Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Idol 10:Top 11 Redux -Results Show!

Tonight's results show was different: Instead of kicking off the show with a group performance, idols were paired into groups throughout the show to perform and then they were given their results. Ryan said that over 55 million votes came in last night, which is a lot for a top 11 show. The Ford music was still featured. They used the song "Kryptonite" and butchered it LOL - But the video itself was kinda kool with the superhuman theme. The two guest performers of the night were Fantasia and then Jamie Foxx & collaborating together. Fantasia performed her new single "Collard Greens and Cornbread." I'm not sure how she won because I wasnt watching Idol back then, but I have never been impressed with any of her music or her guest performances. I'm not even going to comment on her hairstyle tonight.... Jamie Foxx and werent any better with their collaboration of "Hot Wings." It's for a new animated film called "Rio" so I guess it was okay in that context. But lets get to the results....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Performs (Again)!

Nobody was eliminated last week, which is why 11 people performed again this week lol! Tonight's theme was "Elton John" and I do love me some Elton John, so that made tonight's show fun for me to watch. Overall, the show was a mixed bag of performances, both good, bad and somewhere in the middle.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Idol 10:Top 11 -Results Show!

What an exciting night for an Idol results show! I'm not really big on the result shows, cause I think they drag them out far too long, but I thought it was a really fun night. I even enjoyed the segment video that showed Marc Anthony giving the contestants stage performance advice.

The group performed "Aint No Mountain High Enough." I thought it started out really well. Jacob, Naima, Paul, and Thia sounded really well together, but then it started to turn into a bit of a disaster towards the middle and end. Stevie Wonder made a surprise entrance  - much to the delight of Steven Tyler- and performed "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - the contestants provided backup vocals and I thought it was really good! The biggest surprise though came when Stevie called out Steven Tyler and then Stevie and the contestants started singing Happy Birthday to Steven. Then they presented him with a very kool painting of himself. I thought that was awesome :-)

The Ford music video was next and it wasnt really anything special. The song was called "All This Beauty" and I thought it was incredibly cheesy, but I did like the tree made out of bottles. However, I did enjoy the video segment of the contestants talking about Wrestling.  James and Paul bonded over their love for wrestling and Naima insisted it was fake. James did an impression of The Miz, I think I'll vote for him next week just for that reason alone lol! (J/k, but I do love The Miz!)

The two guest performers of the night were Sugarland and Jennifer Hudson. If you know me, you know I cant stand Sugarland - I actually detest them. Jennifer's voice grates my eardrums. They performed their most annoying single ever -"Stuck Like Glue" - and for 3 minutes I felt like my ears were in a torture device :-P Her outfit was atrocious also. Why the heck they performed during Motown week is beyond my realm of understanding. Atleast Jennifer Hudson sounded and looked awesome tonight. She performed "Where You At?" - It's the first single from her new album. I gotta admit that I'm not a big fan of her at all. I can appreciate her voice, but the song didnt do a thing for me.

But lets get to the results...

Ryan told us that over 30 million votes were counted last night. Lauren, Pia, and Scotty were the first three called down for their results. I stated last night that I felt like Pia would be in the bottom due to her boring ballad performances. I guess America loved her ballads cause she was safe, and so were both Scotty and Lauren! 

James and Paul were then called down. Ryan looked at both James and Paul and told them that they were both in trouble. Then he said in real Big Trouble. Then all of a sudden Hulk Hogan burst himself on stage and announced to them that they were both safe, then he ripped right outta his shirt and it was Hulkamania on Idol lol! 

Jacob, Thia, and Stefano were up next. Out of the three of them, I called Thia to be in the bottom and the other two to be safe. Well I was right about Thia, but wrong about Stefano! Jacob was the only one deemed safe!

Naima, Haley, and Casey were the last to be brought down for their results. I just knew Casey was safe, so I figured Haley would be the third one in the bottom, since thats who I called last night, but shocking both Haley and Naima were sent back to safety!! Casey was the final one to make up the bottom three!!

The Bottom Three: Thia, Stefano,  and Casey.

I was shocked by Casey being in the bottom, but figured he would be the first sent back to safety, with the elimination being between Thia and Stefano So I was totally shocked when Ryan told Thia she was safe! Well I just knew that Stefano would be the one to go and nearly had a stroke when Ryan announced that he was safe! WTF?!?!  Casey Eliminated?!

