Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 6 Performs!

Sorry for not posting up this up sooner. The contestants performed songs from Carole King, and it was a pretty good show. I wasnt able to give Idol my full attention last night...with all the bad weather going up in North Alabama, I was on facebook/twitter reading the updates. But I still managed to take down notes. Oh, Stefano Langone was eliminated last week.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob performed "Oh No Not My Baby." I could not get over his horrible jacket/shirt ensemble lol! Anyway, I found his vocals highly annoying last night. He was having a good time on stage, dancing around, but thats really the only good thing I can think to say. Steven liked him shaking his tail fathers lol...Jennifer thought it was a tricky song, but liked it. Randy felt he was sharp in places, but also liked it.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren performed "Where You Lead." Whoa, she was wearing the hugest earrings ever!! Those things were ginormous lol! She looked and sounded beautiful though. I thought her voice was perfection and aside from just not liking the song, I couldnt find anything bad about her performance. Jennifer was proud of her for pushing herself to be better. Randy thought she has some extra swagger and was performing with a vengeance.Steven loved the break in her voice.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty performed "You've Got a Friend." I thought it was a weird song choice, a little sleepy, but it worked. He sounded awesome, but his voice is so good, that it's impossible for him to do bad :-P Randy thought it was flawless in the beginning and said it was like butter- his only criticism was how he would hit the high notes and just let them fall. Steven agreed with Randy, but thought it was one of his most beautiful performances. Jennifer thinks his strength is storytelling and he told a beautiful story.

James Durbin
James performed "Will You Love Me Tomorrow." I thought James sounded really great tonight! It was a great song choice too. Probably one of my fave performance by him. Steven loved it and said it was the first song he ever made out to lol! He also said he didnt strike out lmao! Anyways, Jennifer felt it was magical and called him the star of the night. Randy said that he's already proved that he's an incredible singer, but after tonight, thinks he might win the whole thing.

Casey Abrams
Casey performed "Hi-De-Ho." He performed great as always, but it sorta sounded like a few of his past performances. Nothing really knew about it that stood out, but I liked it. Randy thinks he keeps the show different and is excited every time he's on stage. Steven and Jennifer also loved him.

Haley Reinhart
Haley performed "Beautiful."I really loved Haley's dress! It was super cute! She gave a very good performance. I think she has improved the most in all these weeks. Steven said he heard "God" in her voice lol. Jennifer thinks she has one of the best voices in the competition.

The contestants also performed duets. The first duet was between Haley and Casey. They performed the song "I Feel the Earth Move." Their duet was my fave of the night.I loved Haley's dress, it was a combo of sexy/cute. I think her and Casey sound really awesome together, they should consider just forming a duo cause they have really great chemistry. Steven said he could see the love between and they worked the stage good. (They are supposedly dating.) 

The second duet came from Scotty and Lauren. They performed "Up on the Roof." I didnt care for the song choice, but they sounded really good together too, as usual. The last collaboration of the night was between James and Jacob. They performed "I'm into Something Good." I liked the song choice, but I only found it to be an okay performance. Even Steven didnt care for it much! 

The person who deserves to be eliminated tonight is Jacob Lusk. Everybody else there is way better than him. Anybody could be in trouble, but I'm more worried about the girls being in danger.

I  still will not be blogging the Results cause of The Vampire Diaries.


  1. and as you now know it was Casey they threw away. Bullshit and very very very wrong.

  2. I agree! I just cant believe that Jacob is still there..Ugh.