Friday, March 4, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 18

Day 18 - Favorite title sequence:

This question has an interesting choice of words. 
I have several  theme songs that I like, but I've never thought of the term "title sequence" before.

I guess they are basically the same thing...

But "title sequence" evokes visuals and not music.
My fave theme song is The Dukes of Hazzard' theme song "Good Ol' Boys" performed by Waylon Jennings. I also love the theme songs to Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Monk. But visually, all these shows just use footage of past episodes that change every season. 

I'm not sure if I'm making any sense at this point cause I'm over thinking this way too much, but I'm getting to a point (hopefully).

There is three shows that have "title sequences" that I love because I think they are visually awesome. I'm gonna cheat and say all three instead of just putting one.


The music is playful, yet the images invoke something sinister, although the opening is merely going through the mundane routine of everyday life. It show's Dexter waking up and getting ready to start his day, but the one thing that I find interesting is the subtext of each routine he's performing. First off he's a Blood Spatter analyst  and there's all these different visuals of blood. From killing a blood sucking mosquito to going in the bathroom and cutting himself while shaving, you see blood droplets in the sink. I think this relates to him being a blood spatter expert, but then it cuts to different routines of him cooking and slicking up meat, which is clearly a metaphor for him slicing up bad guys! Even the way he ties his shoes and puts on his shirt, all seem to have deeper meanings: chocking, suffocating. It's this seemingly normal man going through the every day motions, but you just feel something sinister is everything he's doing on screen. I think it's rather brilliant.

True Blood 

I love the theme song! It's called "Bad Things" and it's by Jace Everett. The one thing different about True Blood, compared to the shows I mentioned earlier, is that it doesnt use images of the characters in the show. Instead is uses all sorts of dark images that fits perfectly with the the song playing. The images also fit the show perfectly. It's showing images of the Bayou and then it starts showing images that contradict one another: you have sex and murder then you have images of a religious nature. They blend together perfect and I think it also shows how we humans tend to blur the two. We get drunk on Saturday's, then pray on Sunday's in the South. Atleast that's our stereotype anyway! But then the sequences cut to a more supernatural point of view. Instead of the church signs reading "God hates fags" it says "God hates fangs" and that right there is one of the most genius things I've ever seen! I know if vampires were real, that would be on a church sign somewhere

Six Feet Under

This is just one that I think is beautifully shot and fits the tone of the show perfectly. It's a show about death and I dont mean supernatural death or sensationalized death like the other two shows above. It's a show about death in the most raw sense. The death we deal with everyday, but the show also has surrealism mixed in and I think the theme song played is a little offbeat and it captures both. I remember when I first ever watched the show, I HATED the theme music, it was just so corny sounding, but now I realize just how brilliant the song and the visuals complemented one another. Beautifully shot and I dont think any other song would have captured the essence of the show as brilliantly as it did.

I think I went too deep for such a simple question lol!

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