid little bubble that all the other members built around themselves. Nate went through some very emotional stuff though which made for one of the most powerful performances I've ever witnessed on television regarding life and death.

17. Jason Stackhouse (True Blood)
LOL I swear Jason is one of the funniest, most dimwitted characters in the history of television. I've said it before, but it's worth saying again: He is the king of funny lines! Jason really is such a dumb fuck, but he's a lovable dumb fuck. He's a dumb fuck that stands up for the people he loves and not afraid to fight. He's a dumb fuck, that when you look past his dumb fuckery, he's not stupid at all...just not all that bright! lol! Though he is when it truly counts. He's also a ladies man, which always gets him in a heap of trouble. Poor Jason, I love the doof so much lol! Never a dull moment when Jason is on screen :-) And if the show stays true to the books...he's going to get a whole lot more interesting ;-)

A lot of comedy made up this portion of the list, aside from Nate, who is way too complex that he almost looks funny in the mist of all these characters LOL!


  1. Two words. Betty White.

    Awesome... :)

    I have to admit, some of your selections are surprising me. I feel like I am learning more about you... :) Although I am not at all shocked by the inclusion of a True Blood character LOL So I do know you a little bit, I reckon...

  2. I cant imagine anybody not liking The Golden Girls! And Betty White totally Rocks :-)

    Hopefully that's a good thing?? LOL!

    I am all about some True Blood :-D