Wednesday, March 16, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 12 Performs!

The judges summed up tonight's show as a "hot one" (Randy's words), but I wasnt as impressed. Actually I was a bit disappointed overall, only liking about four performances out of 12. The theme of the night was choosing songs from the year they were born, and I cant believe I'm older than every contestant cept for two..Yikes! Anyway, before I get to the performances.. buy any of the performances from tonight on iTunes and part of the money will go towards Japan.

Niama Adedapo
 Niama, born 1984, performed "What's Love Got To Do With It" by Tina Turner.  Eh, I just didnt like her version of the song, some parts were okay, but I also thought her vocals were crappy in some areas. Jennifer said that while she brings flavor, she's been consistently pitchy and Randy agreed with her, saying her vocals were all over the place. Steven loved it though.

Paul McDonald
Paul, born 1984, performed "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" by Elton John. I like Paul cause he seems like a kool guy, but gawd his dance moves are horrendous and the more I listen to him, the more I think that he should be somewhere in Vegas doin Rod Stewart impersonations. I did find his performance good vocally, but visually corny. Jennifer thinks he has soul and a star quality. I can agree with that. Randy thought he was very pitchy, but loves how he makes every song his own. Steven agreed, and added that he's a cool dude, with loose moves.

Thia Megia 
Thia, born 1995, performed "Colors of the Wind" by Venessa Williams. All I can say is: Another freakin ballad! Great vocals, but all  could think about was Pocahontas and Disney movies during her performance. Maybe that's what she should do: Perform Disney songs. She'd be good at it. I really like her voice, but really bored with her constantly performing ballads. Randy said the same thing basically. He feels she's always too safe, but has a beautiful voice. Steven and Jennifer agreed. They want more personality from her. So do I!

James Durbin 
James, born 1989, performed "I'll Be There For You" by Bon Jovi. He had the cutest home video of him as a baby! I'm glad he chose Bon Jovi. James was the first contestant of the night that I actually liked. His performance was really good and he chose some great music ;) Steven loved him, but doesnt want him to get too pop. Randy thought his vocals were tastefully done and loved how he made it his own. (Side note: My friend Andrew thinks he's a crime to fashion with all the leather! (okay those are my words lol!).

Haley Reinhart
Haley, born 1990, performed "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Whitney Houston. Again, I wasnt really liking her choice of song. Her performance had some fun and flirty moments, but also had some extremely annoying moments as well. Overall, I didnt really like it, even though I love her voice. Jennifer still felt that she's too tense on stage. Randy is confused by her song choice each week (jumping from different genres). He didnt like her performance tonight. Steven wants to hear her sing more blues.

Stefano Langone
Stefano, born 1989, performed "If You Dont Know Me By Now" by Simply Red. I thought he sounded really good vocally, but didnt like his song choice. Randy felt it was the best performance of the night though and Jennifer thought the song was perfect for him. Steven also loved it. As I said before, I really liked the vocals, just wasnt excited about the song like the judges were.

Pia Toscano
Pia, born 1988, performed "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" by Whitney Houston. LOL I loved the video of her as a child singing Whitney's version of Dolly Parton's song. Again, I didnt like her song choice, but thought she performed it really good. Steven felt that she nailed it, Jennifer loved that she did something uptempo and said her vocals were perfect. Randy said Pia put the other contestant's on notice with her consistently perfect vocals.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty, born 1993, performed "Can I Trust You With My Heart" by Travis Tritt. I loved his Elvis impression lol! I also love Travis Tritt :-) I wasnt sure if I was going to like it when he first started singing, but once he got really into the song, he was awesome! He just amazes me for his age. Randy felt that he did Travis proud. Jennifer loved that he stepped out and hit high notes and Steven loved him.

Karen Rodriguez  
Karen, born 1989, performed "Love Will Lead You Back" by Taylor Dayne. Karen originally auditioned over Myspace, and she's the only person to make it to the top 24 that auditioned online. I really like Karen, but I'm disappointed that she chose a ballad. She did really good though and I thought tonight's performance was much batter than last weeks. Again, I loved how she went from English to Spanish, back to English so flawlessly.  Randy wasnt too excited about her performance, but thought she found the right pitch by the chorus of the song. Steven loves when she brings out her ethnic background in her performances. 

