Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol 10:Top 11 -Results Show!

What an exciting night for an Idol results show! I'm not really big on the result shows, cause I think they drag them out far too long, but I thought it was a really fun night. I even enjoyed the segment video that showed Marc Anthony giving the contestants stage performance advice.

The group performed "Aint No Mountain High Enough." I thought it started out really well. Jacob, Naima, Paul, and Thia sounded really well together, but then it started to turn into a bit of a disaster towards the middle and end. Stevie Wonder made a surprise entrance  - much to the delight of Steven Tyler- and performed "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - the contestants provided backup vocals and I thought it was really good! The biggest surprise though came when Stevie called out Steven Tyler and then Stevie and the contestants started singing Happy Birthday to Steven. Then they presented him with a very kool painting of himself. I thought that was awesome :-)

The Ford music video was next and it wasnt really anything special. The song was called "All This Beauty" and I thought it was incredibly cheesy, but I did like the tree made out of bottles. However, I did enjoy the video segment of the contestants talking about Wrestling.  James and Paul bonded over their love for wrestling and Naima insisted it was fake. James did an impression of The Miz, I think I'll vote for him next week just for that reason alone lol! (J/k, but I do love The Miz!)

The two guest performers of the night were Sugarland and Jennifer Hudson. If you know me, you know I cant stand Sugarland - I actually detest them. Jennifer's voice grates my eardrums. They performed their most annoying single ever -"Stuck Like Glue" - and for 3 minutes I felt like my ears were in a torture device :-P Her outfit was atrocious also. Why the heck they performed during Motown week is beyond my realm of understanding. Atleast Jennifer Hudson sounded and looked awesome tonight. She performed "Where You At?" - It's the first single from her new album. I gotta admit that I'm not a big fan of her at all. I can appreciate her voice, but the song didnt do a thing for me.

But lets get to the results...

Ryan told us that over 30 million votes were counted last night. Lauren, Pia, and Scotty were the first three called down for their results. I stated last night that I felt like Pia would be in the bottom due to her boring ballad performances. I guess America loved her ballads cause she was safe, and so were both Scotty and Lauren! 

James and Paul were then called down. Ryan looked at both James and Paul and told them that they were both in trouble. Then he said in real Big Trouble. Then all of a sudden Hulk Hogan burst himself on stage and announced to them that they were both safe, then he ripped right outta his shirt and it was Hulkamania on Idol lol! 

Jacob, Thia, and Stefano were up next. Out of the three of them, I called Thia to be in the bottom and the other two to be safe. Well I was right about Thia, but wrong about Stefano! Jacob was the only one deemed safe!

Naima, Haley, and Casey were the last to be brought down for their results. I just knew Casey was safe, so I figured Haley would be the third one in the bottom, since thats who I called last night, but shocking both Haley and Naima were sent back to safety!! Casey was the final one to make up the bottom three!!

The Bottom Three: Thia, Stefano,  and Casey.

I was shocked by Casey being in the bottom, but figured he would be the first sent back to safety, with the elimination being between Thia and Stefano So I was totally shocked when Ryan told Thia she was safe! Well I just knew that Stefano would be the one to go and nearly had a stroke when Ryan announced that he was safe! WTF?!?!  Casey Eliminated?!

Casey then took the stage to "sing for his life" and before he could even get half way through the song Randy cut him off and said he didnt need to hear anymore. Steven announced that his elimination was crazy wrong and they were absolutely going to save him! And I gotta say, I think using the save was completely justified. Normally, I think they should wait til later in the competition, but Casey was easily the best performer last night and him having the least amount of votes has to be a fluke. I think that that his fans figured he was "safe" so they didnt vote. I just hope that Scotty McCreery doesnt get a premuture elimination since the one save has been used! 

Your Thoughts?!


  1. I was totally SHOCKED at casey being the bottom of all. BS and it had to be rigged. Jacob and nuganameathing (whatever her damn name is) should have been gone 2 weeks ago. Im glad the save was used tonight. casey does not deserve to leave. Anyhoo I think Im first so HA!

  2. Always love these blogs - I don't even have to watch the show because you are so detailed, which is a great relief for me LOL

    Seriously - thanks so much... will retweet...

  3. I kinda see what you mean about Sugarland. I like her voice at times, but when I first heard the song they performed tonight, on the radio, I was like 'wtf?' I kinda lost my interest in them after their first album. I like some of the songs on their debut, but after that, I can't lend my support. I REALLY wanna like country sometimes, but I come across reasons not to. Admittedly, after reading your explanation of the Josh Turner song, a go-green (LoL) lightbulb went off above my head. DUH! I totally misread that. I should have seen the metaphor in there. He wouldn't' he human if he didn't feel this way abotu someone ... DUH! LoL Thanks though. This means I can like country again :p. Jus...not Sugarland's new song :p.

    I like the end to Jennifer Hudson's new song. The song in entirety doesn't do much for me, but the third verse and last chorus seemed bluesy for me, which I can highly respect. I LOVE Bluesy music. Not so much for complete jazz but I just love Blues with a hint of Jazz. Some instruments in jazz just rub me the wrong way. For example, if you watch the cosby show, sometimes those instruments just made me cringe :p. But I like a majority of the instruments at the same time, if that makes sense.

