Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 12 Girls!

I was totally disappointed in most of the performances tonight. Most of them were just so dang boring, that it was hard for me to get excited. I was expecting a more exciting show and was let down.

Tatynisa Wilson
She performed "Only Girl (In the World)" by Rihanna. First off,  love Rihanna, but I hate that song! I find the song beyond annoying, so while watching her perform, that's all I could think about. I honestly dont know if she has a good voice or not because I just couldnt get past the annoyance factor of the song she chose, but Steven thought it was a beautiful performance. Odd term for a song like that, no? Jennifer thought she started of shaky, but brought it home by the end. Randy disagreed and thought it was only an okay performance and paled in comparison to the original.

Naime Adedapo
She performed "Summertime" by George Gershwin. I didnt like her choice of song at all. The entire performance felt "old" and had a jazz house feel to it or something, but I do think she has a good voice. Jennifer loved her performance and feels that she brings color to the stage. Randy thought it was launchy (thats what I was trying to say!), but enjoyed some parts and thought she nailed it at the end. Steven felt it was unbelievable. I think Steven's too nice! 

Kendra Chantelle
Kendra performed  "Impossible" by Christina Aguilera. Another performance that I felt was launchy, but I think Kendra has an amazing voice! While the song choice was kinda boring, I thought she performed it beautifully. Randy loves the vibrato of her voice and compared her to Lauryn Hill. Steven think her entire package is hot (lol..I bet he does) and Jennifer thinks she only just scratching the surface of her awesomeness (or something like that.)

Rachel Zevita
Rachel performed "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. Again, I was asking myself what was up with the song choices?! Another performance that I felt was too "old" feeling, not to mention I thought her vocals were down right shitty. Sorry if anybody likes her, but the performance was just painful. Steven felt it was too Broadway- I agree. Jennifer think she belongs on stage, but felt it was just the wrong choice of song. Randy didnt  like it either.

Karen Rodriguez
Karen performed "Hero" by Mariah Carey. Liked the song choice and I liked how she performed it in both English and Spanish. Although I did feel like I was inside a Disney move for a minute. I really liked her voice though and I could see her potential. Jennifer exclaimed "Wow!" a  million times and loved how she went back and forth between languages. Randy loved that she made it her own and actually thought the parts in Spanish sounded  more beautiful. And of course Steven loved it.

Lauren Turner
Lauren performed "Seven Day Fool" by Etta James. Yet another launchy performance, but good. She has good vocals. Randy loves the bluesy soul flavor or her voice. Steven thought she was spectacular and Jennifer thinks her voice is undeniable good.

Ashton Jones
She performed "Love All Over Me" by Monica. I liked her voice, but again- I didnt like the choice of song. After all the other launchy performances tonight, her performance just kept me in that state of boredom. Steven thinks she has the confidence of a queen and Jennifer thinks she has the makings of a diva. I do agree with them, because I could tell she has some sass up on stage. Randy didnt like the song, but loves her.

Julie Zorilla
Julie performed "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson. The first song choice of the night that I actually really liked, but sadly it paled in comparison to the original. I just couldnt hear anything special in her performance. Jennifer liked it, but didnt think it was her best. Randy didnt think she brought anything special to it and didnt sing it nearly as well as Kelly (duh!). Steven thought it was the wrong song for her. Agreed.
Haley Reinhart
Haley performed "Fallen" by Alicia Keys. I love the song, but nobody can sing like Alicia and I often wonder why people even attempt her songs on Idol, but then again, I think she did a really good job! I really liked her voice and I think she brought a sexiness to the song. Her performance was rather sultry like. I liked it. Randy didnt think the song did anything for her and thought it felt karaoke. (Not even!) Steven thought it had just the right amount of sexy and Jennifer agreed with him. She thinks Haley belongs in the competition and I agree.

Thia Megia
Thia performed "Out Here On My Own" by Irene Cara" She started the song out as  acapella. I really liked that. She drew me into her voice and she has a very nice voice for her age. I thought the performance was both beautiful and tastefully done. Nothing boring about it or showy. Just simple and beautiful. Steven thought she was pitch perfect and cant believe she is only 15. Jennifer thought the performance was beautiful and Randy thinks her tone is like a young Michael Jackson. I'm not sure about that, but she is really good!

Lauren Alaina 
Lauren performed "Turn on the Radio"  by Reba McEntire. I love country and I love Reba, but I think that was the wrong choice of song. It was a fun performance, but I dont think it showed her vocal ability. Solid performance overall though. Jennifer thinks her voice is effortless and called her a natural. Randy thinks she has natural talent said that she reminds him of a combination of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Steven called her the best. Ehhh??

Pia Toscano 
She performed "I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders. Loved her song choice. I think Pia has a beautiful voice and the performance was very nice. I loved the high note she hit. The judges gave her the first standing ovation of the season (and they made sure they pointed that out). Randy thought she put herself in the top with her unbelievable vocals. Steven thought it was a gorgeous performance. Jennifer thought her performance was out of this world. Okay, it was good, but not THAT good ya'll!!