Casey Abrams
Casey, born 1991, performed "Smells Like Teen Spirit. First time ever that a Nirvana song has been performed on Idol and I personally think that should be the last time. I'll be honest...I wanted to hate the performance, cause lets face it, Kurt Cobain was a true original, but I think Casey did a pretty good job. The biggest issues I had, he tried to channel Kurt too much while he should have made it more of his own..but then again, I dont think that would have worked either... Jennifer felt that he got a little too screamy in his performance, saying that Kurt was intense, but never screamed. Steven loved it though. Randy liked it, but didnt think it was his best performance or vocals, but loves that he takes chances.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren, born 1994, performed "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge. Lauren kinda reminds me of Kellie Pickler.... She gave the song a little country twist and I really liked it. The only thing I felt was missing, I thought her performance needed just a little bit more attitude, but I really liked her vocals and tonight was the first time I really got to hear her voice. Jennifer loved how she made the song her own. Randy also really liked it, as did Steven. Steven called her a shinning star.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob, born 1987 -my birth year!- performed "Alone" by Heart. LOL I thought his mom was great! But oh gawd, I was a little horrified by his performance and I know I'm in the minority when saying that, but thats how I felt. Randy thought it was genius, though he said he lost it a little before getting right back on track. Steven and Jennifer both praised him. I just didnt like it, but I guess I can see how some people would.

 I think the bottom three has so many possible candidates lol... I'm going to say Niama and Thia will be there, with the possibility of either Paul or Haley joining, and then Niama going home.

Your Thoughts?


  1. This was the first night where i didn't really enjoy James' performance. I felt he held too much back. I wanted him to put his own mark on that song and nail it. Side note; OMG he was a cute baby. LoL

    Naima- I just don't like her or her performances at all.

    Paul- I wasn't in the room so I didn't see his funky dance moves but I thought he butchered that song. My brother was here and he agreed, he even went into the living room to see "who was killing that song."

    Casey- It was ok. I felt he tried to emulate Kurt to much. If he had taken it just a little further away from the original.... well... maybe i would have liked it better. I really do enjoy his personality.

    Karen- eh.. She's getting old n boring.

    Thia- I honestly don't think she can sing a fast song. An album by her would have me falling asleep at the wheel.

    Pia- She's like a barbie doll. I don't get any real feelings from her perfomances. Plastic.

    Stefano- I actually liked him tonight. LoL

    Haley- I saw it but honestly don't remember the performance, all I remember is Ryan trying to wipe off the lipstick from her chin.

    Scotty- I think he nailed it tonight! =)

    Jacob- I DO NOT LIKE HIM OR HIS SINGING. He creeps me out for some reason. And I think he always looks like he's about to cry.

    So that is what I thought. AND I also hope that even if James doesn't make it to the finals Steven sings with him. =)

  2. You know, I also felt he was holding back a little also, but I was just to see somebody actually PERFORM after watching the ones before him lol!

    Naima better leave just wouldnt be fair for her to keep going..she doesnt deserve to be there at all.

    LMAO His dance moves crack me up though, it's so funny watching him on stage..I cant help but to like the guy...

    Right there with ya on Casey, cept I dont really like his personality too much...

    Karen, Thia, and Pia all need to find some different songs to sing, but especially THIA. You just may be right about her not being able to perform nothing other than ballads. *snooze*

    Haley is somebody I want to root for, I hope she gets another shot.

    Scotty was freakin awesome =)

    Lmao..I agree about Jacob. I'm not feeling what the judges are feeling. I just dont get it.

    Omg that would be awesome to see James and Steve perform together. There was all whole lot of bleeping going on lol....btw, I loved when that guy told James not to kiss anybody and he showed him his ring and said NO Kissing going on here lol! Too funny.

  3. I wasn’t impressed either. I tried not to close my eyes this time and really watch the show and I’m not really liking it.

    Naima – Thank the Lord the woman won’t wear her dress no more. Haha. I like the song, it wasn’t boring but like Randy said it was all over the place.

    Paul – I feel guilty for not reviewing his performance for 2 weeks so I am really looking forward to his performance and I ended up saying what the f?? lol. Dude is weird. Nice voice and I would prefer him playing a piano, not moving around so much.

    Thia – I really like her voice. I think she should sing Taylor Swift or Charice(is that right?- referring to the girl on Oprah) song. I don’t think its boring. I like it. :)

    James – This dude got 2 types of screaming voice. 1, during the climax which is very very annoying and 2, usually during the ending which is good. Great song choice.

    Haley – wtf? What a waste. I’m not digging the song and the performance.

    Stefano – Best performance of the night. I don’t like this guy and maybe underestimate him before but now I know he’s in it to win it.

    Pia – She was born in 1988. I’m shocked. I thought shes older but then I realize she’s 23, so am I. I am old. Duh…lol. Love the song, vocals etc.

    Scotty – I personally think that he’s getting boring. Don’t get me wrong, I do think he’s talented but I think he needs to change a little just for the competition. I like that he’s original and staying true to his style but he needs to be versatile to win (or to go far in) this competition.

    Karen – I’m disappointed again. Not loving the vocals.

    Casey – I love Kurt but not this guy. He is creeping me out even more this week. Lol

    Lauren – I’m bored with whole thing. Love some parts but not crazy about it or in Randy words “not jumping up and down” lol

    Jacob - His facial expression is so very disturbing. Lmao. I love the song and applaud Jacob for trying something new. Oh yeah, I think he’s mom is not bad at all.

