Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Performs!

Tonight's theme was Motown. I wasnt too excited at first, but ended up really enjoying the show overall. Almost everybody was great vocally, and there was only a couple performances that left me feeling kinda "Eh." I didnt think they were going to do "theme" nights this year, but now that I know they are, I'm hoping they''ll do a country night ;-)

Casey Abrams
Casey performed "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye. Casey may have performed first, but I think he easily had the best performance of the night. Everything about him tonight was so natural - the genre just fit him so well.  It was a great choice of song and he's more fitted for Motown than he is singing Nirvana ;) His vocals were spot on. Steven said that he was pitch perfect and a perfect entertainer. Jennifer and Randy both think that he's a true original.

Thia Megia
Thia performed "Heat Wave" by Martha and the Vandellas.  LOL That song always makes me think of Sister Act :-P I'm so glad Thia chose an uptempo song! She proved that she can actually do something other than ballads. It was a really good performance and the song fit her better than I expected. Jennifer said that she wants to see her bring it even more. Randy was glad that she took a chance and pushed herself and Steven agreed.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob performed "You're All I Need to Get By" by Marvin Gaye. I'm not sure if it's just me, but all his performances are starting to sound the same. I also hated the backup singers, they really did drown his voice out during certain parts of the performance. Overall it was a good performance, but I didnt think it was anything special. The judges gave him a standing ovation though and praised him. Randy told him that it was his best performance yet - Jennifer and Steven agreed.

Lauren Alaina 
Lauren performed "You Keep Me Hangin On" by The Supremes. When she started singing the first verse - Wow- her vocals really surprised me!  I didnt realize just how good of a voice she has. I thought it was a solid performance. A country girl rocked Motown ;) Steven thought she sounded beautiful, Jennifer thought she looked beautiful and loved her attitude on stage, and Randy said that she has her swagger on high lol

Stefano Langone
Stefano performed "Hello" by Lionel Richie. It was a decent performance. I think the song was a little too much for him and some of his high notes came out a tad too high. Jennifer wants more intensity and connection between him and the songs he chooses. Randy and Steven agrees, but said he has the chops. 

Haley Reinhart
Haley performed "You Really Got a Hold on Me" by The Miracles. As I've stated before, I really like Haley, but the last two weeks have been borderline horrible. She has moments of awesomeness in her voice, but she really needs to work on her singing and not her "sexy." Randy told her that she started rough, but worked it out. Steven felt that she sung her heart out and loves her growl. Jennifer thinks that she has the best control of her voice out of everybody there. I think Haley can do way better than she has been.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty performed "For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder" I was really worried about Scotty tonight, but  thought he did really well and loved that he stayed true to his roots. He put a little Kenny Rogers feel to a Motown song. Steven actually compared him to Glen Campbell instead, but that's basically the same point :P Jennifer thought it was a great version of the song. Randy loved that he took a chance, while also staying true to himself. It wasnt his best performance, but it was still good!

Pia Toscano
Pia performed "All in Love Is Fair"  by Stevie Wonder. Great vocals, but I was bored. I think Pia is destined for adult contemporary radio at this point cause all she does is ballads. Her song choices always bore me and thats really a shame for somebody that has such great vocals. Jennifer wants to see her performing more, instead of just standing on stage. Randy told her that he was tired of the ballads. Steven think she's the closet one there to being a star based on her vocals.

Paul McDonald
Paul performed "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson. It was nice to see him perform with a guitar - he looked more comfortable performing with one, instead of the awkward dancing around on stage he usually does lol The performance was actually a lot better than I expected. Randy said that he took the song to a kool place and also loves when he sings tenderly. Steven told him that his voice is different like Willie Nelson - that you can pick him out of 200 singers. Jennifer thinks that he is the most well rounded singer there.

Niama Adedapo
Niama performed "Dancing In The Streets" by Martha Vandella.  It was a fun performance and she sounded good, but Wtf?! I wasnt feeling the dancing so much. Steven feels that she is the whole package. Jennifer loves the excitement she brings to her performance and Randy thought the arrangement of the song was brilliant.