Casey then took the stage to "sing for his life" and before he could even get half way through the song Randy cut him off and said he didnt need to hear anymore. Steven announced that his elimination was crazy wrong and they were absolutely going to save him! And I gotta say, I think using the save was completely justified. Normally, I think they should wait til later in the competition, but Casey was easily the best performer last night and him having the least amount of votes has to be a fluke. I think that that his fans figured he was "safe" so they didnt vote. I just hope that Scotty McCreery doesnt get a premuture elimination since the one save has been used! 

Your Thoughts?!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Performs!

Tonight's theme was Motown. I wasnt too excited at first, but ended up really enjoying the show overall. Almost everybody was great vocally, and there was only a couple performances that left me feeling kinda "Eh." I didnt think they were going to do "theme" nights this year, but now that I know they are, I'm hoping they''ll do a country night ;-)

Casey Abrams
Casey performed "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye. Casey may have performed first, but I think he easily had the best performance of the night. Everything about him tonight was so natural - the genre just fit him so well.  It was a great choice of song and he's more fitted for Motown than he is singing Nirvana ;) His vocals were spot on. Steven said that he was pitch perfect and a perfect entertainer. Jennifer and Randy both think that he's a true original.

Thia Megia
Thia performed "Heat Wave" by Martha and the Vandellas.  LOL That song always makes me think of Sister Act :-P I'm so glad Thia chose an uptempo song! She proved that she can actually do something other than ballads. It was a really good performance and the song fit her better than I expected. Jennifer said that she wants to see her bring it even more. Randy was glad that she took a chance and pushed herself and Steven agreed.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob performed "You're All I Need to Get By" by Marvin Gaye. I'm not sure if it's just me, but all his performances are starting to sound the same. I also hated the backup singers, they really did drown his voice out during certain parts of the performance. Overall it was a good performance, but I didnt think it was anything special. The judges gave him a standing ovation though and praised him. Randy told him that it was his best performance yet - Jennifer and Steven agreed.

Lauren Alaina 
Lauren performed "You Keep Me Hangin On" by The Supremes. When she started singing the first verse - Wow- her vocals really surprised me!  I didnt realize just how good of a voice she has. I thought it was a solid performance. A country girl rocked Motown ;) Steven thought she sounded beautiful, Jennifer thought she looked beautiful and loved her attitude on stage, and Randy said that she has her swagger on high lol

Stefano Langone
Stefano performed "Hello" by Lionel Richie. It was a decent performance. I think the song was a little too much for him and some of his high notes came out a tad too high. Jennifer wants more intensity and connection between him and the songs he chooses. Randy and Steven agrees, but said he has the chops. 

Haley Reinhart
Haley performed "You Really Got a Hold on Me" by The Miracles. As I've stated before, I really like Haley, but the last two weeks have been borderline horrible. She has moments of awesomeness in her voice, but she really needs to work on her singing and not her "sexy." Randy told her that she started rough, but worked it out. Steven felt that she sung her heart out and loves her growl. Jennifer thinks that she has the best control of her voice out of everybody there. I think Haley can do way better than she has been.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty performed "For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder" I was really worried about Scotty tonight, but  thought he did really well and loved that he stayed true to his roots. He put a little Kenny Rogers feel to a Motown song. Steven actually compared him to Glen Campbell instead, but that's basically the same point :P Jennifer thought it was a great version of the song. Randy loved that he took a chance, while also staying true to himself. It wasnt his best performance, but it was still good!

Pia Toscano
Pia performed "All in Love Is Fair"  by Stevie Wonder. Great vocals, but I was bored. I think Pia is destined for adult contemporary radio at this point cause all she does is ballads. Her song choices always bore me and thats really a shame for somebody that has such great vocals. Jennifer wants to see her performing more, instead of just standing on stage. Randy told her that he was tired of the ballads. Steven think she's the closet one there to being a star based on her vocals.

Paul McDonald
Paul performed "The Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson. It was nice to see him perform with a guitar - he looked more comfortable performing with one, instead of the awkward dancing around on stage he usually does lol The performance was actually a lot better than I expected. Randy said that he took the song to a kool place and also loves when he sings tenderly. Steven told him that his voice is different like Willie Nelson - that you can pick him out of 200 singers. Jennifer thinks that he is the most well rounded singer there.

