Tuesday, March 1, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 12 Guys!

If you are reading this, thanks for coming to my Blogger site to read about Idol! I wish I still felt like blogging it on Myspace, but if I were to type something up and then lose it one more time over there, I think I would have a breakdown lol! Anyways, I wasnt sure if I was going to blog Idol this year, but I decided to go ahead and do it. I'm feeling a little disconnected this year since I missed several episodes, so please excuse me if I'm a little rusty. 

Okay so there's two things I wanna bring up about Idol this year! One: The new judges! Steven is awesome. Jennifer Lopez has been really good I think (from what I've seen) and Randy..well he's Randy. Two: The new format. The results Thursday night will reveal the top 5 boys and the top 5 girls. There will be two wildcard picks by the judges. So that means after this week, we will already have the top 12! I'm kinda glad about that myself, but it does give people less time to connect and if somebody was off this week, I feel really bad cause this is their one shot to make the top 12. So there's some pros and cons to this format. Oh and one more thing! You can now vote online this year at American Idol dot com. Now that's out of the way.....

Clint Jun Gamboa 
He performed "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. I'm kinda surprised that he chose that song since it's been done several times on Idol. He has a good voice, but because of his choice of song, I just felt like I'd seen that performance already. The judges loved him though, Randy even called his performance brilliant. Like I said before, I wasnt excited about his performance at all, but I thought he was vocally good overall.

Jovany Barreto
He performed "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain. Great song, but I felt it was lacking something. I dont think his vocals, while good, fit the song very well. Steven and Jennifer both loved him and thought his performance will beautiful. However, Randy didnt get it. He said it sounded too much like the original and that he didnt bring anything to it, but said it was okay. I agree with Randy. *Gulps*

Jordan Dorsey
He performed "OMG"  by Usher. I will give him credit for choosing a song more recent and doing something new on idol. The same old songs do get tiring. However, I didnt like it. First off I think the original song sucks, and Jordan didnt make it any better. The judges didnt like it either and they think he's not that kind of artist, but knows he can do better.
Tim Halperin
He performed "Streetcorner Symphony" by Rob Thomas. I thought he had a nice texture to his voice, but I didnt like his choice of song at all. It was way too boring and a little blah. Steven was let down by his performance cause he knows he can do  better. The other judges agreed.

Brett Loewenstern
Brett performed "Light My Fire" by The Doors. Okay he def. does not have the sex appeal of Jim Morrison, but I loved how he performed the song. Even though I thought it was an odd choice, it was hella ballsy if you ask me. It was also probably my fave song choice of the night. Steven dug it. Jennifer loved the hair flipping. Randy thought he had a few pitch problems, but appreciated his boldness.

He performed "You Got Another Thing Comin" by Judas Priest. Awesome song choice. Apparently he is this year's "Adam Lambert" (vocally) --Okay--whatever. I think he has a good voice, but he doesnt have the same stage presence as Adam in my opinion. That being said, I thought he was good! Steven actually called his performance fucking crazy good! lol! He loves that he is over the top. Jennifer loved the way he performs also and thinks he does it so naturally. Randy thought it was great and said "That's how you do it!" I liked it, but not as much as the judges ;)

Robbie Rosen
He performed "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. I think Robbie has a kind of contemporary country sound in his voice going on. Love his choice of song, but I dont think he did it justice AT ALL. Never mind all the pitch problems, I just didnt like his version. Steven thought it was a beautiful  performance and Jennifer thinks he tells a story when he sings. She also thinks he's a special singer. Randy didnt like it though and I gotta agree with him. 

Scotty McCreery
A country voice!!! I gotta say I am biased when it comes to country music :-P Scotty performed "Letters From Home" by John Michael Montgomery. I cant believe how deep his voice is for a 16 year old! Like damn, his voice alone could eat Justin Bieber. I thought he did really awesome. That's not one of my fave songs, but I thought he performed it just as good as the original and I used to really like John Michael back in the day. *cough 90s cough* Jennifer thinks he was born to sing country music. All the judges loved him.

Stefano Langone
Stefano performed "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars. He kinda reminds me of David Archuletta for some reason. Not that he looks like him or anything, just something about him. I didnt really like his song choice, but I loved his voice. There was a few pitch problems, but I think he has one of the best voices out of the guys this year. Jennifer think he's a natural and all the judges loved him.

