Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Performs (Again)!

Nobody was eliminated last week, which is why 11 people performed again this week lol! Tonight's theme was "Elton John" and I do love me some Elton John, so that made tonight's show fun for me to watch. Overall, the show was a mixed bag of performances, both good, bad and somewhere in the middle.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty performed "Country Comfort." I'm not familiar with the song he chose, but he sounded awesome singing it. Since I dont know it, it was easy for me to imagine it as HIS song on country radio.  I also thought he sounded nothing like Josh Turner tonight :-) Jennifer thinks that he has amazing instincts when it comes to the songs he chooses to perform every week and thought it was a good performance. Randy thinks that he's seasoned so fast on the show and says that song could be on his record.

Naima Adedapo
I think I've been spelling her name wrong every week lol..Oh well, she shouldnt have such a dumb name...just sayin. Naima performed "I'm Still Standing." I was a bit surprised when she started singing in a Jamaican accent, I just expected the music to be Reggae. While it's kool that she can perform with an accent, I thought it was a bit much and a little silly. The song just didnt sound right at all. Randy thought it came off as corny. Jennifer thought the song was changed too much and didnt fit the style, but Steven thought the song fit her and gave her kudos for that.

Paul McDonald
Paul performed "Rocket Man." Classic Elton song and one of my faves by him. I didnt really like how Paul started out, but I thought it got a tad bit better by the chorus. Overall though, I just wasnt feeling his performance. Randy described his performance as "quiet comfort" - but wonder if he was holding back. Steven likes that he doesnt always sing perfectly and noted that he could name atleast five different artists that dont always sing in key. He does have a point lol

Pia Toscano
Pia performed "Dont Let the Sun Go Down on Me." Ugh! Another ballad. Dont even want to review her =/ She sounded good as usual. Steven said she nailed it and Jennifer agreed. She told Pia that she "felt" her performance. Randy said we know she can all sing, but he wants her to switch it up and show more range as a PERFORMER.

Stefano Langone
Stefano performed "Tiny Dancer." My fave song by Elton and one of my all time favorite songs period, and he freaking Butchered it to Death =/ Randy and Steven were actually laughing after the performance, yet they gave him a good review, with Randy saying "nice job" ..Umm wtf?? Jennifer had good things to say and loved how he connected with the audience. I think they were all just full of it.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren performed "Candle In The Wind." Originally written in memory of Marilyn Monroe after her death - It's a beautiful song and Lauren performed it beautifully. Her voice was sweet perfection. Randy thought it was her best performance ever. Steven called it perfect. Jennifer thought she sounded gorgeous and said it was an amazing performance. Btw, Lauren reminds me of a more mellow version of Kellie Pickler LOL

James Durbin
James performed "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting."  He performed that song so flawlessly that I almost wondered if he was lip syncing with all the moving he was doing and still sounding so awesome! It was a really good performance with great stage effects. Loved the piano on fire! Steven told him he has a great Rocker voice. Jennifer said that she forgets it's a competition when she's watching him perform. Randy loves that James is able to enjoy himself on stage and told him it was a "Great, great, great!" performance.  LOL Side note: I loved when he was talking to Ryan and he told him that he was scared that he would have a "Pepsi momet" with all the hairspray in his hair and the fire on stage...Ryan quickly said that American Idol was brought to you by Coca Cola. LOL! I swear he got bug eyed over James mentioning the main sponsor's biggest competitor LOL. But of course we all know James was referring to Michael Jackson being caught on fire back in the day, while making a Pepsi commercial! It's just too funny that James inadvertently plugged Pepsi, and even though I'm a Coca Cola die hard, I lmao off over Ryan's reaction.

Thia Megia
Thia performed "Daniel." After an uptempo performance last week, Thia is back to ballads! Regardless, I thought it was a good performance. The song arrangement fit her well and her voice sounded beautiful. Jennifer felt that it was a beautiful moment for her. Randy liked that it was a relaxed side, but still felt it was a safe performance with a couple of pitch problems. Steven liked it.

Casey Abrams
Casey performed "Your Song." It was a different side of Casey...without the growl in his voice. He actually has a great ballad voice! It was a very good performance! Randy thought it was brilliant. Steven said that he sings differently every time he's on stage and that's what makes him an artist.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob performed "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word." I'm not sure why Ryan said that we'd see a softer side of Jacob tonight. He does basically the same kind of performance every week, no matter what the song is. I personally thought tonight's performance was over kill: the emotions and the facial expressions made me think he was praising Jesus and he performs like that ever week. He just needs to get himself to Church and lead the choir in worship every Sunday. Steven was blown away though and Jennifer loved the song arrangement. Randy loves his restraint, but wants to see him pick a spot in a song and then really "bring it."

Haley Reinhart
Haley performed "Bennie and the Jets." Out of the entire competition, Haley's voice is my favorite. But I'm always feeling disappointed by her performance. Her performance tonight left me wanting more. I'm not sure if it was her or the song (which I love) or the piano player. It just seemed something was lacking, even though she was bringing it on stage, the music didnt fit her attitude. I felt like the judges over praised her. Randy said it was the best performance of the night. Steven said she sings sexy - I agree with him, she does do that every single week.