Niama Adedapo
Niama performed "Dancing In The Streets" by Martha Vandella.  It was a fun performance and she sounded good, but Wtf?! I wasnt feeling the dancing so much. Steven feels that she is the whole package. Jennifer loves the excitement she brings to her performance and Randy thought the arrangement of the song was brilliant.

James Durbin
James performed "Living For The City" by Stevie Wonder. James is consistently great, but the only thing that turns me off - he has been compared to Adam Lambert so much and Adam was famous for his high notes- James does the exact same thing. I wish he wouldnt do it every performance because it just make him too similar to Adam and I think he needs to distance himself from the comparisons in order to truly stand out on his own. His performance tonight left Jennifer speechless. Steven thought he was great. Randy told him that he started rough, but ended up unbelievable.

My least fave performances of the night were Jacob, Haley, Pia, and Stefano. I think it's too soon for either Jacob or Stefano to be in the bottom. Based on how the votes have been so far, I think Haley will be back in the bottom, but I think Thia and Pia will join her instead of Niama. I think Haley is in the most trouble of leaving.

Your Thoughts?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol 10:Top 12 -Results Show!

I forgot to mention that Fox is back on my tv, so I didnt miss any of Idol this week! Yay! The show started out with a group performance as usual. It was a "Born" medley. The guys were singing "Born To Be Wild" while the girls were singing "Born This Way." I love "Born To Be Wild" but the guys butchered it! Especially Jacob! The girls didnt do much better with their part either. Overall, I thought the group performance was a hot mess! The Ford music video was kind of cute though, I think it was titled "Val Kilmer" lol!

Lee Dewyze and Black Eyed Peas were the guest performers of the night. Lee performed his new single and I loved him last year, but  wasnt feeling his performance tonight. I just dont remember him being so nasally =/ I didnt care too much for the Black Eyed Pea's performance either, too much auto tune going on. Also the way Fergie said "love" and "enough" was annoying! She looked gorgeous though and I loved her dress. They dedicated the song to Japan.

Now to the results...

Casey, Jacob, and Lauren were called down first. I thought Jacob was horrible last night, but knew he would make it through, so I wasnt surprised when they said he was safe. I was a little worried about Lauren, but thankfully she was also safe. Ryan tried to toy with Casey a little since he took a chance singing Nirvana, but to no surprise, he was also safe.

Haley and Paul were the next ones called down. Whats weird, I said it would be be between those two for the 3rd spot of the bottom three. The one in the bottom ended up being Haley. Scotty, Pia, and James were the next three and they were all told they were safe. No surprise there!!

Stefano and Naima were the next ones, with Stefano being safe and Naima being the bottom. I knew she would be! Then it was Karen and Thia and this is the only one I didnt call. I really thought Thia would be in the bottom, but she ended up being safe, making Karen the last one in the bottom three.

The bottom three: Haley, Naima, and Karen.

I really thought that everybody would get their wish and that Naima would be the one to go, but she was the first one to be sent back to safety..UGH!!! That left Haley and Karen. I figured it would be Haley to go over Karen, but was wrong. I was totally surprised when Ryan told Karen she was the one with the least amount of votes.

The judges decided not to "save" her, but it wasnt unanimous. I'm thinking maybe Jennifer wanted to save her because she looked a little upset after the decision was made. I think America got it wrong and it should have been Naima.

Good-Bye Karen

Your Thoughts?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 30

Day 30 - Saddest character death:

Oh gosh, there's noway I can fully answer this without spoiling something.

Hmm..Lets just say a death of a character on Six Feet Under really moved me to tears. I was extremely upset when it first aired.

A couple of character's got me teared up after they died on Buffy...and a character death on season one of Angel one upset me lol


What can I say... I'm such a sap.

I guess this ends my 30 day tv show challenge.

American Idol 10: Top 12 Performs!

The judges summed up tonight's show as a "hot one" (Randy's words), but I wasnt as impressed. Actually I was a bit disappointed overall, only liking about four performances out of 12. The theme of the night was choosing songs from the year they were born, and I cant believe I'm older than every contestant cept for two..Yikes! Anyway, before I get to the performances.. buy any of the performances from tonight on iTunes and part of the money will go towards Japan.

