Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 7 Performs!

Paul McDonald was eliminated last week, but we got to see him and all the other eliminated contestants back tonight for a group performance. They performed "So What" by P!nk at the top of the hour. Not exactly sure what the point of the performance was, bit it was okay. Tonight's theme was songs from the 21st century...not my fave night, but nobody was horrible.....

Scotty McCreery
Scotty performed "Swingin" by John Anderson (I refuse to acknowledge it as LeAnn Rimes's song). Scotty sang the song far better than LeAnn in my opinion! =) I loved when he went down low and started to sing in a deeper voice. He did a great job tonight as usual. The judges were a little tough on him this week, though Steven loved it - he just wanted to see him "boot scoot" around more on stage. Randy and Jennifer expected more from him though. Randy felt it was too safe and boring.

James Durbin
James performed "Uprising"  by Muse. He had a very theatrical entrance! Eh, I dont really know the song very well (I think I head it once maybe) so I couldnt really get into his performance. I think he hit more high notes in that one song than Adam Lambert ever did during his entire run on Idol! Crazy! Anyway, it was only okay for me. However, the judges loved him and praised him like crazy, even tapping him as the best performance of the night, even though he was only the second performer!

Haley Reinhart
Haley performed "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. Dont know the song and not familiar with Adele's music, even though I've heard she's an amazing singer. I thought Haley was good though - it wasnt my fave performance, but she gave it her all vocally. Randy thought it was the perfect choice of song for her and said it was a great performance. Steven agreed. Jennifer thought her choice was gutsy and felt she had moment where she shinned and made the song hers.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob performed "Dance with My Father"  by Luther Vandross. He dang near started crying before he even hit the first note - though later he said it wasnt emotions, it was an audio issue. It was a very emotional performance, especially since he lost his father when he was little. However, it was really just more of the same for me vocally. I do give him props for not sounding so gospel like this week though. Steven is reminded why he loves music so much when he listens to Jacob perform. Jennifer thought it was an emotionally beautiful performance. Randy agreed with her about the emotional part, but though it was only "good" vocally.

Casey Abrams
Casey performed "Harder to Breath" by Maroon 5. He performed with a guitar tonight and I cant help but to wonder if there's any instrument he cant play! I really enjoyed Casey's performance. Probably my fave of the night. He had just the right amount of intensity on stage and even laid a kiss on Jennifer at the end of his song lol! Jennifer accused him of not playing fair (jokingly of course). She thought his performance was great. Randy loves how he's always surprising them with his performances and I'm not really sure what Steven said since they bleeped most of it out (It had a whole lot of fucking in it lol), but he loved it.

Stefano Langone
Stefano performed "Closer" by NE-YO. LOL Stefano was attempting all kinds of sexy looks tonight, which I thought was funny and somewhat distracting. Anyway, he sounded good vocally, but I didnt like the song. Randy thought he did a good job and so did Steven. Jennifer also thought it was good and liked his swagger on stage and felt like he owned the song.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren performed "Born to Fly" by Sara Evans. I like the song, but I kinda wish that Lauren had performed something a bit more powerful to showcase her vocals - but she did a great job on it. I like her voice better than Sara's anyways. Hopefully she did enough to stay, plus she had the pimp spot. Steven thinks she's just naturally talented. He told her he wants to see her sings a little Alison Krauss, Faith Hill, or Shania next week. For the record, Lauren has already performed Shania's "Any Man of Mine" - but I would love to hear her perform something by Alison or Faith.

The eliminations are getting much harder to call, but  I always worry about the girls in the competition. I'll say Jacob, Stefano, and Haley in the bottom.


  1. I loved James again tonight. LoL I do know that song and he did it justice. =)

    Casey was really great too. I got to bopping wournd listening to him.

    I just don't get why Jacob is still there... He does nothing for me at all. I end up tuning him out even when I'm tryign to pay attention.

    Stafano... ummm.. boy band and not a good one at that.

    Hayley- I honestly can't remember her performance tonight. I must not have been impressed.

    Lauren was great. I love that song and her version was fun.

    Scotty.... hmmmm... I DO like him. I am just a bit far from feeling country right now. I agree with you though that is John Anderson's song. I loved his sqeaking way of doing it. But I did enjoy Scotty getting low also.

    Bottom 3 predictions. In a perfect world it would be Jacob, Stefano and Hayley.

    And as a final note... The performance with the cast offs tonight, Well if certain ones had given that much energy while on the show, they might still be there. Although Naima was annoying the shit outta me with her trying to upstage everyone.

  2. By the end of the show, I was appreciating James a lot more than I was initially.

    Omg, me either. I just cant stand Jacob. He annoys me week after week!!

    I also agree with you about Stefano...

    You know love Scotty! :P

    I'm rooting for both Haley and Lauren to stay since they're the only girls left...I agree with your bottom Three, but I'm hoping its Jacob that goes..if not him, Stefano.

    Gawd! I couldnt stand Naima one bit..just Ugh. when it comes to her lol

  3. I think Scotty did great tonight. Am I the only one that noticed they gave him tighter pants tonight? I don't think James sounded like Adam tonight, but at first, I thought it was one of Adam's songs, but I couldn't really pin point it, so I guess that's good since it wasn't one of his. Adele is really a great performer. The first thing I noticed about her is that she isn't scare-me thin!! She doesn't really do a lot of dancing but i'm still wowed by her voice. Hailey's version didn't seek karaoke to me at all, which is good. I'm noticing that my musical tastes are changing again, which is how I came across Adele.

    I wasn't exactly much for Jacob's performance, but it was okay. Casey, as usual, just wowed me; that reminds me i've got to vote. For some reason, it's still giving me issues...didn't ask me if I wanted to share on facebook who I voted for again...strange...\=. Stefano seemed to sound okay tonight, but not my fave performance. Lauren did really good tonight too!

    I agree with your choices for bottom 3 for the most part btw.

  4. Scotty, Casey, and Lauren were my top faves of the night....I wasnt blown away by Scotty or Lauren's choices of songs though. LOL I never said he sounded like Adam, he just likes to hit the high notes like Adam, but I think James's high notes are annoying, while I never found Adam's annoying...Sheesh! That was a long sentence lol! I'm going to look Adele up sometimes whenever I'm bored. I'm not really big on the types of music she performs, but I've heard she's great.

    I never like Jacob and I hardly ever like Stefano =/ I noticed you didnt blog tonight??

  5. I missed again.

    Well, reading from your review..

    I bet Haley did great cuz I love Adele and I can imagine Haley singing her song. I'm not a fan of Jacob but I am a fan of Luther Vandross and that song is one of my fav. I hope he didn't ruined it. by the way Casey kiss J.Lo? what??

  6. I thought Haley was good...not my fave performance by her...but she held back with all the growls and "sexy" and just let her voice show for once.

    Haha yeah, Casey was all up in J.Lo's face while he was performing the last verse of the song....Jennifer kinda looked away (you could tell that somebody that close in her face was a tad bit awkward)..but as soon as Casey delivered the final line, hit planted a big ass kiss on her cheek! It was crazy lol