Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Day Tv Show Challenge: Day 5

Day 05 - A show you hate:

LOL  Where should I start? I hate 99% of the reality shows that come on television today. 
You'll never catch me watching Law & Order. 
Any of them.


  1. you said, "I hate 99% of the reality shows that come on television today."
    I said (when I read that) "She just became my official best friend." :p :p

  2. =D

    It's American Idol that falls into that 1% ...a show I swore I would never ever watch, but after Carrie Underwood won, I decided to give it a try. It's become a problem ever since lol!

    I do however love Game Shows. I dont really consider them "reality tv" though.

  3. Well I saw something beautiful on tonights American idol. I think ima vlog about it because it really touched me. The last 3 boys held hands without worrying about 'o my vlod this is gay!' and they cared about each others feelings, and there was a sense of love.

  4. I actually got to see that part! And all I could think was...Wow that 3rd boy looks good...why did they cut him! =( (Please dont tell me his age either lol! I dont want to know if he's underage or not...just let me live in the moment lol!)

    That was really sweet was a show of support and friendship. I dont think showing affection for somebody has to be always sexual, ya know?

  5. Vocally, i'm happy with the one they put through. The wild hair LoL. His original song was beautiful, with what lyrics they let us hear. I'm not saying I want him to win, my vote goes for the one that looks Jewish ... and not because he looks Jewish LoL! I love his voice, but the guy with the wild hair that went thru above the other two, those original lyrics were good.

    That other one, not so much

    IKR! IT does NOT have to always be sexual. So when I heard him say "Can we hold hands?" And they didn't freak or say "eww, you gay??" so I was so there are some guys that are not afraid to hold hands with other guys. If two girls can do it without being lesbians, why can't two guys do it without being gay?