Niama Adedapo
 Niama, born 1984, performed "What's Love Got To Do With It" by Tina Turner.  Eh, I just didnt like her version of the song, some parts were okay, but I also thought her vocals were crappy in some areas. Jennifer said that while she brings flavor, she's been consistently pitchy and Randy agreed with her, saying her vocals were all over the place. Steven loved it though.

Paul McDonald
Paul, born 1984, performed "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues" by Elton John. I like Paul cause he seems like a kool guy, but gawd his dance moves are horrendous and the more I listen to him, the more I think that he should be somewhere in Vegas doin Rod Stewart impersonations. I did find his performance good vocally, but visually corny. Jennifer thinks he has soul and a star quality. I can agree with that. Randy thought he was very pitchy, but loves how he makes every song his own. Steven agreed, and added that he's a cool dude, with loose moves.

Thia Megia 
Thia, born 1995, performed "Colors of the Wind" by Venessa Williams. All I can say is: Another freakin ballad! Great vocals, but all  could think about was Pocahontas and Disney movies during her performance. Maybe that's what she should do: Perform Disney songs. She'd be good at it. I really like her voice, but really bored with her constantly performing ballads. Randy said the same thing basically. He feels she's always too safe, but has a beautiful voice. Steven and Jennifer agreed. They want more personality from her. So do I!

James Durbin 
James, born 1989, performed "I'll Be There For You" by Bon Jovi. He had the cutest home video of him as a baby! I'm glad he chose Bon Jovi. James was the first contestant of the night that I actually liked. His performance was really good and he chose some great music ;) Steven loved him, but doesnt want him to get too pop. Randy thought his vocals were tastefully done and loved how he made it his own. (Side note: My friend Andrew thinks he's a crime to fashion with all the leather! (okay those are my words lol!).

Haley Reinhart
Haley, born 1990, performed "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Whitney Houston. Again, I wasnt really liking her choice of song. Her performance had some fun and flirty moments, but also had some extremely annoying moments as well. Overall, I didnt really like it, even though I love her voice. Jennifer still felt that she's too tense on stage. Randy is confused by her song choice each week (jumping from different genres). He didnt like her performance tonight. Steven wants to hear her sing more blues.

Stefano Langone
Stefano, born 1989, performed "If You Dont Know Me By Now" by Simply Red. I thought he sounded really good vocally, but didnt like his song choice. Randy felt it was the best performance of the night though and Jennifer thought the song was perfect for him. Steven also loved it. As I said before, I really liked the vocals, just wasnt excited about the song like the judges were.

Pia Toscano
Pia, born 1988, performed "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" by Whitney Houston. LOL I loved the video of her as a child singing Whitney's version of Dolly Parton's song. Again, I didnt like her song choice, but thought she performed it really good. Steven felt that she nailed it, Jennifer loved that she did something uptempo and said her vocals were perfect. Randy said Pia put the other contestant's on notice with her consistently perfect vocals.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty, born 1993, performed "Can I Trust You With My Heart" by Travis Tritt. I loved his Elvis impression lol! I also love Travis Tritt :-) I wasnt sure if I was going to like it when he first started singing, but once he got really into the song, he was awesome! He just amazes me for his age. Randy felt that he did Travis proud. Jennifer loved that he stepped out and hit high notes and Steven loved him.

Karen Rodriguez  
Karen, born 1989, performed "Love Will Lead You Back" by Taylor Dayne. Karen originally auditioned over Myspace, and she's the only person to make it to the top 24 that auditioned online. I really like Karen, but I'm disappointed that she chose a ballad. She did really good though and I thought tonight's performance was much batter than last weeks. Again, I loved how she went from English to Spanish, back to English so flawlessly.  Randy wasnt too excited about her performance, but thought she found the right pitch by the chorus of the song. Steven loves when she brings out her ethnic background in her performances. 

