Thursday, February 24, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 9

Day 09 - Best scene ever:
Dang, this is a really tough question! 

There is just NOWAY I can name just ONE favorite scene.
I can think of like 4 right off the top of my head from True Blood that I freakin love! But would I consider them the best scenes ever, I just dont know...
This is really freaking tough. 

Okay, I'm gonna cheat a little and say the final scene from episode 9 of True Blood. 

It may not be the best scene ever, but it was one of my faves from last season.

 It was totally absurd and brilliant all at the same time.

And it was unexpected.

So yea I'll go with this scene since I cant think of another one right now.



  1. LMAO!! i'll have to see how much the first season is on DVD. That was CLASSIC!!

  2. Omg the first season is awesome! Check ...I have every season so far cept the last one cause it hasnt been released yet.

    The character Jason Stackhouse has some of the best most memorable lines ever in recent television history. Plus he is hawt. The actor that potrays him is actually Australian, but he does a southern accent in the show. I'm not sure which accent I love more lol! But anyways thats beside the point lol! His character is just so "dumb" and lovable.

    The character above, Russell Edgington, was pretty great himself. He had a lot of holy hell scenes, but that one was by far my fave. I kinda hope he reappears next season..even though he's gotta love him lol

  3. Hugh Laury is currently my fave actor when it comes to putting on a different accent for his character. His american accent is dead on! LoL

    There are so many shows i'd love to own on DVD but the prices are sometimes extravagant. one of the shows I want is priced at around 80 dollars. I was like "WHAT???" LoL

  4. Omg yea..I kinda freaked when I found out House wasnt really American lol! But it's crazy...British people can always do a dead on American accent, yet American's cant do a British accent very well...hmmm..

    Or maybe when we see Americans portray foreign characters, we just know it's not their native tongue so thats why...

  5. I have been told I can do a british accent, but I had been trying at it for awhile. I haven't done it for awhile so I may have lost the luster and drive for it. Last time I tried, it wasn't like tried and true LoL.

    Americans are not taught the same way other countries are. Education needs to be perfected I think. Politics aside, of course. We need our generation and the next one to be able to tie their shoes. I saw a very sad story about how some kids in the usa don't even know how to tie their shoes.

  6. I think the problem also lies with parents too. It seems like parents from certain generations care too busy with their own lives to actually pay attention to their kids...they have the grandparents watching them instead so they still get to go out and have fun or whatever. Not all of course but some. We living amongst a selfish generation that barely knows how to take care of themselves, yet still wants to bring kids into this world.

  7. Yes, I agree. It's the only way I think religious people are right when they say that our morality is going down the toilet. Otherwise, i don't get on that train because it usually leads to 'the problem with the world today is that there's this message that it's okay to be gay and not enough people are republicans' LMAO!

    I know of a couple people that actually watch their kids and don't try to get a baby sitter all the time. It's sad tho when I see a younger mother or father in a store and they are mishandling their child. :( Where's child protective services when you need them? :-/