The judges thought Haley's performance was the best, but I disagree. I think that Scotty, James, Lauren, and Casey gave the best performances. Hopefully they are all safe tomorrow. I think Haley will avoid the bottom since she got the "pimp spot" and the praises of the judges. I think the bottom three will be(should be) Stefano, Naima, and Paul. Two will go home tomorrow, so I think those two should be Naima and Stefano. 

Your Thoughts?


  1. I haven't watched tonight, but always enjoy your recaps!

  2. Thank you :-) I enjoyed the theme, but was left unimpressed for the majority of the show =/

  3. I noticed that about Scott too, not sounding like Josh Turner. :)

    Naima's performance was good for me as in sound and voice, but the lyrics didn't really fit the song. I think she was more focused on showcasing what she would do as a solo artist than making it flow nicely together. :-/. If she woulda put that to a sultry type of song, it would have fit, I think.

    When Steven said that he could name 5 singers that didn't sing in key, I was shocked! We now have a judge that'll admit that a singer doesn't have to hit every single note perfectly every time! I agreed! It goes along with what I said tonight about lip syncing :p.

    I think Pia is trying to showcase that she is a balladeer. It seems far too 90s sometimes. I always feel like when I get the chance to make music, it would have some 90s in it since that's what I grew up with, but I would hope to put somewhat of a Modern twist onto it. Pia doesn't seem to be doing that for me :-/.

    I kinda like Stefano's performance. It was partially pitchy at parts, but that one note still amazed me.

    The only thing I would have changed about Lauren's performance is that I would have made it a little more intense as far as emotion.

    I missed James' comment about Michael Jackson. I was concentrating on my review and still in shock about the crotch shot! LoL

    I don't remember if I put this in my blog bout I think Thia's voice is not very strong :-/.

    I'm just glad Casey got rid of the growling for one week!

    Now that you mention it, Jacob tends to always hit that same note in the same way. :-/

    Hailey did the same thing most people did, if i'm remembering correctly. Not many of the contestants are moving about the stage. they're just standing there, so the camera has to do the moving for them :-/.

  4. I voted a bunch of times for Scotty tonight! I'm worried with him being the first performer that people will forget about him...also the save is gone now so he HAS to make it on fan vote alone =)

    Ack. I just cant stand Naima. She's beginning to wear out her welcome...well actually she wore it out the first week in my opinion, but the more time goes by, the more I just dont like her.

    Oh I agree with Steven. Katy Perry is one of my faves, but she cant really sing at all. Her music is just extremely catchy and she's too likable for her own good LOL

    I'm beginning to be over Pia =/ She refuses to actually PERFORM. I agree with your 90's statement.

    Sorry, but I'm now traumatized by Stefano...LOL

    I'm really glad Casey did something different also. I think Casey could do anything =)

  5. Let me just say I love Elton John!! :)

    Scotty – I guess it’s ok. The truth is, Im getting bored with his performance.
    To me, it’s predictable.

    Naima – I don’t like it. She should definitely go

    Paul – I don’t mind seeing him gone either. Plus, his floral suit hurt my eyes.

    Pia – Great voice as usual. I guess, she’s not a “fun” music person. Lol

    Stefano – Not liking it at all.

    Lauren – I like the song and I think it’s a good performance.

    James – I wasn’t watching but the recap at the end sure does look like a freaking concert. But still, I don’t like him. Lol

    Thia – I know that many people think that Thia is boring but I absolutely love her voice. I agree with Randy about the pitch but I just love parts of her tone tonight. It is beautiful. Love it!!

    Casey – Dude is still scary even though he shaves his beard. Lol. This is one of my fave song but I don’t like his version though but it wasn’t bad.

    Jacob – A-NNOY-ING-facial-expression!!! I like that song and I hate this version. I swear I wanna smack his face and tell him not to be such a drama queen. Lol

    Haley – I gotta agree with Randy that it’s the best performance of the night. For the first time, I truly and genuinely like her performance. Great voice too. I like how she ended it with a hiss because it would sound bad without it.

    Bottom 3 – Naima, Paul, Jacob or Stefano.

  6. Elton John Rocks =) I really need to get some of his songs from iTunes!!

    I really hope the fake accent Naima chose to sing in will get her butt eliminated tonight LOL

    Come to think of it, I really havent seen any personality from Pia =/

    I dont really think Thia is boring, just the songs she chooses ....I love her voice also, so I'm rooting for her to stick around. I think she has tons of potential.

    LOL Casey is scary looking...and I really didnt notice much of a difference in his appearance ...they should have shaved it all off.

    Lol! He does perform with a whole lot of drama up there. I'm so over him.

    I agree with your bottom...I think Jacob is likable enough to make it another week though.

  7. oh btw, I love the red piano and hate ryan new do.

  8. Omg me too........but huh...Ryan got a new do?! LMAO I didnt even notice!!!

  9. Why are you traumatized by Stefano? :p

    90s aren't exactly that bad, but Pia does it in the 1 hit wonder/horrible single choice way. constantly singing the same kind of ballads or doing songs that are very soporific (boring).

  10. LOL Because he ruined Elton's song "Tiny Dancer"


  11. LoL! Maybe I should focus on the lyrics while i'm paying mind to what they are wearing LoL