Casey Abrams
Casey, born 1991, performed "Smells Like Teen Spirit. First time ever that a Nirvana song has been performed on Idol and I personally think that should be the last time. I'll be honest...I wanted to hate the performance, cause lets face it, Kurt Cobain was a true original, but I think Casey did a pretty good job. The biggest issues I had, he tried to channel Kurt too much while he should have made it more of his own..but then again, I dont think that would have worked either... Jennifer felt that he got a little too screamy in his performance, saying that Kurt was intense, but never screamed. Steven loved it though. Randy liked it, but didnt think it was his best performance or vocals, but loves that he takes chances.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren, born 1994, performed "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge. Lauren kinda reminds me of Kellie Pickler.... She gave the song a little country twist and I really liked it. The only thing I felt was missing, I thought her performance needed just a little bit more attitude, but I really liked her vocals and tonight was the first time I really got to hear her voice. Jennifer loved how she made the song her own. Randy also really liked it, as did Steven. Steven called her a shinning star.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob, born 1987 -my birth year!- performed "Alone" by Heart. LOL I thought his mom was great! But oh gawd, I was a little horrified by his performance and I know I'm in the minority when saying that, but thats how I felt. Randy thought it was genius, though he said he lost it a little before getting right back on track. Steven and Jennifer both praised him. I just didnt like it, but I guess I can see how some people would.

 I think the bottom three has so many possible candidates lol... I'm going to say Niama and Thia will be there, with the possibility of either Paul or Haley joining, and then Niama going home.

Your Thoughts?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 29

Day 29 - Current t.v show obsession:


It's the most awesome thing on tv & I cant wait for the new season!

Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 28

Day 28 - First t.v show obsession:

 If I said anything other than "Days of our Lives" I'd be lying!

Yes, it's a soap opera, but I've been watching it religiously for 20+ years and its safe to say it's beyond an obsession at this point - It's a part of my life.

I have no idea how I'll go on living if it's goes off the air lol...Salem is like my alternate home...remember 20 + years. I've been watching since birth basically...well since I was old enough to look at a tv set....and I have no shame in it!!! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 27

Day 27 - Best pilot episode:

I'd have to think really hard about this.

Probably "Six Feet Under"...I know I sound redundant ..but its a great show!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 26

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale:

Not sure about a "Wtf" finale, but I can definitely say what's the most "*Jaw dropped* OMG I have chills and completely freaking speechless *eyes are huge* finale is: 

The season 4 finale of Dexter - "The Getaway."

I've watched it twice - the second time was just as chilling as the first time - and I knew what to expect.

Of course I'm not going to say what happened. I dont believe in spoilers, but I highly recommend watching the show, starting with the first season. It never disappoints! 


Friday, March 11, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 25

Day 25 - A show you plan on watching (old or new):

I'm gonna try to watch the new show "Ringer" when it comes on this fall. It's going to be starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, so I'm really hoping it doesnt disappoint!


As for an old show.... I've been wanting to check out "Charmed" ...I dunno why I've never watched it...Maybe I'll buy the first season on dvd.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 24

Day 24 - Best quote:

I'm not sure what would be the best quote ever, but I do know that Jason Stackhouse is master of great lines on True Blood. I've heard some of the funniest things come out of his mouth - a totally stupid kind of funny, but hilarious nonetheless! 

When Jason finds out Sam is a shapeshifter, some of the greatest stupidity comes out of his mouth:

A classic macho man bs line:

This one speaks for itself:

And this isnt True Blood quote, but it's definitely worthy of posting:
"You're not friends. You'll never be friends. You'll be in love till it kills you both. You'll fight and you'll shag and you'll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends. Love isn't brains, children, it's blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it. " - Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Lover's Walk.")

American Idol 10:Top 13 -Results Show!

By the time I found a live stream of idol, they were already doing the group performance, which seemed to be a medley of Michael Jackson songs. It seemed like a pretty good group performance, from the little I heard anyway.  I didnt really care for the Ford music video.

Casey was missing from the show due to health reasons (he's in the hospital), but we got to see him at the red carpet premier of Red Riding Hood. It showed him and the rest of the top 13 interacting with all the stars of the new movie. It was kool - pointless, but kool I guess..

The guest performances of the night were Adam Lambert and Diddy Dirty Money. Adam performed a stripped down version of his single "Aftermath." I kinda miss seeing Adam perform every week on Idol, but I didnt really like his new single. However, there's a remix version available and all the proceeds go towards the "It Gets Better" campaign. Diddy Dirty Money (ft. Skylar Grey) performed "Coming Home." It has a catchy chorus I guess, but I could have cared less about that performance.

Anyways, lets get to the results....