    I want Naima out since forever. So yeah, whatever. Didn't care. lol

  4. I thought Jacob's performance was frightening! He looked and sounded creepy!
    Why is no one talking about Pia's horrid jumpsuit? That thing was so unflattering!
    You nailed it with Paul. Yes, he could be in Vegas impersonating Rod. That sums him up perfectly.

  5. Naima's clothes remind me of Denise on The Cosby's lol

    Paul dancing the exact same way no matter what song he's singing lol!! It's so funny...I just cant help but to like the guy.

    Thia singing Taylor might work, but she'd probably just choose one of her slow songs lol...I have no idea who the other girl you mentioned is...=/

    I agree about James, but I dont mind it much lol

    I really want Haley to do better in the competition, I think she has a lot of potential...she needs to find a genre and stick to it. I personally think she'd do good with a bluesy country sound.

    Stefano had great vocals :) I think he's gonna go far, but not win...I could be proven wrong...

    I thought Pia was older than me also...I also thought Casey was older than me! Damn, I didnt know he was born in the 90's...he made me feel really old.

    I gotta disagree with you about Scotty. I dont think he needs to sing outside of his genre, but I do think that he should maybe do a more "fun" country song. He's done a love song and a serious song, now its time to have some fun up there!

    Here's to hoping Niama is the next one to leave! lol


  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was horrified by Jacob last night lol!! I actually liked Pia's jumpsuit though..I thought it was cute :-|

  7. I liked Scotty, def hated Kacob, and most of the others I agree 100% with ya. I really hope Niama goes home. Jonathan actually likes her, but well he is only a 4 yr old, so he likes the cookie monster too. Actually I also like the cookie monster, but I think you see what I did there so whatever. I will def be watching tonught. Huggles, Bobbi

  8. Lmao...I like the cookie monster too :-P I always liked Oscar the Grouch the best though (hmm..wonder why? lol!) Niama is good, but I still dont think she belongs. She may be good, but the others are a lot I think she robbed another girl out of a wildcard spot a couple weeks back =/

  9. LOL I think we have 12 mins here till results start and Jonathan and I are gonna watch it. Oscar is The only sesame street character in MY books. Whats right with this world? NOTHING~Oscar heheheheh anyways Ill look for a result blog later, and heres to cutie pie scotty (Id do that!)

  10. Lmao! He may be a cutie pie but I think you better wait a few more years...atleast three..before you go hitting it!! lmao!!

  11. Stefano did surprisingly well.
    I think Lauren's was the best of the night actually, though Casey's performance was semi kick-ass! LoL
    Scotty's performance was pretty good.
    The others don't really stand out for me :p
    I guess I can see why Karen didn't make it because her performance didn't really stick out for me.

  12. I'm starting to really like Lauren :-) Casey tried, but he is no Kurt Cobain!!

    I thought Karen was one of the more unique contestants out of the girls, with her ability to sing in both English and Spanish...Too bad she left so early =/

  13. James has been doing pretty good, but since he sounds a bit like Adam Lambert to me, not sure if he's the one i'll root for. I should really give this some thought because since this is a competition, i'm hoping for a completely new sound and voice to win.

  14. If Scotty doesnt win, I'm hoping for a girl victory! The guys have been winning since FOREVER lol The last time a girl won was Jordan Sparks (and I didnt even like her).

  15. the year Jordan won was the first i'd heard of idol since Reuban Studdard won. whoever one season 3 and 4 must not be around anymore?

  16. I think the season 3 winner was Fantasia and the season four winner was Carrie Underwood ...and believe me she is def. around! She's actually the most successful Idol winner in terms of record sales, surpassing even Kelly Clarkson :-P

  17. hmm...then not season 4. i know there was one where a male country singer won and they eventually put him on broadway. his record label dropped him I think :-/

    I know there were several winners that didn't get so successful.

  18. Carrie Underwood is the only country singer to ever win....

    The male winners have been Ruben (R&B & Gospel type music), Taylor Hicks (Blues like music) - He was the one on broadway, David Cook (Rockish), Kris Allen (Popish Rockish), and Lee Dewyze (Rock) =)

  19. Taylor Hicks was the one I was thinking of. I think Reuben might have done better if they had never had him make that "Sorry 2004" song. 'This is my sorry for, 2004??' to me, that kind of implied that he was gonna have to apologize every year :-/.

    I always liked Clay Aiken, and I kinda always knew he was gay. The promotion for his music is totally off base though. His voice is really good! He just released a cd of other people's music...that may be why it's not going too well. People want original music nowadays. Cover albums are okay if you are really popular like Ozzy's 'Cover up' album. :)