Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Favorite Tv Characters: 12-9

So very close to revealing my top 4 of all time, but that's still a couple more blogs right now welcome to part eight, where I'll reveal two of my top ten LOL :D

12. Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)
Heh, why do I like Sookie so much? Well it's because she reminds me of...Me XD Well more so in the books than the show, but I still feel that connection to her on the show. She's a small town girl from Louisiana ...she has that southern accent and feisty spit fire attitude that all us southerners have when riled LOL - I love it! Of course she's on a supernatural show, so I dont fully relate to her: She is telepathic after all, but I can relate to feeling she has, like people think she is a little weird cause she is different. She's also tough as nails and can fight if she has to. She doesnt take crap from anybody (vampires nor humans) and she just has that all around Southern charm and is fun to watch on there. On a side note, I've had about six different people from online tell me I look like Sookie/Anna Paquin LOL 

11. Al Bundy and Peggy Bundy (Married...with Children)
Al Bundy is King, but I couldnt leave Peggy off the list either, so I included them together. Their white trashiness was just to freaking hilarious. Never having enough to eat, moving into a local grocery store when they didnt have an air conditioner, just to cool off...LMAO OMG!!...even though their white trashiness was greatly exaggerated, I cant help to think to myself that I know somebody that would probably do that lmao. I truly think Al Bundy really is a cult hero to some men out there. I always loved the total raunchiness of the show...Bud being a perv, often shown with his blow up dolls and Kelly being a total air headed slut, it's one of the funniest shows ever and each character is just so perfectly perfect at being trashy...I actually need to include Bud and Kelly both as Honorable Mentions, along side their parents. And hell, even a special shout out to their neighbor Marcy, for making Al's life extra miserable LOL!!

10. Adrian Monk (Monk)
Monk was one of the most brilliant characters on one of the most brilliantly entertaining shows ever! I never would have imagined a show about a germaphobic, OCD detective could be so awesome! He was so cleverly written. Monk is extremely observing and can notice even the smallest of details thanks to all of his phobias and solve any crime of there. He phobias werent small either: He feared almost everything imaginable, which made his "gift" at being a genius detective, both a blessing and a curse. I think it made for some really fun tv. It's rare when you can get both brilliance and funniness out of a character, but Monk is the epitome of both in my opinion. I miss the show and I still have to check out the final few seasons on dvd one of these days.

9. David Fisher (Six Feet Under)
Such an amazingly written character. He's my favorite from Six Feet Under. Going back and watching the series from the beginning, he evolved more than any other person on the show. During the first couple of seasons, he had such a self loathing of himself. Though he was gay, he was ashamed of it and hid his sexuality from his family, which lead to a lot of fights with his partner Keith. And even though he was often the one that that tried to hold it together for the family, being extremely professional when it came to his job, he was the one that often feel apart behind closed doors. For a while, he acted very recklessly and he would sometimes push people away. He did eventually come out of course, and that was his first step to self acceptance, but it was a always a struggle for him to keep himself together, especially after what happens to him in later seasons. There was something just so realistic about his character that I could relate to, even though we are nothing alike. 

Only eight more characters left to reveal and there's only one clue I'll give away: Only one current character remains on the list (meaning a character thats still on Tv). Of course, Sookie represents the only current character out of these four :)


  1. I almost spit water all over my computer screen when I saw the Bundy's on your list... that is just too funny.

    I also dug Monk, although I am not sure he'd make it on my Top Ten. I have to admit, though, watching him deal with his various phobias whilst solving crime made for great television... no doubt about that. :)

  2. LOL they're just so dang funny for all the wrong reasons XD It was another show I grew up watching, so it was hard to leave them off the list. The problem was trying to find a place to fit em in - The only thing, if I'd just left out sitcom characters all together, I would have had room for a few other characters from the Buffy verse that came so close to making it, among other characters from a couple other shows.

    One of these days I will own the entire Monk dvd collection! I still dont know how the show ended and I've been careful not to read any spoilers! lol