 The judges "save" has been brought back this year. I just hope they dont waste it, their wildcard picks were questionable, so I dont know if I trust them to make a good decision anymore!

Jacob, Stefano, and Karen were the first three brought down for their results. Ryan recapped what the judges said to them about their performances and then told them that they were all safe...except for Karen. Umm WTF?! I thought that was really effed up! I felt so bad for Karen in that moment. =/

The next three up for their results were Lauren, Ashton, and Haley. Ryan again recapped their performances and then asked Lauren how she felt about her performance after watching it back. Lauren apologized to her fans because she knew it was bad. (I didnt think it was bad) Ryan then told her she was safe. (yay!) Then he said the person thats in the bottom three is...Ashton...and also Haley!

Again, I was like WTF?! He didnt even ask the other contestants to come down, he just said that everybody on the couch was safe. I prefer bringing them all down and revealing the results....builds more excitement that way!!

The bottom three: Karen Rodriguez, Ashton Jones, and Haley Reinhart. 

And the person with the lowest amount of votes was: Ashton!

The judges decided not to "save" her (thank gooodness!) and  it was an unanimous decision.

Good-Bye Ashton

Gotta say I'm totally happy with tonight's end result, but I wasnt too happy about Karen or Haley being in the bottom. I dont think either deserved to be there. Hopefully next week they can really "bring it" =)

Your Thoughts?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 23

Day 23 - Most annoying character:

The character Lisa Kimmel in Six Feet Under.

I better not even get into just how much I despised her character, but it was a whole lot.
She went beyond annoying.

I dont dare post a pic of her whack ass in my blog either lol


American Idol 10: Top 13 Performs!

I had to live stream Idol tonight from my laptop because I know longer have the Fox channel, but it was totally worth it! I really enjoyed tonight's episode, though I was a bit disappointed in a couple of the contestants. Tonight's theme basically consisted of the contestants choosing songs by their idols.

Lauren Alaina
Lauren performed "Any Man of Mine" by Shania Twain and totally won me over when she said Shania was her Idol! =) Although it is totally difficult for me to judge contestants when they choose her songs, because I'm a HUGE Shania fan and everybody pales in comparison to her (in my opinion-when it comes to her songs). I thought she did pretty good though! I thought it was kinda shaky in parts, but I enjoyed her version of the song more than Siobhan's performance last year. Steven thought she needed to be a bit more kick ass with the song and Jennifer also felt she needed to kick it into high gear. I do agree with them both.

Casey Abrams
Casey performed "With a Little Help from My Friends"- the Joe Cocker version. Casey actually really does have a good voice! I was like "Whoa" tonight. I thought it was the perfect song choice for him and he nailed it vocally. Although, he did have some weird facial expressions going on and I kinda find it hard to like him for some reason. *Shrugs* Jennifer loved his performance and she said she felt like she was watching somebody important on stage because he blew her away. Randy thought his performance was unbelievable. Steven said that Casey is a "Rainbow of talent."

Ashton Jones
Ashton performed "When You Tell Me You Love Me" by Diana Ross. Like I've said before, I think Ashton has a good voice, but it's really not anything special. And for some reason I just cant take her serious when she performs, because I feel that's all she does on stage: Performs. Like Broadway or something. I cant really explain it so I hope ya'll get what I mean. Randy liked it, but he thinks there's a lot more in her. Steven agreed. Jennifer wants to see her choose songs everybody can sing along to.

Paul McDonald
Paul performed "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams. His voice is so odd, but not in a bad way. I kinda liked his performance, didnt necessarily like the song choice, but liked the way he sung it. Steven likes the character and rasp in his voice, but said he was a lil pitchy. Jennifer thinks he's unique and knows how to make the crowd move. Randy loves who Paul is and loves him for the show (his words). I think he's a lot more likable than Casey for sure.

Pia Toscano
Pia performed "All By Myself" by Celine Dion. For the record that is NOT Celine's song, she just covered it. That song is from the 70's and the original singer sings it a lot better than Celine. Also for the record, I'm not a Celine fan, I think she's highly overrated, but whatever, back to Pia. I thought Pia sounded really good, but I didnt think she was as good as last week, though the judges disagree. Jennifer was basically speechless after her performance and thought she topped last week's performance. Randy thought she hit all the notes dead on and Steven thought she sounded beautiful. I agree with all of them on her vocal ability. I heard different aspects of her voice tonight that I've never noticed before.

