Monday, April 25, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 16-13

I cant believe I'm already up to part 7 of this list. These next four characters come from four different shows, so that means a little diversity ;-)

16. Ares (Xena Warrior Princess/ Hercules)
Out of all my 40 faves, only one can claim to be a true God XD Of course everybody knows that Ares is the God of War. Ares has always been one of my favorite characters on both shows. Though I think he was slightly more interesting on Xena, since he had a lust for her: He craved her both sexually and on on the battlefield. He was always trying to convince Xena to turn back to her old ways. It was also on Xena where we saw his good side. Even though he was the god of war that thrived on battle and bloodshed, he seemed to truly care about Xena. But on Hercules, he always showed his darker side - even though he doesnt show up til season 3 in the form of Kevin Smith. But he was always trying to destroy Hercules somehow - it's on Hercules where I loved to see him battle. It's also on Hercules where we are introduced to the God of Love, which is Ares in a parallel universe. I think that was probably one of my favorite episodes, seeing the God of War all Lovey Dovey, dressed in white. It was too dang Great XD On a different note, I also have to say that the actor that played Ares, Kevin Smith, left this world way too soon. He died in a tragic accident not long after Xena went of the air. I'll never forget him or the greatness he brought to each series. 

15. Eric Northman (True Blood)
My Viking Vampire <3 If  I were to put all tv vampires together on one show, I truly think that Eric could kick all their asses! He knows exactly how to get what he wants and he wont let anybody strand in his way. He is very manipulating and knows exactly how to play people and use people to his advantage. No matter what he does, he always has some ulterior motive, which is what makes him so damn great to watch. He keeps me guessing! Although he is all of these things, no doubt about it, he also has another side to him...which hasnt come out much, but it's in there somewhere. I think he truly cares for Sookie and would do anything to protect her. He likes to think love is a concept he knows nothing of, but hopefully with the next season approaching, he'll show that softer side more....just as long as that ruthless side remains, cause he's best when he's getting his fangs bloody XD

14. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
Oh man, where do I even begin. I'm pretty sure that if I've never watched "Angel" that Wesley wouldnt have registered anywhere on this list. When he first showed up as Buffy's Watcher after the Council fired Giles, I found him so damn annoying with how so uptight and by the book he was! He was almost a damn joke. I really didnt even pay attention to his name and just referred to him as the Other Watcher for a while. The only thing I ever really got a kick out of was him and Cordy always flirting, which I found kinda sweet LOL - and by the end of his run on Buffy I was feeling somewhat sympathetic towards his character, so I was sorta bummed when he didnt show up in the next season. So you can imagine my surprise when Wesley showed up on Angel cause I really thought I'd seen the last of him! It's on Angel where I truly begin to appreciate his character. The first season he was on there, he was somewhat sort of the same old Wesley - incompetent as always, but still charming  - But by the the second season he started taking an interesting turn, standing up to Angel when Angel walked out on everybody - taking leadership of Angel Investigations. But I was never prepared for the much darker person (not dark in a bad way ) he became in the rest of the seasons. Going from this joke of a person to one of the most loyal and brave characters on the show made me develop a very deep love for his character, especially after all the shit he went through. And then the way he was treated after certain events truly ticked me off. Everything he ever did, he thought he was doing it for the greater good. Then to be treated like shit by everybody....UGH just ticks me off thinking about it! I came to truly respect him and what he stood for on that show and I deeply respected the loyalty he showed to his Friends even after the way they had treated him. It's truly amazing how much he changed from the time he first showed up on Buffy to that last episode of Angel. 

13. Brenda Chenowith (Six Feet Under)
Definitely one of the most complex females character's ever written. Brenda is one of those character's that - if you knew her in real life you would probably hate her. But I never once disliked her - I find her one of the most interesting characters to watch on Tv. She's brilliant, yet totally fucked up. The way she views life is almost kinda depressing cause its in a very realist point of view, especially since she's an atheist. But she always says some of the most thought provoking things when having conversations with people. She just truly fascinating to watch. Especially during the second season, when she turns into such a whore lol - she acts in a very compulsively way - But I cant really say anymore aside from that, cause it's hard to truly describe her - she's a person you'd just have to watch for yourself. 

And this concludes part seven! Only three more blogs to go! =)


  1. OK, I think it is safe to say you have convinced me about True Blood LOL. Going to have to check it out, when possible... :)

    Your breakdown of Wes was perfect - we have discussed him in the past, so you know my feelings about him. I think you nailed those perfectly.

    And seriously - who DOESN'T love Aries in Herc and Xena World! Honestly, as a historical Deity, I found this god to be reprehensible and pathetic, especially for a God of War. This show, however, caused me to re-examine some of the myths about him in a new light, and made me appreciate Aries *somewhat* more than I had.

    Kevin Smith was awesome with this role, giving the character a depth I did not think possible. His death was indeed tragic...

  2. Ohhh yay! I hope you like it!! It find it impossible not to like though ;-) The wait for the new season is about to kill me...June cant get here fast enough!!

    I dont think I ever did follow up on my thoughts about Lilah, but I think I finally "Got" them together...just took me a while to come around LOL

    My mind wont allow me to acknowledge Ares in any other way cept how he is portrayed on those two shows! Even though both shows are rooted in mythology, they strayed from the actual myths a lot I know, but I cant help to think of each mythological person as they were portrayed in that world. None of the people are as likable in the actual myths...even Hercules wasnt totally flawless as he was on the show....or I should say Heracles.