Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol 10:Top 12 -Results Show!

I forgot to mention that Fox is back on my tv, so I didnt miss any of Idol this week! Yay! The show started out with a group performance as usual. It was a "Born" medley. The guys were singing "Born To Be Wild" while the girls were singing "Born This Way." I love "Born To Be Wild" but the guys butchered it! Especially Jacob! The girls didnt do much better with their part either. Overall, I thought the group performance was a hot mess! The Ford music video was kind of cute though, I think it was titled "Val Kilmer" lol!

Lee Dewyze and Black Eyed Peas were the guest performers of the night. Lee performed his new single and I loved him last year, but  wasnt feeling his performance tonight. I just dont remember him being so nasally =/ I didnt care too much for the Black Eyed Pea's performance either, too much auto tune going on. Also the way Fergie said "love" and "enough" was annoying! She looked gorgeous though and I loved her dress. They dedicated the song to Japan.

Now to the results...

Casey, Jacob, and Lauren were called down first. I thought Jacob was horrible last night, but knew he would make it through, so I wasnt surprised when they said he was safe. I was a little worried about Lauren, but thankfully she was also safe. Ryan tried to toy with Casey a little since he took a chance singing Nirvana, but to no surprise, he was also safe.

Haley and Paul were the next ones called down. Whats weird, I said it would be be between those two for the 3rd spot of the bottom three. The one in the bottom ended up being Haley. Scotty, Pia, and James were the next three and they were all told they were safe. No surprise there!!

Stefano and Naima were the next ones, with Stefano being safe and Naima being the bottom. I knew she would be! Then it was Karen and Thia and this is the only one I didnt call. I really thought Thia would be in the bottom, but she ended up being safe, making Karen the last one in the bottom three.

The bottom three: Haley, Naima, and Karen.

I really thought that everybody would get their wish and that Naima would be the one to go, but she was the first one to be sent back to safety..UGH!!! That left Haley and Karen. I figured it would be Haley to go over Karen, but was wrong. I was totally surprised when Ryan told Karen she was the one with the least amount of votes.

The judges decided not to "save" her, but it wasnt unanimous. I'm thinking maybe Jennifer wanted to save her because she looked a little upset after the decision was made. I think America got it wrong and it should have been Naima.

Good-Bye Karen

Your Thoughts?


  1. I really disliked the Black Eye Peas tonight. The dress Fergie wore, was indeed cute though. I was shocked Naima wasn't sent home, and don't think it was time for Karen to leave yet, but it was what it was. I knew Scotty would be safe, so I was happy anyways. Im also suprised Jacob didnt at least make the bottom 3. The results were not real fair IMO, but Im no J-Lo as I stated last week. Hugs, and first I guess? LOL, Huggles, Bobbi

  2. I almost always dislike the Black Eyed Peas myself lol...I find them overrated, but every now and then Fergie will surprise me with something.

    You're not the only one shocked by Naima..I feel like she's jipped two people now =/

    I figured Jacob would be safe cause they pimp him out and praise him every single time he performs!

    Yay, you are first! :)

  3. OMG!!! can we please make some of these girls sing more uptempo songs. Ok that was some leftover venting from last night's performances.

    I understand that they are allowing the contestants to choose the genre and songs this season, but some of them need to branch out. And as for Randy telling Haley to find a genre and stick with it... =P I loved her answer tonight about wanting to do it all and if she could wrap it into one song she'd do it. She's not my fave but i think she is very good and versitle and I love that she switches it up. She sure ain't boring like a few of the others.

    I am not sad that Karen went home, but I'm not happy either.

    Jacob, go home.

    Naima, PLEASE quit designing your own clothes AND go home.

  4. CHICKEE! =D

    I know, right?! It's been the same every single week with the girls, I actually think Naima and Haley are the only ones who have tried uptempo..oh and Lauren! The rest ...sheesh!

    I totally agree with you about Haley, she keeps me surprised every week. I think the only one that should stay in genre is Scotty..he just needs to sing some "fun" country songs, aside from that..he rocks ;)

    I'm miffed that Karen went over Naima. I really liked Karen =/

    Haha, she does wear some gawd awful outfits!