James Durbin 
James performed "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney. Loved his song choice and I thought it was a really good performance. Not much more I can say, the dude can sang. Randy told him that he's one of his faves this year and Steven & Jennifer agreed, while giving him more praise.

Haley Reinhart
Haley performed "Blue" by LeAnn Rimes. Country music! Love that song! (Back when LeAnn was actually good) - I dont think she performed it nearly as well as LeAnn. Haley just didnt have that special "twang" in her voice when it came to hitting the Blue note, but she did really good on the rest of the song. She does have a country twang to her voice, mixed with a little jazzy feel, that I really like. Steven thought she did a great job and sounded beautiful (his fave word!). Jennifer thinks she can do some really unique stuff with her voice that the other girls there cant do. Randy didnt enjoy it as much as the others, saying he thought it was a little boring.

Jacob Lusk
Jacob performed "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly. (Space Jam mention FTW! during his video) -Good  voice, but the performance felt like a "church performance." I wasnt feeling it and I didnt like his high note. Steven thought he performed with pure passion and Jennifer & Randy both praised his talent. I'm just not buying his greatness.

Thia Megia
Thia performed "Smile" - the Michael Jackson version. I really like the song, but I didnt think it was the right choice of song for her tonight. It started out okay, and then got really weird with the beat change. Her voice sounded good, but overall, it was a boring performance. She needs to do something different than ballads. Randy loved the intro, but thought she got a little pitchy and he didnt like the jazz feel. Steven agreed with Randy. Jennifer thinks she sings like an angel though.

Stefano Langone
Stefano performed "Lately" by Stevie Wonder. For some reason I started thinking about boy bands and the Nickelodeon channel during his performance. That cant be a good thing...Nice voice, but he's just not in the same league as the other guys. Steven thought he "pulled it off" beautiful. He had Jennifer dancing and she thought he sounded great. Randy thinks Stevie would be proud. Okay....

Karen Rodriguez
Karen performed "I Could Fall in Love" by Selena. Loved her choice of song! Something different and unexpected! Love J.lo or not, I thought she did a beautiful job portraying Selena. I also think Jennifer did a better job with the song than Karen, but I really enjoyed Karen's performance. She definitely wasnt the best of the night and it definitely wasnt her best performance.  Jennifer thought she felt uncomfortable with some of the notes, but hopes she makes it through cause she feels like Karen is one of the stronger girls. Randy and Steven both felt it was sleepy and lacking. I agree with the lacking part.

Scotty McCreery
Scotty performed "The River" by Garth Brooks. Great song choice! I love me some Garth! Well hell, what can I say? I loved it! Win idol or dont win Idol, Scotty is going to have a country music career. I loved that I actually heard "Scotty" tonight, and not Josh Turner, who he sounds a lot like. Scotty is definitely his own person and  has his own voice and he showed it tonight. Randy said its exactly where he belongs (country music) and that he could put out an album now. Steven thought he did Garth proud and Jennifer thought he came into his own as a performed- Agreed!!

Niama Adedapo
Niama performed "Umbrella" by Rihanna. Another song I like and I love Rihanna. I gotta say that I didnt like the judges picking her as one of their wildcards after her boring performance last week, but I really enjoyed her performance tonight! That is until she put that funky ass reggae breakdown into it- but overall she was good and I liked the added effects in the background. Steven thought she was a little pitchy, but crazy good and brought flavor. Jennifer thinks she has fire, but needs to work on her control while performing. Randy agreed with Jennifer, but he loved the reggae and wanted more of it- No Thank You Randy!

Overall, I really enjoyed the show. I was disappointed in both Karen and Thia tonight. I think they're both better than that, especially Karen. If Thia keeps doing ballads I'm gonna get bored with her fast. I saw an improvement with Niame, and I'm still on the fence with Lauren. 

My faves of the night were Scotty, Pia, and Casey.

I'm still unimpressed with Ashton and Jacob.

I guess they are still doing bottom three so here is the ones I think will be bottom three: Ashton, Lauren, Thia. 

The bottom three should be: Ashton, Stefano, and Jacob.

Ashton should go home.

Your Thoughts?!