Friday, February 25, 2011

Books I Read in 2010*

Okay so I'm kinda late posting this up, I was supposed to post it in January but kept forgetting! I read roughly 42 books in 2010, which is 10 less than 2009, but still pretty good I think! 


 By Charlaine Harris:

The Sookie Stackhouse Series:

Dead In The Family 

The Harper Connelly Series:

Grave Secret

The Aurora Teagarden Series:

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
The Julius House
Dead Over Hills
A Fool and His Honey
Last Scene Alive
Poppy Done to Death

The Lily Bard Series:  

Shakespeare's Landlord
Shakespeare's Champion
Shakespeare's Christmas
Shakespeare's Trollop
Shakespeare's Counselor


By Laurell K. Hamilton:

The Anita Blake Series:
Danse Macabre
The Harlequin
Blood Noir
Skin Trade

By Richelle Mead:
The Vampire Academy Series:
Spirit Bound
Last Sacrifice
The Georgiana Kincaid Series: 
Succubus Dreams
Succubus Heat
Succubus Shadows 

By L.J. Smith:
Dark Visions Trilogy: 
The Strange Power
The Possessed 
The Passion 
The Forbidden Game: 
The Hunter
The Chase
The Kill

By Jeff Lindsay:

The Dexter Series:
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Dearly Devoted Dexter
Dexter in the Dark


By Stieg Larsson:
Millennium Series:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Who Played with Fire
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest 

By Other Authors:
Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog (By John Grogan)

True Crime: 
Anyone You Want Me To Be: A True Story of Sex and Death on the Internet (By John Douglas)
Secrets In The Cellar  (By John Glatt)
Wintergirls (By Laurie Halse Anderson)
God of War (By Matthew Stover)


  1. Well, I have to congratulate you, because I haven't read any of those books. I got into reading books very late in life. I was 19 when I started LoL!

    I just heard a bit of bad news though! :( The economy is so bad that a bunch of book stores are going to be closing down their locations. I think it was Borders. We have one here, I think it's where I got my Brief Guide to Judaism book.

    The good news is I think that even if all book stores went out, you could still order an actual book from online. I don't think i'm liking those E-books anymore; i'm the kind of person (well now LoL) that would prefer to pick up a book made from the paper we get from trees, than a very thin piece of electronics. Gimme a paper cut any day instead of that E-book! LoL

  2. Damn! 19?! I started reading when I was in 2nd grade!!

    We dont have a Borders around here, but I think I would die if Books a Million closed down. Thats where I buy the majority of all my books. I have one of those yearly membership cards.

    Omg, I officially love ya forever now! I dont like the idea of digital books at all =/ I just feel like they are going to eventually destroy books in general. Digital music is about as far as I will go, but it took me a while to even give in to iPods. I just really love being able to hold a book in my hands. I'm also kinda weird...I like to sniff the pages as I read lol!! I just love the smell of books, I dont think I can get the same experience sniffing a Nook! lmao

  3. Yeah, i don't really know why I didn't get into reading when I was younger. There were SOME books I read as a child, like one I really loved in middle school, but I have forgotten it completely. No memory of title or what it was about, just that i loved it.

    In elemenatary school, the only books I checked out from the library were books on the letters of the alphabet LoLz. Then, I read the first book of Captain Underpants LMAO!

    Somewhere in middle school, I also read Where The Red Fern Grows and a couple other books that were read aloud with 2 other students and the teacher, but I don't remember what they were. They must have sucked :p.

    I'll probably talk more about this in a blog, :p. LoL! I have sniffed book pages too and wondered why it smelled that way. I always figured it was the ink. My aunt was saying how she is so sensitive to the scent of ink that she can't even read a newspaper. She picks it up and gets a headache. I was like wow.

    I hope to read more books even if it's not fantasy books. I looked into getting some Zelda books once, but all I found was some cartoon dvd's for kids....thankfully they were only a dollar and I turned it off after the first 4 minutes. Precisely, 4 minutes LoL!

  4. There's a few books I read back then also that I remember loving, but cant remember the titles. Weird! I think one involved an attic or something....hmmm...

    I've never read Where The Red Fern Grows, but I remember seeing it in the school library. I never really liked the books we were required to read. I always went for the Stephen King section in high school lol! I actually started reading on the high school side when I was in upper elementary cause my reading level was higher than most of my class at the time.

    I read a lot of different types of books, but I'm more of a horror fan. Lately it's been fantasy books involving supernatural creatures.

  5. I remember it was 4th grade when we were required to read the book, I just pretended I was reading, but the teach' later told my mum she knew I didn't read the book because I told her the book was about gardening...which it isn't; I found out in middle school LoL. It's about a boy and his two hound dogs, hunting, some tournaments about Dog sports etc. A very sad scene in the 3rd to last chapter, or 2nd to last; can't recall.
    I remember wanting to be like one of the boys in my 4th grade class and pretended I was crying too! LMAO! No tears tho, so not very convincing.

    I think it was 2nd or 3rd grade when Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone was read to us. I remember thinking, "This isn't going to go far." 12 plus years later and i'm eating my words because it's now a huge franchise LoL.

    I lacked imagination in school, probably. It peaked in 8th grade when I started writing poetry, badly, but started writing nevertheless haha.

    I just picked up a book today when I was in a dollar tree store. It's called "Playing My Mother's Blues." Basically, it's a story of a mother and wife that abandons her husband and two daughters for a love affair that fate deemds to end mere months later. Then about 25 or so years later, she comes back under a different name. Instead of Maria, she's Mariah. Her one daughter is okay, while the other is having relationship issues and the sister that's okay believes it has to do with her mother's escape.

  6. LOL!! I pretended to read almost every required book there was. Really, I would just pay attention to the class discussion and jot down notes in order to answer the test questions. It worked lol!!!

    Omg, I didnt pick up a Harry Potter book until I was a Senior. I was dead set against the movies and books. I always thought he was so nerdy! And I would roll my eyes at the HP fans in school, but I ended up checking it out one day out of curiosity and read the entire book that evening! I LOVED it! I've been hooked ever since. I even went to Wal-mart at midnight to buy the last one when it was released!

    Dang, that book sounds all kinds of crazy.

  7. I was 19 when I read the first 3 harry potter books. I started the 4th one but never finished it. I think I stopped reading at the part where he had just finished beating the horned dragon.

    Right now, i'm waiting to read the third Vladimir Tod book because i'm on a break from it so I can read the Judaism book. But I love The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

    We went to Walmart to buy twilight new moon LoLz :p.

    It might be, i'm not sure. It was only a dollar so I thought i'd give it a try.