  5. It would have been early to use the save, so good-bye Karen.
    I hardly recognized Fergie.

  6. So far both of my choices have been voted off. I wonder who i'm going to root for now! I slept from 6 pm to 1 am last night and completely forgot about the show! At least it wasn't a night where I could've done my fashion commentary :p.

    I'm not much for the B.E.P. anymore. They suck live! That is always a massive turn off for me. I haven't heard Lee's new single yet.

    While I like Naima's unique style, I agree that her voice leaves much to be desired.

  7. Even though I hated to see Karen go, I agree about it being to early to save anybody.

    Fergie did look totally different!

  8. I'm still rooting for Scotty at this point. I have a couple different girls I like and havent made a decision on which I like the best lol! ...Dang, I never sleep during the evening ...if I take even a 5 min nap, I will not be able to sleep at all!

    LOL I know, right? I dont think they're much better in the studio. Fergie has her moments when she's awesome, but then she has other horrible sounding moments.

  9. Fergie sounded okay during her solo career but I just don't get how they can correct the voices just because they want the money. I guess that's why I like American Idol. The winner's usually have a good voice. Otherwise these people coming out of nowhere turn out to either lip snc and get caught or just suck live.

    I loved Krystal Meyer's music, but when I heard her live, it just ruined it for me. her last cd was more her music because there were no long notes in the songs, nor were there any belt parts..kinda curious how she manages to hit the notes in teh studio if on stage she sucks! LoL

    There were so many tweets about the B.E.P's singnig at the superbowl. The only thing I liked was in the song, he changed the lyrics to tell Obama to get the kids educated ..otherwise they people saying how great they sing live must be high or something. singing off key and out of melody is not great...

    I don't mean to be racist. sometimes I think black singers are praised because they don't wanna see the racism card; hear "oh you just don't like me because i'm black.' the only time that line was ever funny was when Eminem said it to the outraged parents when they were upset about his lyrics LoL.

  10. Right there with you about American Idol. I've never been a fan of lip syncing. That's one reason I love Country Music. No lip syncing involved! And honestly, I would rather somebody perform live and not do so well than lip sync. Taylor Swift , who I freakin LOVE and saw in concert once, doesnt have the greatest Live voice at all. But I respect her so much for coming out and actually performing LIVE instead of going the lip syncing route. Btw, I think she puts on awesome concerts. She puts her heart and soul into each performance and that makes her live voice irrelevant =)

    It's not that they are able to hit the notes in the studio, its that they have different programs that can correct everything and make them sound good!

    Yup, I agree with you about that.

  11. I noticed that her voice doesn't always match her studio voice, but that was moreso her first album. In her second and third, I noticed that they were showcasing more of her range. She does get pitchy but I always think highly of her for that too. Britney lip syncs which idon't always like, but i think i heard her singing along with the vocals during her circus tour. nor sure tho because both her and hilary duff created secondary versions of vocals for tours and just lip to that second version. Fooling fans all the time. :-/ A part of me thinks that Hilary may be actually singing sometimes but she just strives to hit the notes the way she did in teh studio. :-/ not sure...

    yeah I think a lot of singers use those machines. Heck, the iphone has an app for making your voice sound normal.

    Britney may use them alot, but it was refreshing to hear her 'someday I will understand' song when she was pregnant. most of her songs, it's as if she sings one note at a time and they put the perfect ones together. in 'Someday', her voice seemed to be continuous.

    it wasn't promoted very well and I only found out about it because I looked her up on youtube that year.

    she has another song where she does this but I don't remember the title of the song, i'll have to tweet it to you if I find it. :)

  12. Poor Britney has always been the main target of auto tune and lip syncing. Yes, she does do it the majority of the time, but I also think her regular voice (without the auto tune) is so underrated by most people today.

    She really does have a nice voice and I remember she performed live with Michael Jackson one year at the Grammy's and she sounded good. Not sure if she lip synced, but it wasnt auto tuned :)

    That was a good music video! I've never even heard of that song before.