Paul McDonald
He performed "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. Gotta say I love Rod and I love that song! But- I felt like his performance was very much like a Vegas performance with the lights in the background. It was like a outdated 70's variety show performance or something... I did like his voice however and the judges liked him. Randy loves his uniqueness.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob performed "A House Is Not a Home" by Luther Vandross. Eh, what can I say? It was one of those typical "emotional" and boring performance that always happens at this point of the show ever single year. He has a good voice. Steven loved it and said it makes him cry when he sings. Jennifer and Randy thought he did Luther proud. 

Casey Abrams
Casey performed "I Put A Spell On You" by  "Screamin" Jay Hawkins. I always think of Hocus Pocus every time I hear that song lol. I thought his performance was kinda corny for somebody that has been so hyped. He does have a good voice, but I think he's been a little overrated. Steven thinks he's as good as it gets though. Jennifer thinks he's sexy (Okay?) and Randy thought he transformed himself into the spirit of the song. Well then. They are the judges after all, so they should know better than me! :-P

Okay so 5 of these guys will def. be in the top 12. I have no idea which 5 will make it at this point. I hope Scotty, Brett, and Robbie advances. I think James and Casey def. will due to the hype around them so far.

Your Thoughts?

Btw, I added a subscribe by email feature to my site for automatic updates when I post. That kinda sounds narcissistic lol!, but I thought it would be a nice option for people who dont want to miss out on the Idol blogs. Be warned I do post other crap up though lol!


  1. haha! So ok first off i didn't point you in any direction because I wanted you to hear them yourself first.

    Tonight I was disappointed in a lot of these guys.

    My stand outs are;

    James Durbin, I love a rocker. And I do love the way he just goes all out. He is (in my opinion) far different from Adam Lambert. His performance woke me up. =)

    Scotty McCreedy, I absolutely love the deep soft feel to his voice. I fear that he will not be able to stand out on the nights where they have to sing out of their genre. =(

    Paul McDonald, for some reason his raspy voice sticks with me and I really like it.

    I also added Casey Abrams tentatively to my likes of the night. I do not think it was anywhere near his best performance at all.

    I do not like the rest.

    Oh wait I missed Brett so I can't give an opinion on him tonight. Bu I honestly didn't think he was going to make it this far.

  2. I actually avoided twitter (for the most part) tonight so that I wouldnt be swayed any. There's a few of them I had remembered from the auditions, but most of them I didnt know from adam! =/

    I liked James myself, but I kinda fear that the whole "Adam Lambert" comparison people have been making is going to sway their opinions before they are able to give him a chance.

    Scotty is one that grabbed my attention during the auditions! He reminded me so much of Josh Turner and I couldnt get over his age. His voice shocked me.

    Ooooh I remember reading a while back that the wont be made to sing outside their genre this year.

    I'm not sure if thats true, but I hope it is. I think thats been the one unfair thing about American Idon all these years.

    Paul sounded a lot like Rod Stewart to me, I think thats one reason his performance came over as kinda oldish :-| But I did like him.

    Their is just something totally quirky about Brett, I cant help but to root for him lol

  3. Most of mine I put on twitter while I was watching :p. Good blog!

  4. LOL!! I know, I sneaked in a couple of peeks at your tweets, but I was trying to avoid being swayed by what other people were saying :-P

    Thanks :)

  5. Yay! Thanks for blogging Idol! :)

    Clint – He’s ok…well, actually I like his voice.

    Jovany – Now this dude looks weird. Lol. I agree with Randy (and you) because I don’t like his performance.

    Jordan – Singing OMG? I’m like wtf? This dude is a vocal teacher. He should know better. I hate it.

    Tim – Now, when I heard the music I was so freaking excited because its Rob Thomas song but unfortunately he’s a lil pitchy. It’s not great but I think he can do better.

    Brett – I like his voice. He is very unique. But what is with the hair flipping? Lol

    James – Oh god! Not again. Lol. He is good most part but up till that he hit that screechy and annoying Adam Lambert voice came out..well, its freaking annoying. Out standing performance though.

    Robbie – Im not loving it. Pitchy. I cant believe Steven and Jlo actually liked it. I’m like wtf? Are you freaking kidding me?

    Scotty – I laugh through the whole performance. I don’t know why..but I just did. Cant deny that his voice is so deep and good but I’m not digging his “Drew Barrymore” style. Plus I think he’s kinda cocky.

