Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 21

Day 21 - Favorite ship:

I feel so NOT kool! 

I had to google to figure out what the hell this question meant lol! 

Apparently ship is short for Relationship, but in the "fandom" universe they use the term "shipping" when pairing two character's that havent officially been made a couple yet.... So essentially the fans "ship" the characters into a relationship and believe that relationship to be true.


Thanks Google and Wiki for elevating me to a whole new level of Nerdiness :-O
Shipping According to Wiki
(I find it funny that there's an entire section dedicated to Xena "shipping wars" that included Gabrielle and Ares. Oddly, I wanted her with Hercules lol!)

Okay so now that I know what the question means.....
My fave ship would have to be Sookie and Eric on True Blood!
I fell in love with them together in the books, so I am totally rooting for them to eventually hook up on the show!


  1. LoL don't feel bad. when I saw 'ship,' I was thinking Titanic and QE2.

  2. LOL!! Me too, I was thinking ..umm Titanic..but thats a movie! Then I was like.."Eh, Love Boat?! Wth does this question mean?!" lol!!

  3. Of all the movies and shows I saw that were before my time, the love boat was the one I never saw. I was so out of the know, like with the word 'Fresh.' I first heard it and went to the original meaning of the word. My partner's son said something was fresh and I was like, "Um? Okay. You mean like Febreeze or what?" Apparently, it means cool, sweet etc

  4. I've never watched The Love Boat either. Never had any interest in the show at all, and I usually like the classics.

    LOL!! I cant believe you've never heard of the word "Fresh" in the slang form :P

  5. yeah! he doesn't use the word fresh anymore. I wonder if 'slang' is dying down. then again i'm around a lot of white people LoL.