  13. I know it may seem sad, but every once and a while, I watch a clip of how Britney was when she first started out. Singing live! So bouncy, cute and bubbly in personality. Then, you go to see what she's like today and it's almost like she has been stripped of all personality, or that she may be depressed. She doesn't do as much as she used to. I remember things like she would do special events etc.

    She was also more into the idea of talking in interviews. I saw one from her circus tour, where she didn't say much. Makes me wonder who's telling her 'mums the word!' :-/ I often wonder if when that camera fell on her head during the making of the video for Oops! I Did It again, something happened. Maybe her vocal cords were loosened by the heavy blow and that's why she lip syncs? It's quite an accusation, so I hope that wouldn't be the case, but if her personality changed because of the concussion, that would explain a lot.

  14. I know what you mean. Even though she's had her life back on track for a while now, she still isnt the same Britney that she used to be =/

    A lot of people blame the break up of her and Justin lol I actually think her problems started when she married Kevin Federline =/

    Btw, After a while, these comments started to look crazy on here! Getting really skinny =/

  15. I saw a performance on X Factor (UK) where she performed Womanizer. Naturally, she lip synced most of it, except for a part where she walked by the crowd. Not sure if it was just a re-done part of the song to sound like she was actually singing, but I digress. When they did a short interview afterward, her responses were very short. I became a little judgmental about her at one time and all the stuff she did and went through, but I can't really judge. I got a bit shnockered and told my hot friend he had a hot butt LoL!! Thankfully, he thought it was funny the next morning :p.

    I just think Britney should be happy and Kevin didn't do that for her. I know I say I don't really get into the personal lives of celebrities, but it was kinda hard not to when she was in the news everyday for like 3 years. I agree with so many celebrities that said that her mother needed to get in there and do some mothering, but the press really needed to stop. The saddest part is that Kevin just wanted a record deal. His single was okay, but ultimately, I think his album went nowhere because of what he did to Britney. It's kind of like what Nick Lachey did to Jessica.

    Yea! these replies do get small, that's why I started a new one like this :p.

  16. LOL I'm so sad, I love reading about celebs and their personal lives. Well, to a certain extent. When it gets too gossipy and the press starts making up lies and rumors...I dont like that. But I like reading about true stuff.

    I dont think I even heard Kevin's single. I've never really cared about him at all. I felt he used Britney. The only thing good to come out of their relationship is their kids.

    I cant remember much about the Nick Lachey thing. I just remember the dumb chicken of the this chicken or fish comment she made back then lmao

  17. well i remember hearing about the Jennifer Simpson comment. She said in an interview that America wanted a dumb blond, so she gave it to them. Not sure if she meant it or if it was like her sister Ashlee's comment to cover up her lip sync on SNL. Not sure..I just know that both of their careers have slowed down dramatically. Jessica recently released a country cd, that practically went nowhere. I kinda like some of them, but something went wrong with her voice. Ashlee gave up on music after her third album had worse sales than her second. Now she's married to one of the lead singers of Panic At The Disco, I think.

    I'm so confused with that band(?). Which one is the main singer? The one Ashlee's married to or the other one? :-/ :p

    Kevin's single was kinda okay, here's the link. I think the music was okay but some of the lyrics weren't that great and he's not the best rapper I don't think. and saying 'federation records,' in the beginning had nothing to do with the song lol. i don't like the part where he says he married a superstar either :-/

    Well I can see the point in hearing some things about their private lives. If i'm watching ellen and she asks a question about their life and their kids, I don't mind knowing. but the gossip is what I can't get into either. it's like, "Hey did you hear Lindsay went to a club last night?' :-/ then I say, "oh....ok. were you with her?' then they look at me like i'm nuts LoL ( in this scenario )

  18. I think it was part of an act, but then again, sometimes I really think she was that ditzy lol! I think Ashlee is married to Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, but I saw on E! News the other week that they have filed for divorce ....

    Omgosh that was horrible - I couldnt even listen to it all lol!

  19. I don't blame ya! LoL. I sat thru it all the first time, but the only good thing about it is the music. His rapping gets annoying after awhile it's like everyone is getting divorced