So like I said earlier. Overall, I was very let down with the performances tonight. 5 girls will be going through tomorrow. I think they will be: Pia, Thia, Haley, Karen, and Kendra. I think Lauren may  be a wildcard pick if she doesnt make it by votes.

Your Thoughts?!

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  1. I have not seen tonight's show yet, but I thought Haley did well in the run-ups. I'll see if I agree your assessments sometime this week... :-)

  2. *Sighs* I had to scroll back up to see who the hell Haley was lol!! I still havent learned their names...and some of those names are difficult to spell!

    I think you'll like her performance, but I'll be looking forward to your thoughts!

  3. First of all, I have to disagree. I like Top 12 girls more than the guys.

    Tatynisa – Missed it.

    Naime – Oh god, what on earth was she wearing? I don’t enjoy the performance and I blame the outfit. Lol

    Kendra – I like the performance. Nice voice.

    Rachel – I hate it. Her voice just didn’t shine through. Bad song choice.

    Karen – Now this girl I love. Great voice. Beautiful smile and personality. But it does annoy me when someone smile too much. Lol. (my fav performance)

    Lauren T – I like her voice too.

    Ashton – I really like this girl throughout the competition but I’m just not feeling it during her performance. It was ok and she can do better.

    Julie – Bad. Just bad. The performance is. She can actually sing very well. I think if the song is slower it might be better. But I hate it.

    Haley – Now I think her voice is sexy and what a great range.

    Thia – I was blown away with this one. Totally gonna root for her.

    Lauren A– She’s a natural. Watching her performance is like watching a concert. The crowd is enjoying it and she doesn’t look nervous at all. I’ve been a fan since the first audition and yes I agree with Randy on Kelly Clarkson comparison.

    Pia – I don’t know why I was expecting a bad performance but boy was I wrong about that. She is actually really really good.

    I don’t know who to pick for the guys but as for the girls I don’t think 5 is enough.

    My pick: Karen, Thia, Lauren A, Pia, Kendra (and Haley, Lauren T, Ashton)

  4. I have never used the fast-forward so much!! Too many slow songs, not much entertainment.
    My youngest daughter picked Julie because of her dress, and my eldest picked Lauren Alaina.
    My fav. was Lauren Turner. (I JUST realized there are 2 Laurens.)
    Rachel butchered Criminal! Butchered, I tell you!
    Just scrolling through this list, I'm saying, "boring, boring, boring".

  5. I kinda agree with you, I think the girls are far more better when it comes to talent, I just didnt like the songs the performed last night.

    Rachel was horrid!!

    I really like Karen also!!

    I'm having to scroll back cause I just cant remember them all at this point!! =/

    I think Julie has a voice, but it was the wrong song for her. That girl is gorgeous though.

    I really liked Haley, Thia, and Pia, and I'm kinda on the fence about Lauren.

    Me and you pretty much have the same thoughts on who should go through. The wildcard choice is going to be interesting.

  6. Agreed! It wasnt that the talent wasnt there, it was the boring choices of songs. I was wanted more upbeat songs.

    I honestly dont remember what any of them wore last night lol

    I'm on the fence about Lauren A., but I like her better than Lauren T. are right about that.

    I missed Simon last night..

  7. Ok I'm going to answer this as if I don't know who made it yet. LoL The girls were a snoozefest. I was BORED.

    I did like some of their voices BUT Idol isn't really about the best voice only, they have to bring a performance to the mix also.

    I did like Lauren T. which shocked me because I have actively disliked her from the start.

    Lauren A. took my vote for the best tonight. Nope it wasn't her best night but dang it she woke me up and made me smile. Yay!!

    I also really enjoyed Haley's version of fallen. I just really love the grittyness she can bring into her voice.

    Thia's voice was lovely but the song was not an attention grabber for me.

    I agree with you that Karen had me thinking I was in a Disney movie. LoL =)

    And why own't this thing allow me to comment as my blogger ID?? Argh. I'm a guest, But I can name myself chickee. LoL

  8. It was a snoozefest!

    I think it's about the entire package. Those who have won the last few years have been good, but they just dont have the entire package that Kelly and Carrie has. I honestly think that the only way Idol will produce another successful winner, is if a very marketable and contemporary female pop singer wins the competition or a very marketable female country singer.

    Chris Daughtry is the most successful male to ever come from Idol and he didnt even win....America doesnt want a male as their idol for some reason, no matter how good they are. And I dont mean literally because of course they have voted men as THE American Idol winner several times now, but it hasnt translated into album salves very successfully.

    That's why I'm super shocked Kandra didnt make it. She has the entire package and that they chose to put Ashton and Naime in over here, wth where the judges thinking?! Neither will win.

    I have a new comment should be able to log in with your Facebook, but the guest option is fine by me. Although, your pic showed up either way??

  9. Yes Kendra should be in this. She could have won.

    I tried logging into my blogger but it still asks me for email and screenname each time. It sdidn't show my picture to me untl now. wierd. LoL =)

  10. This is totally odd. Atleast this comment showed up right!