James Durbin
James performed "Living For The City" by Stevie Wonder. James is consistently great, but the only thing that turns me off - he has been compared to Adam Lambert so much and Adam was famous for his high notes- James does the exact same thing. I wish he wouldnt do it every performance because it just make him too similar to Adam and I think he needs to distance himself from the comparisons in order to truly stand out on his own. His performance tonight left Jennifer speechless. Steven thought he was great. Randy told him that he started rough, but ended up unbelievable.

My least fave performances of the night were Jacob, Haley, Pia, and Stefano. I think it's too soon for either Jacob or Stefano to be in the bottom. Based on how the votes have been so far, I think Haley will be back in the bottom, but I think Thia and Pia will join her instead of Niama. I think Haley is in the most trouble of leaving.

Your Thoughts?


  1. I only saw dribs and drabs of this one tonight, so I appreciate the rundown. I saw a recap of Haley and from what I did see of it, I liked it, but maybe only cause I love that song. Ill look for tomorrows result blog and hopefully watch it. Wed nights are hard with survivor on too. Huggles, Bobbi

  2. There were parts of the songs where her vocals were truly awesome. Hopefully more people liked it than hated it, because I would love to see her stay in the competition. ...Survivor is a show I never watched..maybe once or twice..


  3. right now i'm thinking that Casey, Lauren, Stefano, Scotty & James are gonna be the top 5 when they get down to just 5 contestants. I kinda like Naima's dancing, idk. It was wild and way out there. I've always labeled her look as gypsy, but they're saying she's African. I don't see it; I just see a gypsy look, which I think is cool.

    James & Paul may end up getting record deals if they are voted off. Paul's got such a unique voice (and you'd think I would have said this in my blog LoL!!); it's rapsy sound could go along with Norah Jones very well. Not sure where i'm thinking Naima may end up if she's voted off. I heard that a contestant from season two was just on a Cincinnati (Ohio) radio station as a co-host yesterday. I forget who my boyfriend said it was and he's asleep :-/.

    A part of me still 'kinda' feels like Scotty sounds a lot like Josh Turner. Do you hear it too or is it just me? If Scotty wants to replace Josh, that's fine by me though. I'm still a bit sour about Josh because he made a song saying that he wouldn't be a man if a woman didn't 'make him feel like his.' Not to start PMSing or anything, but (Yes, guys do it too!! especially when you're a househusband! :p) but those lyrics are really offensive to a guy who is completely gay. He's got some good song, but it would be nice if he made a public apology for the song. :-/

    Pia's performance and voice was very 90s for me. Her rendition of that Stevie Wonder song seemed like it had be covered 13 years ago. Gawd! Why didn't my blog sound like this tonight???? (LoL!) This comment is turning out to be better than my blog! :-/ (LoL)

    Thia's voice doesn't really impress me that much. it's good but it's not a very strong one.

    Naima may actually be the one leaving next. I enjoyed her dance but she was the only one that seemed pitchy for me tonight.

  4. Hmm..not sure who I would call for the top 5. Casey, Scotty, and James are the only ones I'm pretty certain that will make the top five - atleast I think they will. Maybe Lauren and Pia. LOL Niama reminds me of a gypsy too and I think she designs her on clothes.

    Scotty does sound a lot like Josh Turner, but I think he could stand out, especially if he chose different sounding songs. Josh has a certain type of sound - almost all his songs have this same feel to them. I actually like that song you're talking about -somewhat anyway- it's better than most of his songs cause I'm just not a big fan of him to begin with. But I dont think the song is in the least offensive.

    I think the true meaning behind it is that he wouldnt be HUMAN if the woman didnt make him feel a certain way. I think the song could just as easily apply to gays - just replace woman with man/you. Its certainly not wrote to be offensive. He is a straight man, so how else would he declare his love? There's nothing more hotter to a straight female than having her guy tell her she makes him feel like a Man with they're together. I'm sure gay couples make each other feel Manly too? Manly doesnt have to mean straight. That's just a society thing.

    LOL Pia has such an awesome voice, but she needs to stop trying to be the next Celine Dion and try to be more current sounding. Cause you're right, she does sound so 90's - the 90's were awesome though :)

  5. I really need to get that tbeo thing. Okay Im sure your laughing at me for not even knowing the name of it, but it apparently tapes one show while I watch another to be viewed at my leisure? who'd a thunk it really. I have to say though this season of AI really doesnt have me loving any single

  6. contestant yet... and btw is this site a part of myspazz cause I have no clue what they just did to my flip a ma blipping comment

  7. Thank you for this recap! I totally forgot to watch last night. Between work and the kids' homework, I lost my mind.

  8. Casey – It’s good. Like you said it’s natural.

    Thia – My fav of the night. I love it.

