Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 28

Day 28 - First t.v show obsession:

 If I said anything other than "Days of our Lives" I'd be lying!

Yes, it's a soap opera, but I've been watching it religiously for 20+ years and its safe to say it's beyond an obsession at this point - It's a part of my life.

I have no idea how I'll go on living if it's goes off the air lol...Salem is like my alternate home...remember 20 + years. I've been watching since birth basically...well since I was old enough to look at a tv set....and I have no shame in it!!! 


  1. the only soap opera I became hooked on was "Passions," They made the big mistake of switching to direct tv only and were canceled a month later. :-/ I used to love that show. Idk if you knew this but some of the stars on Days were on Passions. :p.I can still hear the theme song.

  2. Oh yeah I used to watch "Passions" too! Both soaps had the same head writer back then. I kinda stopped watching it cause I got frustrated over the never ending story lines, but I can still remember the very first episode!

    Luis, Teresa, and Ethan all came over to Days once it got canceled...and what I really love is that Luis and Teresa were once again playing bro and sis! (Rafe and Ariana) and Ethan and Teresa were once again hooking up but as Ariana and Brady lol!!! They've killed off her character though. I wouldnt mind seeing some other characters from Passions show up in Salem.

    And yea, it was a huge mistake for them to move to DirectTv.

  3. By 'Salem,' does Days take place in Salem, Mass?

    I haven't watched any Soaps lately. I remember I started tuning in during the Salem murders. Finding out it was Marlena was kinda like a 'wtf' moment though LoL.

    I remember when she was possessed though. Her eyes glowing yellow used to freak me out, then I got used to it and thought it was so cool!

  4. LOL That's probably one of the most debated "Days" question ever! They have never actually stated what state they're supposed to be in.

    Haha omg that's so funny that you brought that up! I just reblogged a picture of Marlena being possessed on Tumblr! That's one of the most classic moments ever :-)

  5. days may be the one show i kinda get into but idk if i'd buy the seasons on dvd if they released them because they've been on the air for over 35 years. i'm still confused about the whole bad guy theme. one day they find his dead corpse, the next it's revealed to be a fake stiff he payed to create. interesting though.

    i'll have to check out that picture LoL.