Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol 10:Top 13 -Results Show!

By the time I found a live stream of idol, they were already doing the group performance, which seemed to be a medley of Michael Jackson songs. It seemed like a pretty good group performance, from the little I heard anyway.  I didnt really care for the Ford music video.

Casey was missing from the show due to health reasons (he's in the hospital), but we got to see him at the red carpet premier of Red Riding Hood. It showed him and the rest of the top 13 interacting with all the stars of the new movie. It was kool - pointless, but kool I guess..

The guest performances of the night were Adam Lambert and Diddy Dirty Money. Adam performed a stripped down version of his single "Aftermath." I kinda miss seeing Adam perform every week on Idol, but I didnt really like his new single. However, there's a remix version available and all the proceeds go towards the "It Gets Better" campaign. Diddy Dirty Money (ft. Skylar Grey) performed "Coming Home." It has a catchy chorus I guess, but I could have cared less about that performance.

Anyways, lets get to the results....

 The judges "save" has been brought back this year. I just hope they dont waste it, their wildcard picks were questionable, so I dont know if I trust them to make a good decision anymore!

Jacob, Stefano, and Karen were the first three brought down for their results. Ryan recapped what the judges said to them about their performances and then told them that they were all safe...except for Karen. Umm WTF?! I thought that was really effed up! I felt so bad for Karen in that moment. =/

The next three up for their results were Lauren, Ashton, and Haley. Ryan again recapped their performances and then asked Lauren how she felt about her performance after watching it back. Lauren apologized to her fans because she knew it was bad. (I didnt think it was bad) Ryan then told her she was safe. (yay!) Then he said the person thats in the bottom three is...Ashton...and also Haley!

Again, I was like WTF?! He didnt even ask the other contestants to come down, he just said that everybody on the couch was safe. I prefer bringing them all down and revealing the results....builds more excitement that way!!

The bottom three: Karen Rodriguez, Ashton Jones, and Haley Reinhart. 

And the person with the lowest amount of votes was: Ashton!

The judges decided not to "save" her (thank gooodness!) and  it was an unanimous decision.

Good-Bye Ashton

Gotta say I'm totally happy with tonight's end result, but I wasnt too happy about Karen or Haley being in the bottom. I dont think either deserved to be there. Hopefully next week they can really "bring it" =)

Your Thoughts?!


  1. Bobbi AKA SunshineMarch 10, 2011 at 9:02 PM

    I love Karen and also Scott. Im sorry I have apparently missed these, is there a way to notify me of when you post them or should I assume its after each episode? Either way I didnt cry seeing Ashton leave, I felt the save last time for her was wasted. But Im no J-Lo although I have a big bootie. LOL TY for doing the idol thing hun. I adore knowing you still have the passion for it! WE need you man!!!!

  2. It's okay Bobbi! The link posts automatically to my FB you can just check my FB profile to see if I've posted yet. There's a "subscribe via email" thingy on the side this sends out one email every night and shows all the blogs I post during that day, but I do post whenever it goes off. It sometimes takes me a hour or so, but it's safe to assume one will be up lol!!

    Believe me, I wasnt crying either when Ashton left. I was miffed she was picked as a wildcard! Hahaha, well I'm neither J.lo or have a big bootie either =/

    I love blogging and hearing everybody's opinion!! =) xoxox

  3. I like Ashton before the Top 24, I really do think shes good but she wasnt bringing it lately so I guess America did the right thing. Naima is next. lol

    Somewhere in the world, I can hear Kendra saying "In your face bitches!!!" lol.She deserve the spot more than Ashton or Naima.

  4. I wish I was watching Hollywood week so I could have seen Ashton back then =/ I wouldnt care if Naima went next!

    LOL! Gawd, so true. Kendra is worlds better than those two..I think, if given the proper chance, she could have won the entire thing!