    Stefano – cant believe the judges love it. I personally hate it. Reminded me of Archuleta and Magnus nasal voice. It is pitchy and all over the place.

    Paul – I was watching something else so I missed it. Lol

    Jacob – Great voice. I like Luther but I think this guy is not the “Idol” type, hopefully he didn’t bore me next week.

    Casey – Sexy?? Im like whoa whoa…wtf Jlo? The performance is just OK for me.

    I wish Steven is a lil more like Simon but that didn’t happen. He seems to like everything, even a crappy performance. Jlo too. I can only agree with Randy right now.

    No favs yet. :)

  6. Damn, they are going to cut a lot right away!
    My guesses for top 5 guys are Brett (my favorite), Jacob (he nails it), Stephano (sweet voice), ... Ok, now it's harder to choose as it is anyone's game. I would say Robbie, but he didn't impress me last night. Maybe James, but we did get a better dose of his style last year with Adam. I like Paul, but he looked like a crazy stickman on stage! I'm not helping now, I'm rambling.
    Great to see your post today! Thanks for doing this.

  7. What Blogger needs is a DIRECT REPLY button. Just wanted to get that out there! lol!

    @Alia: LOL Jovany does look a little weird, but then again, I think most of them do this year.

    I didnt get the OMG performance either. I think he would have done a lot better with a different song. I do give him kudos for attempting something a little different up there though.

    I like Brett too! =)

    LOL! I forgot, you dont like Adam Lambert. I cant believe I'm even still referencing Adam three idol's later!

    I agree with you about Stefano.

    Lmao yea I dont get the whole "Casey is sexy" thing either.

    And I totally agree with you about Steven. I had the preconceived idea that he would be mean, but I think Steven has such a big heart that he sees beauty in almost every performance lol! I dont have a fave yet either.

  8. @Jean: I know, right?! 7 other guys could possibly go home. Ryan didnt elaborate on how the wild card picks would work. I guess it could be one boy/one girl. But then again, they could choose two girls or two guys....I'm curious to see how that will work.

    Omg you are so right about Paul! His performance just felt totally off somehow and it didnt have anything to do with his voice.

    Nope! You arent rambling...and I ramble all the time so it's okay if you start lol!


  9. I am SO happy to see you blogging here!!! :)

    I have to be honest - that Brett dude freaks me out for some reason. On top of that, I don't think he is all the great a performer. Not sure why, but not my thing personally...

    Scotty is cool, though - if he shows a little range as the show progresses, he may be the last male standing. We'll see...

    BTW - I am very happy to see you blogging here. Did I mentioned that? :)

  10. Woo-hoo! My very first ever direct reply on here, using Disqus!! =D

    Thank you =) I love it here. It feels all homey and glitch free. I've been trying to make it unique to me by adding my own personal touches here and there. I'm CSS challenged so I can only do so much when it comes to the look, but I did manage to create my own background :)

    Brett...does look a little weird, doesnt he? I remember his audition. I thought it was going to be a joke, but he surprised me by having a good voice. He still freaks me out a wee bit, but he seems like a likable and nice person.

    I really hope Scotty manages to get to the top 12! He reminds me a lot of Josh Turner.

    :-) Again thank you! And whoa..I didnt know you watched Idol!

  11. Shhhh - don't tell anyone, it'll ruin my rep. LOL My mom and her husband roped me in this year... ;-)

    BTW - I know how you feel. Adding Discus was like getting a whole new blog - I love it! Thanks so much for the tip on how to add it, BTW - I usually find cool stuff for Blogger on my own, but this one was an awesome addition from you. :)

  12. LOL It's easy to get roped in. I just hope I dont lose the channel come this Friday or I want be able to watch (or blog) anymore =( Stupid contract disputes between the networks and satellite providers..ugh!

    You're are so very welcome. The person behind the MSC blog on Myspace told me about a while back. I'm so glad he did! That's the only thing about Blogger that has always bugged me. Not being able to direct reply! Well, I'm kinda bugged that it doesnt have an automatic email feature like Word Press too, but thats no biggie.

    And I LOVE that I was able to import my old comments into Disqus. I also have them "synced" together, so if something ever happens to that site, I'll wont lose any comments left via Disqus (thats the theory anyway!) What's funny though, I get double email alerts because of that: One from Blogger and one from Disqus lol!) It's okay though. It's easy to delete.