    Jacob – I like it. He’s not overdoing it tonight.

    Lauren – Love her dress…the song choice though, not so much. I like the song btw.

    Stefano – LOL. I cant believe he picked that song. I was reminded of that Lionel picture I posted before. I don’t like his version of Hello at all.

    Haley – Great voice but I don’t like some parts.

    Scotty – I don’t like his performance, his voice and the song choice for
    tonight. I’ve heard many better version of that song before so he don’t impressed me at all.

    Pia – Great voice as always but so darn boring.

    Paul – Forgettable. Nothing special about it and I couldn’t help but think what a waste for a unique voice.

    Naima – Blah.

    James – Annoying singing voice, annoying speaking voice, annoying facial expression, basically just annoying. lol

  9. LOL TiVo! ;-) I wish I had that also! American Idol is about to clash with The Vampires Diaries very soon. That really depresses me =/

  10. Oh dang, I dunno why =/ I've never experienced any glitches here before =/

  11. I almost forgot myself. I sorta wasnt in the mood to review last night, but I'm glad I did :)

  12. I loved Thia also ...the only reason I put her in the bottom is due to her last few song choices, but I'm hoping her past ballads doesnt hurt her tonight. I still think Niama should be the one to leave, but since she performed so close to the end, I think she'll be safe because she's had a more memorable performance by voting time. Maybe I'm wrong!!!

    I'm just not getting why Jacob is praised so much by the judges - Yes, he's good - but ultimately I dont think he'll ever be more than just a gospel singer =/ He's very likable as a person though, so I dont mind seeing him stay in the competition for now.

    Lauren looked gorgeous!!

    The only thing I didnt like about Scotty's performance - he was doing some weird hand/face movements lol - but being that he's a traditional country singer that was way out of his element, he did really well imo :)

    I think it's the Tourette's that makes him do weird expressions...or tics as they're called....that wouldnt explain the annoying voice though lol :P

  13. I sure hope that Scotty continues to avoid all Josh Turner songs. At least during this competition. Not sure how it would pan out if he chose to cover one of Turner's songs, but it would be interesting. I am just thinking now that I really jumped the gun on that one song of Turner's :-/.

    the 90s were great. i miss so much about it. and the early 2000s. I was having so much fun back then. I remember the TY Beanie Babies (Which I still have a lot of) and Furbies. So much more too. Music was still good in the early 2000s, I just love Kelly's first cd, but it is a bit disappointing that she completely changed her sound. I think we talked abotu this once; her voice may have changed. maybe that's why she changed it so much. Or she's trying to touch every genre...i'm thinking we already touched on this LoL.

    I listen to old music sometimes but a part of me wonders if i should since the time is gone :-/.

  14. I agree - I dont think he should sing any of his songs during the competition either. I just dont think performing his songs would be much of a challenge.

    I miss the 90's too =( Omg I remember all the girls in my class would collect the TY Beanie Babies. I thought they were totally cute, but never owned any =/ I never had a Furby either =(

    Kelly has such an awesome voice - I've never really noticed much of a difference in it though, but then again, I havent really listened to a lot of her stuff either =/

    I think great music transcends time!

  15. I had a black furby but after awhile it wasn't too impressive. It was kinda kool seeing one furby converse with another, but it was usually mindless conversation. A guy I thought was a friend of mine threw mine behind our couch really hard and it broke for the most part :-/, I still have it somewhere I think though LoL.

    Well, now Kelly's voice cracks a bit and she doesn't sing in her high octaves anymroe. At least I don't think so.

  16. Oh wow - what a mean ass for doing that! It was the back and white Furby that I had always wanted, but I dont think I'm scarred or anything from never having one lol!!!

    I'll have to go back and listen to some of her older songs and compare it to her newer songs. Her voice might have changed from getting older though. LeAnn Rimes was awesome when she first started out, but she hardly sounds anything like she used to either. She seems to have lost the power of her forced once she grew up.

  17. a lot of voices look that after awhile. it is a part of aging. Jessica simpson lost hers too, but apart of me wonders if it's also because she strained it. I heard she did once.