    Casey's reaction to being saved seemed to appaul some of the judges. Idk why. I'd be happy too, though I could see if Ryan seemed a bit agitated by him bouncing all over the stage LoL. There was a point where Ryan sat next to Casey on the steps to talk to him about the save, but Casey bounded up and ran all over the place :p. I may have done the same thing though if I were that excited :p.

    'Crazy wrong,' is now my favourite expression. I loved it when he said it, i'll have to use that more often now :p. ... well when I can, not just because :p.

  4. It was one of the most shocking night's I've seen on Idol in a while! I totally agree with you about Naima (and yes I hate her name!) and I sorta agree with you about Jacob. =)


  5. Aww thanks so much =)

    I try to be detailed...I did leave out two things though: The AI tour will include the top 11 instead on 10 contestants and two people will be eliminated next week.

  6. Omg my history of not liking Sugarland goes all the way back to their very first single "Baby Girl." Dont get me wrong, most of the time they come out with some very good songs - lyrically- but I just cant stand her voice. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me. I also cant stand the way she performs on stage gives me the Heebie Jeebies!

    I can understand how some people would be turned off from country music, especially since there's a lot of stereotypes about it. And if you're somebody that leans left, well country music is almost full of right wingers. Most of the artists are good people though, with a few exceptions. John Rich from Big & Rich is somebody that I find to be a great prick. Dont get me wrong, I like some of Big and Riches songs, and Big Kenny is awesome but John Rich compared being gay to incest and I've been sickened by him ever since. It's people like him that give country music a bad name =/ But anyways, when it comes to certain songs, like Josh's, I think you have to look past the lyrics and dig for the deeper meaning of songs. A song can so easily mean something different to another person - but thats the meaning I got from the song upon hearing it :)

    I've never been real big on Jazz or Blues. I can appreciate it, but I couldnt sit down and listen to it over and over again. Well I could blues before I could jazz because I'm not big on the jazz instruments, so I get what you mean. I always loved the music on The Cosby's though. I love that show!!

    I thought Casey was going to faint or something! lol! His reaction totally freaked me out. I think the expletives was what was getting to the judges though lmao..they were having to bleed for a while lol!

    I heart Steven so much!! He makes my heart happy :-) I'm gonna have to use that phrase myself...cause it was just too crazy good not to! :-P

  7. I'm a little tickled that Casey is gone! Nothing personal. Just had a side bet going with a friend.

  8. Oh, oops! See, I obviously did not watch. And now I see that Casey was SAVED! Bummer.

  9. Lmao! I would make sure to tell your friend that, even though he got the least amount of votes, he STAYED. Therefore you havent lost anything yet!

  10. I remember 'Baby Girl,' now that you mention it, but the first one I liked from them was where she was singing about gotta be somethin more, gotta be more than this. I need a little less hard time, I need a little more bliss.' I think it's called somethin more. Baby girl just seemed so typical, it's like when some of the idol winners sang songs about dreams coming true. Personally, I still love 'a moment like this,' 'inside your heaven' & ''This is my now.' David Cook's winning song gets to me after awhile of being too commercialized, idk why though. I haven't really heard the other winning songs. I don't remember what Lee Dewyze's was. Kris Allens was okay, but I can't remember the title off hand '*looks it up* ah yes, 'No Boundaries.' these songs seemed profound and I love how Kara Dioguardi writes. I wonder what she's doing now. I totally went way off track here :p, but she wrote Faith Hill's 'Lost' i love that song too! :p

    Sometimes I jump to conclusions because i'm so used to celebrities just writing songs to get the public to buy it. I forget that there are still some good singers that write from the heart, like Alicia Keys. Mariah Carey has sort of conformed because she doesn't seem to make 'music' anymore. 'obsessed' was a good song, but I haven't really been impressed by her new stuff. Her emancipation of mimi album was the last of hers that i've bought. I'm sure she still makes some good songs, but they're not made singles i'm sure. I could go on and on but i'm already overthinking :-/ :p

    there was one song on the cosby show I liked. it was when Stevie Wonder came on and the cosby mother got to sing on a song with him. I liked that one and there was another when they just randomly put in a record and danced to it. i wrote it down at one time, but lost it amongst my high school homework lol.

    i thought it was his rowdiness that made me go 'uh oh :-/' but I was still laughing about it at the same time. when Randy threw his hand up i was like 'well this is a first.'

  11. "Something More" is the right title. It's a pretty good song, I just cant bare to listen to her sing it though lol! This may sound sad, but I wouldnt be able to name any of the idol winner's debut singles. Not even Carrie Underwood =/

  12. I always loved the title sequences too. One thing I also respected about Cosby was that he wore sweaters on the show that his fans sent into the studio. They brought the show back but changed how many kids he and his wife had. They simply called the return 'Cosby'. Patricia still played his wife, but they only had one daughter on that version and he was always at the bar with his friend. It was different :-/. I like The Cosby Show better than Cosby.

    I respect Kara as a song writer but I admit sometimes her judging was a bit simple.

  13. Ohh I love all the title sequences for The Cosby's =D So fun! I loved watching them dance :)

    Oh yea, I remember that show. I didnt really care for it to tell ya the truth lol

  14. yea it was a bit boring :-/